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Get your Popcorn>> a Random Act of Kindness.

I try to engage myself in humanity at every chance I’m given.  I honestly want my children to learn from the little things we do, that life isn’t just our inner circle but those around us too.
 We live in a beautiful world, yes we do. 

Okay, I totally just jacked that from Coldplay…. but I agree we live in a beautiful world…. with lots of ugly.  However, we have the opportunity each day to share beauty and love.

Enter>> Pinterest, which in my opinion is filled with so much beauty, and allows me to hoard without the mess, I found a great idea to share kindness.  
Side note*I tweet about #RAK often, but I have been slacking lately!! 
Tuesday I tweeted:

Good Tuesday morning! What are your plans? I’m thinking today is #RAK day, share your #RAK with me today. XOXO <3
8:02 AM – 13 Aug 13

Then I went to my hoarding site for some ideas>>> and BOOM! I adored this idea of taping popcorn with notes on a Redbox kiosk.  Genius right!?!
Well, in my rush to get my kiddos in-on-some- #RAK-action I totally forgot to make little notes, which I suppose makes this even more random.  We got in the truck, went and bought popcorn, and took my daughter’s cupcake duck tape 🙂 I thankfully always carry a Sharpie, so I just wrote enjoy on the bags.
We drove around taping popcorn on various Redbox kiosks in our city.  The kids had plenty of fun, and loved watching peoples’ faces when they saw the popcorn on the machines <3 I did too.  

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