So, you want to know more about me? I mean, WOW, that’s awesome, I’m honored that you’re taking time out of your day to get to know me! THANK YOU! Shall we get started?

About Me: Dean aka "Mrs. AOK" | Mrs. AOK, a Work In Progress

Hi, I’m Dean.

This blog is pretty much a window into the random things that fill my head. You will find plenty about life… my life.. and how I’m progressing. I started this blog for myself, I wanted an outlet, a place to unwind, to be me, and hopefully people would read. An escape? Sure, but not from life, from my thoughts. I have what is known as a common plague that takes place especially in one’s thirties. I don’t know if I should even share, after all we’re just getting to know each other.

Okay, because you seem pretty cool I’ll share.

Here goes nothing: I THINK TOO MUCH! There I said it, I think waaaaaay too much about everything, everybody, and of course the future. Some people call it anxiety.?   Anyway, the combination of this blog and other creative outlets has helped put my thoughts into a more focused direction, which in turn has become a form of (cognitive-ish) therapy.  I love blogging, but I think I love blogging more these days not only because it makes me feel good personally, but because I’ve made wonderful friends. The blogging community is AWESOME! 🙂

I thought I’d answer a few questions I get often or similar questions:

Why Mrs. AOK? Do you have insane confidence?  I’d love to tell you I wake up every morning like Meghan Trainor, but that’s not always the case. A.O.K are my initials. When I first began this blog I didn’t know much about blogging, I didn’t know I’d make friends, I didn’t think anyone would care to know my real name, and I certainly wasn’t freely going to share it. Because the truth is… I didn’t know if I’d stay with it, if I’d share too much, plus not everyone who knows me knows I blog.  Dean, is short for my first name. All my close friends and family call me Dean, since we’re getting closer you can call me Dean too. 😉

You NEVER share your kids names. You’re right, I don’t. “I” started this blog, therefore I want to give them their privacy. It took me a few years to even share pictures of them here. I’ve considered using their nicknames or middle names, and they’ve even given me permission to do so, but I haven’t just yet.

about me

Are you a military family? Yes and no. My husband is a veteran, my dad is veteran, as well as countless other members of my family, but we’re currently not in. We just move around a lot now that we’re civilians. 😀


Honoring Our Heroes| My Heroes

Where are you from? TEXAS!!  But, if you’re asking to figure out my ethnicity this post is for you. 🙂

What are you?|I've been asked what are you throughout my whole entire life. Sometimes, people just really want to know what I am. Perhaps I'm a mystery that needs be solved, and I get that, I'm interested in people too. I decided to find out what I am a little deeper by purchasing my mom a DNA kit, here's our results.

Why are acts of kindness so important to you? Have you watched the news lately? Our world needs more kindness and our kids need to see more kindness. I’d like to think when we do good we send ripples that will keep going even after we’re long gone.

In a world where you can be anything: BE KIND

I have more questions to answer, but I’ll answer them another day.



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PSSSSSST!!!! I just started an Etsy shop!!

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  1. Great introduction. These bio pages are hard to write, which is why I don’t have one. (Tried but couldn’t get it right.) Thanks for telling us about yourself. I share your affliction of non-stop thinking due to anxiety. It’s both a blessing and a curse. We all draw our own boundary on what we will and won’t share online; I certainly respect yours. We should be — and you are — sensitive to the rights of others (like your kids).

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