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Letter to My Teenage Daughter


A Letter to My Teenage Daughter

On Friday I mentioned that I attended high school with my husband, I also stated that I was glad I was done with high school.  This is what I didn’t tell you: while I was attending my daughter’s classes my mind was whirling with memories of my high school years, and of course there was a touch of anxiousness for my daughter.


(This is the view from the high school cafeteria.)

Some of my mom thoughts:

  • She has all these tough classes.
  • Her classes are far away from each other, can she make it to class every single day without tardies… and in WEDGES!?!
  • I wonder if I send her to school with enough food…. she has to be hungry. I am.
  • She has school clubs, homework, and CHEMISTRY, how can she balance it all?
  • And then there’s teenage life…
  • She’s going to school with kids who DRIVE

Thankfully, my more rational side hit and reminded me that she’s got this.

She is strong, fierce, and smarter than I was at 14. She’s amazing! I’m so lucky to call her my daughter.

I’m quite sure I tell her often how wonderful she is to me, but I know it’s also nice to see the words, to be able to hold them in your hand, and tuck them away forever in your favorite hiding spot. Today, I want to show her the words, let her hold on to them forever, and I’m sharing some of those words with you.

My Letter to My Amazing Teenage Daughter


When I was fourteen I thought I knew it all. I thought I could be anything, but my anything wasn’t anything like yours. My brain didn’t stretch as far, I think I settled on just living and doing, instead of planning and pushing. You, my dear, you’re a pusher, a fighter, a go-getter, and I cannot tell you how incredibly awesome that is to me. To see you hold dreams in your hands so tight and work your hardest to obtain them makes me extremely proud. I wasn’t thinking about college the way you were in eighth grade. And here you are in HIGH SCHOOL already with 4 years mapped out including college classes!  

Where did time go?

Thank You Notes|

The other night when papa and I were at your school I got nervous thinking about high school for you, but then I realized, my nervousness was my own, not yours. Moms get nervous, we worry, it’s comes with the territory. I’ll always worry for you. Although I may worry, I’m always reassured by your strength, morals, and maturity. Seeing you work this weekend on your debate team notes just because is another example of how maybe I shouldn’t worry as much. You’re always planning ahead. 🙂 

A letter to my teen daughter. {ad}

And I love the way you caught me taking a picture of you working on your notes, and instead of blowing your breath with pure annoyance, you suggested I’d take a picture overhead because you knew about a post coming up. 

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1) Directing/Managing is in your future, kid. 2) You were right, it made for a good shot. 3) I love your selflessness and big heart! 

Your heart!!!

Your heart is big and pure and so filled with love for family, friends, and people you’ve never meant before.

I hope you’ll always be kind even when the world may not feel as kind back.

You know my heart jumped for joy when you told me you were joining the Random Acts of Kindness Club. ALSO… I’m still waiting on that answer to whether or not moms are allowed. I promise I can be cool!!

In a world where you can be anything: BE KIND

Your kind heart should have reminded me not to worry about our across country moves, but again, I’m a mom, I worry for you. You have once again shown me through our moves here and there that with your kind heart, wittiness, and fun personality you can make it anywhere. I’m so grateful that you have made wonderful friends along the way. 🙂 But there’s one friendship that never fails to warm my heart….

The Catcher Gearing Up| Softball

I admire the friendship/mentorship you have with your best friend, your little sister.

I  want to thank you so much for that. I cannot tell you how elated I am that my girls are the best of friends. It means the world to me that you two get along and that you’re helping to make sure she follows in such a wonderful path. You heard for yourself from your little sister, “I’m joining Student Council, because MAK did.” “And I really want to be treasurer.” That’s you, babe, you’re already inspiring!  


But honestly, you don’t just inspire her.

You inspire your brother,  friends, papa, but most of all you inspire me. I keep pushing and doing for you and for your siblings. All three of you (plus papa) have been the best encouragers of my life.

We’re so lucky to have you as the trailblazer that you are. I love you, baby!! Keep doing you!




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73 thoughts on “Letter to My Teenage Daughter”

    1. I enjoyed your letter to your son. ? Your love for him and your daughter shows each time you write about them.

  1. Super sweet. I love that you included her mentoring of her little sister. It is an important job. Fantastic idea about writing letters to your teen.

    1. Thank you, Terri!
      My girls’ friendship means the world to me. I hope they’ll always love each other & respect each other the way they do now.

  2. Aw, I may have wiped away tears. I love that she told you photography angles! Still waiting on that from my kid!
    Mentoring her sister. LOVE.
    Also, I want those yogurts for me! Or even Des. He has a BIG appetite.

    1. I cried like a baby writing this. I imagine one day when I hand over their notebooks that I write in they’ll think I’m such a crybaby. Those pages have had some damage ?
      Both of my girls are a good at helping with angles & lighting. My oldest helped me set up the backpack picture. ?
      The bigger pouch is perfect for bigger appetites for sure!

    1. I love that, Rebecca!!
      I hope you’ll share your teen with Yoplait for a chance to have your teen featured + win some prize money. ?

  3. This is so incredibly heart warming, it brought tears to my eyes. My daughter is only 7, but I know time is going to fly & she will be a teenager before I know it. Your daughter is beautiful & lucky to have an amazing Mom 🙂

    1. Thank you, Angela! ?
      The time just flies… ? No matter how hard you try to clutch on for dear life to every single second it just goes.

    1. I think so! I have a notebook for each of my kids. I haven’t been as good as I use to be at writing in them ?. I need to get back on track.

  4. I love this so much, and it’s so special for your daughter. I have those same thoughts and my kids are only in elementary school.. I’m going to be a wreck once high school comes around. Thank you for this! xxo

  5. You wrote her such a beautiful letter, Dean =) Thanks for sharing! This campaign sounds awesome. Can’t even being to imagine Emet being a teenager, eeeek! lol But your daughter is so pretty and smart, you’re right–she’s got this! Love that she helped you get that perfect photo. Looking forward to updates on her future adventures!

    1. Thank you. I’m so proud of this kid, she’s such a superstar. ?
      I couldn’t imagine her being a teen either, it happened and so quickly.

  6. Such a beautiful letter to your daughter. I can imagine how as a parent we are always anxious and try to be protective about them. They grow up so fats but for us they will always remain kids. I hope she does just fine and make you proud.

  7. This is beautiful, what a heartfelt note and amazing campaign. I, like you, often have fears for my son that are really my own. They are such caring, sweet and sophisticated creatures that somehow they figure out life differently and sometimes easier than us.

    1. This mommy gig is tough. It’s an emotional rollercoaster of emotions you never thought you would have, right? I wouldn’t change it for the world though, I love being mommy to my three babes. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Ashley! She actually helped my somewhat Instagram-ish husband take pictures for my upcoming Stitch Fix post. 🙂

  8. Oh I loved this post! I need to write a letter to my teen. She starts high school next year and I have all the same fears as you, if not more! But you’re right – moms worry. Just a part of being a mom. I love that she helps you with your photos too.

    1. It all goes by SO FAST, right? You just can’t imagine high school when you’re holding your sweet little burrito wrapped baby. AND BOOM! High school.
      Yes, write the letter, she’ll love it. 🙂

  9. I’ve never written a letter to my kids.Yours was beautifully written and your daughter sounds like she is just as amazing as her mama. 🙂 I need to write a letter to my kiddos while they are still young.

    1. Yes, please do so, they’ll cherish it. I have notebooks for all three of them. I’ve totally slacked at my letter writing, but I hope to pick that back up for them. I want to give it to them when they :::chokes back tears::: leave off to college.

  10. Awww so well done. I don’t have kids but I remember the teenage school years and yep they could be rough at times, but I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything!

    1. Those can be rough years, which is part of my worry for her. So far, and by so far I mean, like a month… we’re good. I hope it keeps on this path.
      Thanks for stopping by, Di!

  11. I am going to write a letter to my son. I know I will be a ball of tears but you inspired me to write one. What an amazing girl you have raised!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re going to write your son a letter! He’s going to love it!!
      And thank you for your kind words.

    1. I didn’t have anyone do this for me either. My dad wrote me letters when he was overseas… if that counts.
      I know you’ll do this for your kids too. 🙂

  12. Love this share my daughter is now 21 and I’ve been preparing a special box for her since I was pregnant. I originally planned on gifting it to her on her 18th Birth Day but then decided to hold off till 22nd. I had a lot more to say and share lol. Glad you shared this over at Mommy Monday lovin the link party 🙂 xo

  13. This was such a sweet and touching post. I hope to have this kind of relationship with my kids when they are in high school.

    1. Thank you, Reesa! 🙂
      I’m so thankful for the relationship my daughter and I have, I hope it continues this way all through high school.

    1. Thank you, Allyson!
      Her determination inspires me daily. I love the fire in her belly to get stuff done. If I could bottle that up and sale it, I’d be a rich woman. She’s always hustling to make the grade, do her hardest, and she’s got her own side hustle. 🙂
      I’m so proud of her.
      Thanks for your sweet comment.

  14. This is so inspiring! My daughter is only 2 and already I can see so much personality in her. My husband and I started a video diary for her of special and completely normal moments that we share with her to compile into a gift when she graduates high school. I love the idea of writing her a letter, though, because it says all those things you admire so much. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THAT YOU’RE DOING A VIDEO DIARY!!! That is so awesome, she is going to LOVE that, mama! 🙂

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