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Hey, It’s Okay…

I’m joining the humorous Amber of Airing My Laundry for another installment of Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday, and yes, once again, I’m a day late, but eh it’s okay.

So what am I okay with this week? Let’s dig in!

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday on a Wednesday| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Hey, it’s okay

… that I’ve had a grumpy day. My keyboard wasn’t working, I’m behind on another post, my Amazon ordered got messed up (which they thankfully fixed).

… that I’m behind on that other post, life will go on. I just hate to be a slacker pants.

… that I made a few last minute Valentine’s Day and Birthday Amazon orders. What’s even more okay is that they’ll get here on time!

… that yesterday after school we finally got pencils and bubbles for the kids’ class valentines.

… that we’re going to put them all together tonight, their class parties are TOMORROW. I still have to make the tags smaller, but they’re doing the name filling out part. 😉

… that I’m excited to drop in on Valentine’s Day class parties.

… that I’m behind on my steps. I am currently typing and walking in place. 😀 I can’t let my husband win!
Hey, it's okay that Fitbit has turned up my level of competitiveness.| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

… that I’m looking forward to our four day weekend! Yes, please!

… that I also may be looking forward to a nice frosted glass of hard apple cider after dinner.

… that I’m NOT a wine drinker.

… that I decided to finally unpack my craft boxes. We’ve been living here for almost five months and I need my space to be clear of clutter it’s muddling my creative thoughts.

Happy ? Day!


My lovely friend @mrsteeh reminded me it’s #MombiesRise Wednesday with @malyn.logic & @_christinaboyce, so of course I had to join in. Update: I’ve come to the realization that I may be in this house a little longer than I thought, so yesterday I tore open my craft boxes & started purging and organizing. I no longer have my own office ? I loved my office in SC. It’s all good, this mama’s gonna get things done, and turn my area into something that makes me happy and excited to create.
?Side note: I’ve lived in this house going on five months ?
?Extra side note: I have small hands but in this picture it looks like I have Hulk Smash sized hands. ??

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This was before I got all grumpy.

… that I didn’t get everything done.

… that I threw away a lot of stuff and there is more purging to go.

… that I’m thinking of leaving early to pick up my daughter, so I can sit and read in the car. No distractions.

… that I’m trying to get at least 300 words on this post, because I hate when my posts do not get the green light from Yoast. I never get all the greens circles lit up, but I’ll take as many as I can get.

… that I’m going to invite you to join me for Thank You Notes this Friday.

… that I’m also going to remind you that you still have time to link up to Mommy Monday.



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23 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Okay…”

  1. Yay for you joining in! I’ll be joining in on a Valentine’s Day party tomorrow too. Sorry about your grumpy day–I’ve also ordered lots of stuff on Amazon. I love that place.

    I’m not a wine drinker either. I love my Diet Coke.

    1. Thanks, I was channeling my inner Alexander today, I’m over it. Tomorrow is a new day annnnnd you & I have parties to attend!
      Amazon has to love me as much as I give them my business. 🙂
      Not a wine drinker?! I’m not alone ::high five:: I always feel like I’m the only one who isn’t into wine, I’ve tried, it’s just not for me.

      1. Me too! I’ve tried SO many times. People insist I don’t like wine because I haven’t tried the right one but I’ve tired so many and still am not a fan.

    1. I feel like it’s not, I keep trying though. I have no idea what H2 heading is ? I should know that, huh?
      Good luck on going green!

  2. I’m no wine drinker either! I’m a caramel latte drinker, and only at certain special places.
    I’m the same way with Yoast but it’s deactivated right now because it drove me insane!
    As for grumpiness, I have Wednesday breakfasts with friends and one said she wanted to meet us today but was grumpy. So my other friend said that grumpiness was not only accepted, it was welcomed.
    So we all three had a grumpy, airing of grievances breakfast!
    I wish I could have one with you.

    1. Yes! I’m a caramel latte drinker too! I should probably do that, deactivate Yoast. If you only knew what I did to light up as many greens as I could before posting this, let’s just say I didn’t leave early like I wanted to.
      I want to go to grumpy Wednesday breakfast!! I usually have a chat with my friend on Wednesdays, but this week she was busy. I swear those chats & Wednesday breakfasts are life savers!

  3. I was grumpy last night. I may have even cried a little into my bowl of pumpkin mac & cheese before I left (late) for a meeting. A cold beer with some other business owner mamas helped! And my creative space is due for a tidy-up tomorrow. It’s definitely making the creative process more difficult right now!

    1. Oh no!! BEV!! I’m always here if you ever need an ear. <3
      I'm glad you had friends and good drinks 🙂
      I'm not done, but I'm feeling better about my space. 🙂

    1. I’d say I’m glad I’m not alone, but I don’t want anyone else to be in a funk. Wishing you tons of happiness this weekend!

  4. I absolutely adore you! I did my preschooler’s valentines this morning for her AM Preschool class because I didn’t know if she was going or not!

    I am also not a wine drinker and I get grumpy too. Very grumpy!

    1. ?? You are too good to me, Echo. I love you, woman!!
      You’re also an awesome mama! Kudos to you for getting the valentines done in time for class. ?
      I can get very grumpy too. My problem is I don’t have to say anything because apparently my face does the talking. ? I may have talked with my face today when someone said that was woah!

  5. It’s ok! <3 Soph and I made Valentines two weeks ago and they're still sitting on my desk…I try to be prepared but somehow always fall short in the end. I'm excited for Sophie to go to public school so we can participate in the V-day fun!! I SUPER wish I was there to have cider with you (I don't drink wine either)! Cheers to a long weekend (why don't we get a long weekend?!)

    1. Oh, I’m guilty of that myself! I get ahead of myself only to find myself behind, I hate that.
      I would totally love to have a cider with you! We still need to chat.
      Wishing you & the family a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. Oh, those green lights! One of these days I will figure out the meta-something and why no two posts should have the same keyword – I always get red on those. ?

    In the meantime, I’m glad you’re feeling better! Grumpy days suck!

    1. Those stinkin’ green lights get me all grumpy! I despise seeing “you’ve already used this keyword more than X times” SO!

  7. I hate it when I have grumpy days, but they happen and that’s ok 🙂 Class parties were always so much fun as a kid. I hope your kids have fun and that they enjoy the gifts you ordered on Amazon. My kids can’t wait to Valentine’s Day. They both wanted Don’t Let the Pigeon Finish that Activity Book for Valentine’s day. So I’m sure it will keep them busy most of Sunday.

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