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Awaken, Alive, and 35?

Last year I shared a post, Looking Back Word{less} Wednesday, it was the day after my 34th birthday, I wrote about how so much had changed and how I had grown.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.30.18 PM

Side Note: Does anyone remember when I looked like this?




Today, I turn 35 and tons has changed! Time is flying! It seems like I just turned 30

30th Birthday

But I know just as good as anyone…Time Flies When You’re Having Fun, and fun I have had.

The Furbaby & I {my writing companion}

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Crazy Starbucks addicted parents|Mrs. AOK, A Work In


I wanted happy, so I made happy this year.

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Walking King Street Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress


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  I wanted life, I lived life.  My little lady and I

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I’m awake and alive.

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There are numbers on calendars, but those numbers aren’t promised to us. We may think we’ve scheduled our days, but the truth is the day schedules us, and we make the best of it. Each day is a day to love, live, laugh, sing out loud, and dance! I’m dancing right now, my heart is drumming with joy, because I’m happy! Dancing and crying on your birthday is acceptable, right? These are not sad tears. These are tears of emotion, they are the words I haven’t written, because I type to slow, so they decided to overflow onto my desk- emotion, more joy for life. If you guys only knew. I’m not a religious woman, at all. I’m a faithful woman, I have faith in love, kindness, joy, happiness, and people. I have faith that although this next year is not promised to me, I will live it! I will be. I will thrive, fight, and be awake in each moment. Go be free! Celebrate the day for me 😉


Just because…

Happiness IS the truth!


SMILE…here comes the sun 🙂

Everyday is the best day!

Dreams really do come true..


I love you!!


P.S. The first installment of Across Country With Three Kids, a Dog, and Our Sanity, went live yesterday. If you missed Friday’s Thank You Notes, you can catch ’em here. Annnnd don’t forget to take a guess at the candy corn guessing jar!! I’m giving away some goodies… 😀 #ThatsWhatSheSaid

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20 thoughts on “Awaken, Alive, and 35?”

  1. I love this so much and I am so glad that you wanted happy this year and made it happen! We have all grown and changed, but I am so happy that I have gotten to be a spectator during your journey! You are beautiful and I adore you!

  2. Happy Birthday, A!! You’re officially smack in the middle of your 30s. It’s nice place to be. 🙂

    Your hair used to be so long! That is so wild!

    Enjoyed looking at your photos and appreciate your attitude toward getting older. We may be in our 30s, but we are still youngins with hopefully a lot more life to live!

    1. Thank you, Keisha!! 🙂
      I have no complaints yet, 35 has been good thus far. 🙂

      It use to be a tradition of mine to grow my hair out and donate it on my birthday. I couldn’t do it this year, because I kept cutting it. 😀

      Did you see the SNL skit about millennials, surely they weren’t talking about us! 😛
      I hope so for the both of us!! #LongLiveK&A

  3. “I have faith in love, kindness, joy, happiness, and people.” <— yes! I think this needs to be my mantra
    Happy birthday, friend! This year has been quite an adventure for you. I am excited to see what this next year brings for you!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to you my lovely Friend!! You are definitely so worthy of all the amazing memories and moments you have collected. I absolutely adore that photo of you with your dog – my all time fave! xoxoxo

  5. We’re the same age now!! I love the photo with you and Tiffany and Tenns. You wanted life.You lived life. You live life.
    You remind me so much of me, but also so much of something even more that I want to be that I haven’t unlocked yet.
    I love it. Happy Birthday!

    1. You’re one of the sweetest, Tamara Camera!!! Thank you!!
      I’m not sure I’ve unlocked much, but I do see a bit of myself in you. 🙂 #twss Sorry, I had to…

  6. I love the joy that you spread! Just seeing your posts and your photos makes me smile every time! Glad that you had a happy birthday. xo

  7. So glad you had a happy year and may each year be the same! Your looks change so much just by changing your hair. I actually don’t recall your hair being so long when we met at the conference. Great post!

    1. Thank you!
      I love to play with my hair. I use to have a tradition of growing out my hair and donating it on my birthday, but this past year I kept cutting it. When we met my hair was a past my shoulders, but shortly afterwards I cut it, by myself! 😀 😀

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