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Mommy Monday Blog Hop {252} #MMBH


Welcome to The Mommy Monday Blog Hop, always #MMBH on social media!

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Wishing you a beautiful week filled with love and happiness! 

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Drum roll please!
Dr. Seuss' Racism #MMBH Mommy Monday Blog Hop Featured Blogger

Pragmatic Mom: Rethinking and Examining Dr. Seuss’ Racism
Make s'mores indoors #MMBH

Marilyn’s Treats: 25-Ways to make S’mores Indoors

Devotional: How to get everything done

Sarah E. Frazer: A Devotional: How to Get Everything done


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4 thoughts on “Mommy Monday Blog Hop {252} #MMBH”

  1. Wow, I’ve always been a lover of Dr. Seuss, and have never noticed the undertones of racism, Slap that Jap?? That’s sick! How did I miss that. I’m super excited about S’more season 🙂 That Elmo Cake tutorial is perfect for my girlfriends baby shower. Thanks for hosting Dean.

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