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As some of you may know, I am now homeschooling my babies, the little ones, the tween is still going to public school.  I enjoy teaching the babies and doing so in a creative way.  Last week, I taught the kids about Martin Luther King, Jr., they already knew who he was, but I went a little more in depth but within the age group.  I got emotional, they got emotional, we were emotional, but it showed me they care.  It was terribly hard for them to even consider how ugly our world was.  Our discussion grew, and with that, I fell in love again.  I know that sounds crazy, but I fell in love with being a teacher-parent and with those big-hearted babies.

Mr. King was a giver he was trying to do something for others and for his four children.  I am always asking myself am I doing enough for others, and on Thursday, I knew I was doing all right, the babies showed me in their words, their sweet and most sincere words.




I’m sure there will be a zillion more times I question myself.  I know I will have to teach them more things that are hard, but that’s okay, that is what I’m here for.  #Parenthood 🙂

Happy Monday, my friends, let’s go out there and show some love! XOXO

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12 thoughts on “Mommy Monday #BlogHop {82}”

    1. Thanks, Ray. I’m newer to home schooling, so I hope I’m doing things right. There goes that dreaded second guessing, I need to stop that.
      I hope the schools will spend a few days learning about MLK. My kids will learn more this week, I have some great books to read to them and I have an activity I cannot wait to do with them.

  1. Sometimes this world really is an ugly place, and it’s so hard to have to teach kids about that ugliness. (Of course, there are lots of beautiful and amazing things as well!) I know your children are learning so much from you!

    1. I know, I hate that there is ugly, but you’re right there is good. I love the good.
      I sure hope so, Bev. I get nervous that maybe I’m NOT doing enough, but their smiles tell me maybe I’m doing just fine.
      I have a fun activity planned for this week about our similarities vs. difference. I cannot wait to see their reaction… and the discussion, I love our discussions.

    1. I love it. I know it may sound weird, BUT it was nice to see simplifying fractions click with my daughter, today. It’s the little things. 🙂

    1. Thanks for joining the party! Isn’t that Ikea hack errthang! We do not have an Ikea near us anymore, I miss the one in Bolingbrook.

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