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Currently {January}

Currently|Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

I thought today would be a great day to do a “Currently” post because  A) we’re nearing the end of January B) I didn’t have anything ready for today or C) checking in with goals  D) All of the above

If you picked D you win the AOK badge 😉 that’s the equivalent of 20 life points, so go out into the world and smile. 🙂

Watching: Okay, so I just finished Resurrection, which means I need to have a chat with Karen.  Did you know FRIENDS is on NETFLIX? So, yeah Friends is on and poppin’, I never watched the first episodes.  Actually, I didn’t watch Friends until it was on for a few years, I remember watching for the first time with my then boyfriend (now husband) at the laundry mat, we didn’t have a washer at our apartment.


Here’s a link to see which “Friends” character you are, apparently I’m Phoebe-ish…. hmmm?

 You’re a bit of a wild card, but you know what’s important in life. You ooze creativity and will tolerate the smelliest of cats.

I am NOT a cat person, and I have the most sensitive sniffer, so there’s that. I do know what’s important and yes, I’m a wildcard. 🙂

ReadingCurrently: Reading |Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

I have to be 100% honest, I’ve been sucking at cutting out time for MY reading. 🙁  However, I’m juggling these two books along with kiddo books.

Creating:Art Journaling:Frida| Mrs. AOK, A Work In ProgressThis weekend I got busy on my art journal! I hope to start a Valentine’s Day wreath, let’s see if that happens…..


Well, I did send off my Chase Your Dreams partner an encouraging box of goodies. You can see what I sent her here.

I encourage you to check out this yummy recipe and make it this weekend at your Super Bowl party.

Bacon Wrapped Avocados, the perfect Paleo Super Bowl snack| Paleo| Super Bowl Snack| Easy Recipe| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

OR this one!


Drinking:Currently Drinking Starbucks Mrs. AOK, A Work In ProgressDrinking a nice hot cup of this good stuff as I type.



This jacket I pinned on Pinterest.

I would also like more TIME! More time to: create, read, write, do more fun things.

Thinking: About how much fun I could do with more time. Also, my back is a little sore, CrossFit is kicking my butt.

Listening to:Frozen Radio Lana Del Ray RadioThese are the two “radio stations” I’ve been listening to the most lately, however there are many more.


LovingCurrently loving: life|Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

What are you up to currently?



Valentines Day Card from Tiny Prints

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34 thoughts on “Currently {January}”

  1. I took the quiz and apparently I’m Rachel: Once, your hair inspired a revolution. I think if anything I’d be Phoebe or Monica!
    That is a really adorable coat. And bacon wrapped avocado? Yes, please!

    1. Rachel? Hmmm…. if anything, I see you falling somewhere in Phoebe-land with me. 🙂
      That coat. Love.
      The bacon wrapped avocados are seriously delicious!

  2. You have an art journal? That is SO cool! I seriously can’t draw anythingggg. I’ve thought about getting one of those intricate coloring books, though, to have the same kind of “art therapy” option. 🙂 Your Starbucks coffee is making me crave some now…
    And now I’m checking out this “Chase Your Dreams” thing because I’m totally intrigued…

    loved this post!! 🙂

    xo Always, Abby

    1. Yes, I’m loving my art journal! You should try it, doodling is just as creative. I love coloring, I’ve seen those coloring books, and I want one.
      You’ll have to let me know if you try Casi Cielo, it’s really good.
      I need to do another nail polish swap… speaking of swaps. 🙂

  3. CrossFit? You must tell me more about it (and your box 😉 ). That jacket is to die for. I’d get a whole one use out of it, but it’s amazing! Currently, I’m dreaming of a nap and wishing I could draw like you. xoxo

    1. Well, today will be day THREE of using our new CrossFit gym, so far, so good. Box?
      The jacket, right!?! I’m not sure I would get many uses out of it either, but a girl can dream or go half naked underneath it :D. A nap sounds great, but the gym is calling. My drawing isn’t that great, but thanks!

      1. CrossFit Box is what my sister-in-law said it’s called. Is that not what yours is? And your drawing is great! I’d send you my artwork, but you’d swear it came from one of my kids. xoxo

  4. I love that leather jacket! And I’m so pinning the avocado wrapped in bacon recipe!

    Right now my 2 kids are sleeping and I’m blogging away and also trying to figure out what to do during our last week in Florida. Disney, maybe? The hubs arrives tonight so we’re super excited to see him!

    1. That jacket has my name on it, but it doesn’t have my price tag on it. {womp womp}
      And thank you for the pin, m’friend!

      Disney! Disney! Disney!!! I want to go to Disney, too! Have fun with your babies and your hubs.

  5. That jacket is really cute. I’m currently reading a ton of health/diet related books. This year I’m determined to heal my gut. I’ve been really hesitant to follow the Paleo diet because I love beans and I’m not a really big meat eater. Even though I currently don’t eat grains. However, I’ll probably give it a try for a month or two if I can last that long. Then go back to eating beans and reintroducing grain that have been properly prepared to reduce the amount of acid in them. Hopefully, this works for me. I also learning more about making fermented foods.

    1. Paleo is rough, especially when you are accustomed to a certain way of eating. Like you, I do enjoy beans, so I feel like all things in moderation. Although, if I were trying to see if beans were a sensitivity I would refrain. I heard adding apple cider to your beans while soaking cuts down on acid.
      I think it’s awesome that you are learning to ferment your own food! I want to try it. Do you drink kombucha? I just tried a new one called Live Soda, it tastes quite similar to soda.
      All the best~

  6. Girl you know I love that jacket! That’s right up my alley. I’m a Sex & the City girl myself, never been a big fan of friends, but it does make me nostalgic. Where has the time gone! I was like 2 yesterday! 😉

    1. I have no idea where the time has gone…. but watching Friends has made me miss the old days. It’s funny to watch shows that are pre-social media/iPhone age.

    1. I agree that jacket is gorgeous, and seems to be quite popular around here. 🙂
      The bacon wrapped avocados are SO YUMMY!! I hate to sound like a horn tooter, but they are really good and addictive, if you’re a bacon/avocado lover.

  7. You are so talented, I absolutely love your art journal! 🙂 I wish I had your gift – I think I should just stick to writing, haha!

    Ahhh, you do Crossfit! I really want to try it, but I’m a little intimidated, lol. I need a CrossFit buddy, can I come with you? 😉

    Thank you again for my absolutely wonderful swap package. You just rock. 🙂

    Happy Wednesday! xo

    1. You are too sweet on me, I’m not sure if I have much of a gift, but thanks. Speaking of writing, how is that going?

      You are certainly invited to CrossFit with me! I am/was intimidated myself, but last night I surprised myself. You can do it!

      You’re welcome!

  8. Yes! The Resurrection finale! I am still clueless about the meaning of the bugs. I never though cicadas (I’m probably spelling it wrong) have some sort of religious/biblical meaning. I’m such a weirdo that I want to google it later. I love your artwork. Frieda! Let’s see lately I’ve been shoveling snow, reading The Girl On The Train, watching some reality TV on Bravo and feeling so over winter.

    1. Okay, so I knew cicadas or locusts had a presence in the bible, but I found this: http://www.openbible.info/topics/locusts << crazy. Apparently, locusts appear more so than I had ever thought. Perhaps the baby does *not* have "the seal" on his forehead? I am a weirdo I Googled that! 😀 Sorry about the shoveling, ack I remember that, and I do not miss it. I do miss a little snow though. I can totally understand why you are over winter. Cheers to reading and reality TV! XOXO

  9. Oh I love all of this. Your Art Journal is awesome, I love her roses in her hair. Time for reading books, oh that would be lovely. I didn’t blog this summer but I read like I was starving…

    Is that picture of the tree by you, it has berries on it already!!!! Still cold and slightly snowy here mate!!!


    1. Thank you, I was afraid I would ruin the roses, I used a watercolor pen for that.
      I want to read like I’m starving, sounds like a wonderful summer to me.
      No, the picture is not mine, borrowed stock. Yesterday the temperate was in low 40*s. That is practically parka weather here, no joke. 😀

    1. Ha ha! I’ll have you know I donated all parka-like belongings before I left Illinois. I didn’t think I would need it. I can deal with low 40s just fine. I actually welcome it, it gives me an excuse to wear boots, scarves, and layer-up. 😉

  10. Hey lady,

    You’ve been busy…the life of a mom huh? Things have been kind of crazy too. My daughter moved back in so we had to move rooms around to fit everyone. We’re officially a full house :).

    I almost drooled at the bacon-wrapped avocados and I love the jacket you pinned. I want one and that color is perfect!

    Enjoy the rest of your week. Can you believe how fast this month is going?

    1. Aww.. I bet you’re loving your full house.
      The bacon avocados are delicious, I’m going to have to make some more this weekend.
      That color is perfect, I can see that jacket with a nice crisp white shirt, jeans, and a good pair of boots.
      I cannot believe we’re zooming into February, it’s b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

  11. I’m currently catching up and starting a bunch of new shows… Darn Netflix and On Demand… There seems to be an endless array of shows, movies and documentaries that I just don’t have time for!

  12. Well I’m up to being back from vacation! You made me stop reading for a second to check out that book about the 100-year-old man!
    Ok, I’m back.
    And totally hungry from the Paleo snacking and the bacon wrapped avocado! Wow.

    1. Hey Tamara! I’m so glad you’re back.
      Ha Ha I love that I made you Google the book. What do you think?
      The bacon wrapped avocados will be snacked on this weekend here, you know… if you’re up to another trip.?. 😉

    1. Thank you, Tanya! I cannot believe it is already February!!
      I have to say January was good to me. I hope it was good to you too.
      Wishing you a beautiful February filled with tons of love♥.

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