I am sharing a true and honest thank you note to 2017.

A Thank You Note to 2017

A Thank You Note to 2017

A thank you note to 2017? Seems kind of crazy for me to want to thank 2017, considering there has been some bellyaching on my end. 2017 has had its hard days. I’ve let the outside world consume a lot of me and I’m not proud of that, at all. I want to work better on not letting everything consume me in 2018. But then again, I’m the lady who gets all worked-up when I don’t see my favorite greeter at the store for a couple of days; I get all panicked. I’m also the lady that despite being a happy half-glass-full-kind-of-gal, I can create my fears in my head. I thought I beat FEARLICIA, but I haven’t. I’m working on that.

I am sharing a true and honest thank you note to 2017.

2017 has taught me a lot about myself and I’m thankful for that.

Thank you, 2017, for making me more aware that I can manifest and create what I want. And for that I will be more careful and intentional with my thoughts.


Thank you, 2017, for making me pay attention to things and teaching me that there is a time to step away.

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2017, THANK YOU for letting me keep my dad.

Honoring Our Heroes| My Heroes

Thank you, 2017, for our new home.

Happy with the start of July: 1) walked around the city with my girls. πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ’• 2) Got to enjoy an international parade. It was a beautiful representation of the melting pot that is our world & how we can come together to celebrate each other. Over 200 countries represented. 3) The girls & I helped a cute elderly woman from Romania find and walk to the train station. It made me feel good to help & have the girls (& my fur baby) help this sweet woman. 4) Met up with our men and enjoyed an Epic Burger. If only I could live in the city, I would. But this chickadee & her flock will head back to the burbs soon. P.S. I made a story 😊 Wishing you a Happy July! #MicroBlog

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Creatively Speaking: My Creative Space, a look into my creative space physically and mentally.


Thank you, 2017, for helping me find passion through calm.

Currently loving painting. This is one of my latest works. :)






This is pretty much an art bomb

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Thank you, 2017, for keeping my family healthy and safe, happy and filled with laughter.






Thank you, 2017, for helping me realize I need more out of 2018. I plan to be more, to do more, to connect more. Thankful to have the support of my rock to keep me going.


And thank YOU!

I haven’t been around as much this year and you’ve still checked in on me from time to time, I appreciate that.