Introducing the Creatives Box Swap! #CreativeBoxSwap

Hey friends! I’m super excited to announce that Bev and I are partnering up to bring you a creatives box swap!!!!!  (Yes, that totally deserves all the exclamation points.)  🙂 If you’ve been around long enough you’ve learned these three things for sure 1) I love happy mail, sending it or receiving it… I LOVE IT! 2) My heart grows three sizes when I’m getting others to swap around in a good ol’ swapportunity- I’ve been known to throw a few swap parties. 3) I love, love, love getting creative, I may not be the best at it, but getting creative makes me feel the best.

#CreativesBoxSwap| Do you love to create? Do you want to create? C'mon over and join the Creatives Box Swap and get swapping with us this June! We want to spread creativity like glitter. :)

I’m not sure if you know this or not but my creative friend, Bev, wrote an awesome book about getting creative. Have you heard of it? Bev’s book, The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity, is a book filled with great exercises to get your creativity going, and though it’s met for moms anyone can use this book. I totally felt super inspired after reading and working through Bev’s book. Anyway, I got to thinking it’s been too long since my last swap and Bev’s book still has me all inspired, I want others to fill that creative inspiration, thus the #CreativesBoxSwap was born. 🙂 I want you to get creative and encourage others to get creative. We’ll be a band of sisters creating and encouraging one another to get their creativity on. Sounds fun, right!?!  So, how do I do that? (I heard you ask)

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Fill out the form below
  • We’ll email you the button to display on your blog once we receive your signup
  • Place the button on your blog sidebar or in a post. Please send us the link when you do 🙂
  • Send your box out before June 25th
  • Linkup with us on June 30th to share your #CreativesBoxSwap reveal

Additional Information:

  • Sadly this swap is open to the US only. We would love to have our international friends get creative with us, but we can only do so if we have multiple international swappers. Sorry.
  • We will send partner info to your inbox on June 16 or 17th.
  • We ask that you spend $20 before shipping.

*Just a reminder, you are creative. We are all creative, creativity comes in several forms. You do not have to be Bob Ross to consider yourself a creative. Do you write, cook, sew, paint, craft, make jewelry, doodle, handletter, or love a glue gun? Do you want to learn any of these things, but need a little push? If you said yes… you’re a creative! 🙂

Are you in? We cannot wait to get swapping with you!!



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  1. Oh how fun, I have tons of coloring books, markers, paper and stuff to BE creative, I just don’t make enough time to do it! What a fun swap. Tempting, very tempting. Hope you’ve linked up with us at Small Victories Sunday Linkup this week!

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