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I Did it for Myself!

Since becoming a Mommy, there are tons of things I have stopped doing for myself… to do for others.  Mainly the things I do, do are for my children.  If I want to be completely honest, although, I joke about being the same Ol’ G there are plenty of things I do not do, or have changed because I am a mommy. 

I had my eldest daughter quite young. I still wanted to be young, but the other Mamas in my eldest daughter’s classes were a little more buttoned-up and more mature in age.  
I decided to be a little more buttoned-up, which in the process kind of stripped away who I was.  
Here I was trying to hide tattoos, and thinking I should dress a certain way because other Moms were looking at me and whispering.  
Now, I don’t care.  So what, I have tattoos, and now for myself {which I know my mama is going to hate} I re-pierced my nose.  

I love it. My husband loves it.  

It was kind of freeing.  I know that sounds weird, but when I use to have my nose pierced many moons ago, I lost my nose-ring and never redid it. Not because I was a Mama, because life went on.  My first years of motherhood, in Texas, I was surrounded by family and friends who knew me, and knew what I was about>> no judgment.  It was a different time.

Now, that I’m in my thirties, I don’t want to live with regret.  I don’t want to go back to my twenties, but I do want to be ME. I want my kids to see>> Mama is happy with who she is, and I want them to feel the same.  No judgements!

This post isn’t just about the-time-I-went-to-pierce-my-nose in-my-thirties-at-a-random-Indian-salon-and-I-felt-all-freeing. I’m also linking-up with the lovely Lena B, and Through the Eyes of the Mrs.

Lena B, Actually

I saw this green dress at Old Navy and had to have it.  
My husband was {happily} shocked because I’m usually not one to purchase dresses, but this one, it was calling me, and plus it’s green.  
I love green.  
The blue jean jacket shirt is actually a little something I’ve had since junior high… 
No. I’m not a hoarder… that’s what Pinterest is for. 
My shoes are a Target special, and the belt… it came with another dress I own.
And this is the bag that pulls it all together

So, what do you think ladies, did you change a piece of who you were because of motherhood?

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