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My Hero! #HonoringOurHeroes

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I’ve been known to write a few emotional posts, I am also known to get emotional while writing these posts, so Kleenex® for the win! Today, I’m talking about my heroes (because I couldn’t choose only one hero) as part of #HonoringOurHeroes. Yes, there is Kleenex on hand. Thank you, Fred Meyer. 🙂

My Hero! :) #HonoringOurHeroes


My Dad, My Hero

I have many heroes in my life. They are people who have shown me immense amounts of love, perseverance, and strength. When I was a little girl my dad was my hero, I thought my dad was a real life action figure. 🙂  He was unquestionably muscular, strong, short, and he wore a uniform.  I remember thinking how tough he was and how secure I felt with him around, especially when I was dangling from his arm as he flexed it. (My dad would let us line up to swing on his arm while he flexed!)  I owe the fire inside of me to him, I know my never quit attitude comes from him. 🙂 Thanks, Dad! 🙂

Honoring Our Heroes| My Heroes

My Mom, My Hero

My mom was just as tough every time our real life action figure/hero left home on deployment. I especially thought my mom was tenacious when my dad shipped off to war. Even when there were piles of crumpled up Kleenex® on her bed while she wrote ten page letters to my dad while watching the war live on CNN, she was strong to me. She was tough through tears and fear.  She held our family together, made sure we did good in school, took us to our sports activities, and she still made it to work every day (weekends off 🙂 ).

#HonoringOurHeroes My Heroes

Once I was at the PX with a friend, we were talking about our futures and I said, “I don’t think I want to marry a soldier, it’s a hard life.”  But you know as much as I do, love is love and love conquers all. I fell hard for a soldier from Ohio. He was handsome, strong, kind, and he looked HOT in his uniform.  🙂  (I did not meet him in his uniform, but when I first saw him in his uniform I got weak in the knees. To be honest I still do every day- no uniform needed.)  We fell in love, he got out of the Army, we got married, we had a baby, and then he joined the Army again– September 2002.

History Would Repeat Itself

History would repeat itself, I became the devoted wife crying with crumpled up Kleenex® surrounding me while I watched the news of the war. I had a slight modification to my story, because for me not only was my husband shipped off to war, but my sister from another mister (another hero) was deployed, too. When you’re a military family Kleenex® Brand is a staple in your home during deployment, not only for sad tears but happy tears too.

Mom and I

My husband and I were lucky that he was part of communications, I was able to speak to him often. We would cry and laugh over the phone often; something my mom didn’t get to do when my dad was at war. I truly appreciate my mom, my hero. She did what I was doing, but she did it with four kids and for way longer. My dad served 22 years in the Army, my mom was by his side for almost all of it. My husband did 8, I was there for some of it. They say military spouses are the backbone of the Army, my mom was certainly ours.

My Husband, My Hero… Our HERO

My husband, is our hero. While he was deployed, we always felt his love. He wrote us letters, sent us sweet pictures, and kept me laughing. He showed me as much support as he could while he was away. I knew I could always count on him to cheer me up regardless of the distance that stood between us. When he was deployed to Iraq I purchased a recliner for him, my daughter wouldn’t let ANYONE sit in it. She filled that chair with drawings she drew for him almost every day. She kissed his picture every morning when she woke up and every night before bed. By the time my husband returned from Iraq that picture frame was all sticky with love. 😀 


One of the first things my husband did when he got home: he sat in his chair and read his chair mail. That’s who he is, always making things about others, even on his first day home.

#HonoringOurHeroes| My Hero
Waiting for our hero.
R&R visit from Iraq 2004

He has been my biggest cheerleader, my “bestest” friend ever, and the world’s greatest papa to our three babies. I am lucky that he is my partner on this journey called parenthood. He is always there to sign up to do the extras for the kids and if I need help he’s always there for me. When I’ve felt like I’m falling apart, he has always been there to help me piece it all back together. He is my hero. (A little late, but Happy Father’s Day, babe! I love you!)

Our Hero| Honoring Our Heroes

Those Who Support Our Military, My Heroes 🙂

Thank you, Kleenex, Kroger and Fred Meyer for giving me the opportunity to highlight a few of my heroes today. I gladly support companies who give back to our military and partner with the USO. The USO was there to welcome home my husband and his unit, which meant a lot to me, and of course to him. When you purchase one Kleenex® Facial Tissue 4-pack bundle from your local Fred Meyer or other Kroger stores they will along with Kleenex® Brand donate one pocket pack to the USO.

Kleenex boxes #HonoringOurHeroes

Also, there are 13 giveaways, one from each Kroger family of stores, with a prize valued at up to $100! You can enter the giveaway by sharing your “Hero Story” on social media tagging your “Hero Story” with Krogers’ hashtag #HonoringOurHeroes.  If you would like to learn more about honoring our heroes, please visit the Honoring Our Heroes Website.

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Kleenex Honoring Our Heroes

Kleenex #HonoringOurHeroes

Who is your hero

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52 thoughts on “My Hero! #HonoringOurHeroes”

  1. Aw…love this post! Your husband sounds like an incredible soul! So great to remember the reasons why people in our lives are our heroes. Good to have the Kleenex on hand, for sure!
    Karen |

    1. Thank you, Karen. He’s one amazing man, I got lucky to find my soulmate at 20. 🙂
      😀 I always have Kleenex on hand, I’m an emotional gal. ANNNNDDD… my kids have allergies. 😀
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. Love the post. I truly believe in honoring our heroes, those who are in our family, serving our country, do an unexpected good deed, so many ways! Thanks for the beautiful post!

    1. It was tough, I was worried about them both. Technically, she’s not my sister, but growing up it felt like she was my sister. 🙂
      Military families totally deserve to be honored. I’m so thankful to them and our troops. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Ashley! 🙂
      I love when companies work with the USO too. When my husband was deployed to Iraq the USO sent over quite a few entertainers. The USO also threw a Welcome Home Bash for all the troops when we lived in Ft. Hood. 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful story. History does repeat itself, doesn’t it? Sounds like your mom was a wonderful role model for you and prepared you for your own military life – without you even knowing it back then!

    1. You’re right! I didn’t even think of it that way, but she truly was/is a great role model to look up to for sure. 🙂 Thank you for your kind comment. 🙂

  4. Awww I just love your story. Being a military family myself I totally get it with the Kleenex. I remember when I first left my family I cried almost everyday. It’s not just the families we leave behind that cry, but the soldiers themselves get teary-eyed and Kleenex is always there to the rescue.

    1. Yes! I am in awe of you and all the soldiers who go so far away from home to protect us. Thank you! It had to be tough. From a military wife/child’s perspective it was hard and Kleenex kind of becomes your best friend. I remember the day my husband left to Iraq, the bus took them too early, so the driver brought them back to the gym. We were puzzled, and honestly I think a little excited. Change of mind? But no. I had to say goodbye to my husband twice in one day.

  5. Aw your dad sounds wonderful and what brave citizens your dad, husband, and sister are to serve the army. It must be scary watching the news when they are away.

    1. It was hard. I didn’t like it. I am so lucky to have them all in my life.
      Thanks for stopping by, Ana.

  6. What a great story! Sounds like you are a hero too. I can’t imagine having family deployed while keeping up with all of the demands of parenting and running a home. You have an amazing family.

    1. ME?!? Oh gee, I don’t know about that. Just a mom/wife/friend/daughter doing what any other person would do in my shoes. 🙂 I truly appreciate that though, thank you!!
      You made my day.

  7. Beautiful…beautiful story! Military men and women are the heroes as well as their family. How sweet is that… your daughter draws and wrote the mails everyday for her Dad, and your husband read the mails the first day he arrived. I love and enjoy your writing.

    1. Thank you, Rose!! You are too kind!
      She was the happiest little girl in the world sitting on her papa’s lap showing him all of her artwork for him. Then after that he got cleaned up, we put on Christmas pajamas and we had Christmas together in February. 🙂

  8. This is the sweetest post ever! Yes, bring on the kleenex! I definitely think my mom is my hero – such a strong lady who raised my brother and I by herself.

  9. Omg what a touching post!!! Your hubby sounds like a true hero. Thank you to him and your sister for serving 🙂

  10. Ahh, so touching. I love this so much. And I have a big box of Kleenex next to me right now. I’ve needed them a lot lately!
    My heroes? My mom and sister!

  11. How awesome that they donate tissues!! It’s also pretty awesome that you had such wonderful parents that they are BOTH listed as your top heroes. I am glad you are continuing in their footsteps and that you and your husband are building that kind of life for your child!

  12. We are a navy family, so after a few deployments I SO know why those boxes of tissues are needed before, during and after their gone!

  13. This is such a lovely post reflecting upon those who you really care about and who you look up to. Thanks for sharing

  14. Oh wow, this just melts my heart. I knew your husband was in the military, but I didn’t realize where he was deployed. I can’t even imagine what that must have been like for you or him. Thank you for sharing this!

  15. I love this post! Honoring heroes to me is so important. I can’t imagine what a family with a deployment goes through.

    1. Thank you, Becca.
      Deployments are hard, but thankfully my family was nearby. Most military spouses do not have that luxury as we are moved all around.

  16. You have some great heros in your life. I have a lot of respect for military families.
    My mom is my hero, she is a great example of what it takes to be a great mom.

  17. You and your family are so wonderful! It can’t be easy always missing the people you love, but I think you’re definitely a hero too, just like your mother.

  18. This is a beautiful post!! You have a lot of people to be proud of. Thank your husband for his serivce, I appreciate him.

  19. Such a great post. I love getting a glimpse into other families lives, especially those who dedicate their lives to serving our country. You have a lot of great heroes in your life. I would also consider my parents my heroes. They showed me what it’s like to build something from nothing.

    1. Those are the best role models to have. My dad is certainly one of those guys that didn’t come from much but boy did he pave a way for his kids. 🙂
      Cheers to our parents, our heroes!

  20. This. This brought tears to my eyes. I have to get my Kleenex (with lotion). You have much to be proud of and what an example to your children. Thank you to all your family members and their spouses for keeping our country safe and free. Salute! Will be sharing this on FB as my pick of the day from Party at My Place.

    1. Thank you, Michelle!! I have to admit… I cried quite a few times writing this post, the Kleenex certainly was needed. We (military families/ families of veterans) appreciate the love & support. Thank you! XO

    1. Thank you, Lucy! I’m a lucky lady with a pretty awesome family, as I’m sure you are too. 🙂
      Wishing you a beautiful week!

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