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One of my favorite pictures… EVER. {Wordless Wednesday}

I have not posted a Wordless Wednesday for a while, but I saw this picture & I thought this deserves a Wordless Wednesday post…. again.

My Babe in Iraq

I have shared this picture before, when I first started my original blog.  I shared this picture for my first ever Wordless Wednesday, I was somewhat apologetic for doing so, because at the time I was not sure if Wordless Wednesdays were going to be a regular thing. My blog was supposed to be about tutus, hair bows, and crafts.  Isn’t that funny!?!  Here I am years later making tutus & hair bows for my girls only, and blogging for the world. {flip flopper}

I know I grumble quite often that time flies, but there were plenty of times in my life it if felt as though time stood still.  My husband being away each time felt like forever.  The picture of him above ::sigh:: that felt like the longest 13 months of my life. It was around this time 10 years ago, I got the call, my honey would be coming home. It was the call I had been waiting for for what felt like an eternity.

I did not get the call from my husband, it was someone from the FRG (family readiness group). I cannot explain how wildly excited I was that my husband would be home in time to celebrate our daughter’s 3rd birthday, he had missed her 2nd birthday, we would even be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

Birthday Girl 2005

Annnnd nine months later we would celebrate another birth day. 😉

A-amp-MHospitalLife is good, my friends, life is good!

Do you have a few favorite pictures?

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30 thoughts on “One of my favorite pictures… EVER. {Wordless Wednesday}”

    1. AWW, thanks Lisa! Being an Army wife was one of the toughest parts of my life, the civilian world is much different. Military families truly appreciate all the support they receive

    1. Thank You! I think you *may* remember this picture, you’ve been such a great support to me even when I was failing Etsian. Thank you!

  1. Tear jerker! I hadn’t realized he was away once your kids were born! Kudos to you for having your heart so far away and taking care of your little babe alone. My heart couldn’t handle either of those things! I LOVE that 9mo later your son was born! HAHAHAH!

    1. Thankfully, he was only away when I had my eldest. We had our daughter after he returned, and once his 4 year contract was up, we were out. We could not go through that again, it was hard, and with two baby girls… ::sigh::.
      NO one should be afraid to answer their door, that’s how you find out, someone comes to your door. I dreaded knocks on the door.
      My son came along later when we were civilians. 🙂

  2. Ohhhhhh! I didn’t realize he was in the military (but now it makes sense given the moves!). Look at that dimple 😉 What an amazing gift that must have been to be told he was coming home. Thanks for sharing, this is so sweet!

    1. The funny thing about that is, all our moves have come before and after military life. He was in (the Army) when we first met. He got out when we got married, we moved from TX to IL, then he joined again in 2002, we moved back to TX. After him going to war, we knew we did NOT want to go through that again, so as soon as his contract was up, we got out… again.
      We moved back to IL, thankfully he got his old job back in the city. His job relocated us here, and now there’s talk of a future move to Seattle. WHEW! That was the condensed version of our nomadic life.
      His dimple. I love it, I don’t see it as much because he is rocking a beard these days, but it is still there. I use to joke that I didn’t need a cup, because I had his dimple. 🙂
      Hearing he was coming home was one of the best gifts EVER, the worry was the worst.

          1. Haha, I’d go any place! I just think we’re more likely to make it to Seattle than the South anytime soon. But who knows!

  3. OMG – I started to tear up when I see this photo. It is a perfect Wordless Wednesday photo. Funny too how our blogs grow and change with us over time.

    1. Thank you. It is definitely one of my favorites, I will cherish it FOREVER. I was so happy when this picture popped up in my inbox, it meant he made it there safely.

      Yes, the ever evolving blog… I’m sure things will shift somewhat again.

  4. Ah, you’re making me cry! This is SO sweet and I love how your family all came together, and got another family member!
    Yes, I have favorite photos and I put them in my blog more than once, for sure. I feel like there’s always the potential for new readers so why not, right?

    1. Thank you, Tamara. My apologies for the tears! Yes, I am so fortunate that I was able to reunite and create a family with my husband; I do NOT take that for granted. When you grow up and {use to} live in a military town during wartime, you recognize that having your loved one back is something to be grateful for.

      That’s a great point! I repeat pictures I love too, I try to keep it to minimal, but now that you point it out… GAME ON. 🙂

    1. I do not ever want to go through that again. Deployments are tough, but war, that was something else. I had to go through my husband being at war and when I was kid my dad. Military families sacrifice SO much for us, I am so very thankful for all of them.♥

  5. HeHeHe I won’t write what I messaged you, but Mmmmmmmmm 😉

    That is the MOST romantic picture EVER!!!! Being a photographers wife I have seen them all, this one is a MILLION WORDS!!!!!!!

    Can we say LOVE? Yep…..

    1. 😀 Good times!
      Aww thanks, Ray! I thought it was pretty darn sweet of him to do. He sent it to me when he got there. I printed this picture out and put it in a frame right away; my daughter kissed it every night before bed.

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