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My Hero

#HonoringOurHeroes| My Heroes

Find Your Style with Kleenex

Case App /Sticker App


The Case of Loving a Creative

The Case of Loving a Creative| When you love a creative and a creative giveaway with Case App| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Sticking to Creativity 

Sticking to creativity! I got a chance to get my creativity and create some awesome stickers with my own original designs + my daughter's design too.

Nescafe Classico

What is sobremesa and should you be doing it too? I'm discussing the importance of sobremesa, c'mon over and learn more about this tradition and why you should do it too.

 What is Sobremesa and Why You Should be Doing it Too


Groupon Coupon

Decisions, Decisions.... What shall I choose? I have a Groupon coupon and I'm ready to use it. #spon #Groupon

Home Sweet Home

Johnson & Johnson

My Promise

La Familia de Hoy Part 1

La Familia de Hoy Part 2


Share your amazing teen's story with Yoplait Go Big for a chance to win. Find out how here.

Letter to My Teenage Daughter

Giving Assistant

 5 Positive Things You Can Do Today 

Stitch Fix

My husband's new friend, Michelle, has style. She actually styled me! I'm not jealous of her, at all, I'm actually quite fond of her. She's my... stylist!! That felt really fancy to write. I'm not fancy at all, but Stitch Fix has me feeling all fancy. Check out my FALL fix.


My Husband’s New Friend Michelle 

I'm so in love with all the things my Stitch Fix stylist sent me in my second box! Come see what she sent and get your own box, too. :)Herdez

Simple Chilaquiles

Superfly Kids

Score this holiday! Buy your super fly kids a super cape and give a Cause Cape to help a child facing a difficult time. Learn more here..

There Goes My Super Fly Hero 





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