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Across Country With THREE Kids, a Dog, and Our Sanity {End of the road}

This is the end of the road. This is the last post of my road trip across America with THREE kids, a dog, and our sanity. I won’t say much, I think I’ll just bombard you with tons of pictures instead. 🙂 Our road trip across country was daunting and boring at times, and looong. With that said, our road trip across America as a family was team building, joyful, and elating. The unit we’ve built as a family is pretty damn badass. My kids showed me new sides of them, I have a new respect for each of them.  They made me strong, because they are strong. My husband proved that he does love me 🙂 (I’ve honestly never doubted that), I had to be the worst person in the whole wide world to sit next to on a road trip across country after our accident. I was so jumpy, panicky, and demanding. To be honest nothing has really changed, I’m still the world’s best passenger seat driver there ever was or will ever be. We bickered a bit in that truck, but as soon as we stepped out of that truck we were two different happy souls.

Washing machine (His first time at the laundromat 🙂 ) Road trip across America When you’re on a road trip you get to appreciate all the things around you. I was able to see the beauty of America, our land is vast and picturesque, but we also have some really boring parts, where you freak out and begin to repeat this mantra,”Please don’t let us run out of gas. Please don’t let us run out of gas.” There are also places where you try to  (another YA reference in 3, 2, 1..) not think about books you read, like If I Stay. Stupid book!

This just happened. I’m so grateful for these four and all the memories we have & ‘will’ have. A photo posted by Mrs.AOK (@mrs_aok) on

AMERICAMount Rushmore Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Road trips, are kind of like a metaphor for life. You see it all: the good, the bad, the ugly, but in the end you’re thankful. Through the tears and uncertainty of our trip, I was high on life. This trip gave me a new level of gratitude for life and our country…… and my own bed! Oh.. and doughnuts 🙂



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26 thoughts on “Across Country With THREE Kids, a Dog, and Our Sanity {End of the road}”

  1. I’m so glad that through all the bad — and man, was this rough for you guys! — you have such a positive attitude toward this experience. I’m sure you and your kids will one day laugh at what you went through — perhaps they will became family legends that get passed down to their kids! I’m sure this experience brought you all together and made you stronger. Here’s to surviving one heck of a trip!

    1. I think we can totally laugh about this & the ((super duper)) future grandkids will get a kick outta this story. Thanks for following along!

    1. I never thought about it until I sat down to write my posts, but life is one big road trip. I’m taking all the touristy pictures 🙂

    1. Yum… the sweets in Chicago! Yes, not everything was bad, the fact that I’m sitting here typing this is a bonus. We lived. 🙂 Thanks for following our journey!

  2. Wow. You are living my dream. My husband and I talk about driving across country. I love your metaphor on life…that makes it even more appealing. I can’t wait to check out your other posts on it.

  3. My own bed. Doughnuts. Metaphors for life. YES.
    Cassidy and I packed our ancient husky and a lot of our stuff in the car in SF and set off. First stop? Las Vegas to surprise my brother on his doorstep for his 30th birthday. Then it was a swirling, nutty road – with freak October snowstorms and 70 degrees Chicago days.
    I also got.. you know.. pregnant on that trip! Oops.
    Ah, life.

    1. You gotta love life 🙂 That sounds like a wonderful trip, minus the snowstorms, nobody wants to drive through those. Snuggling 😉 during a snowstorm is different, though. 🙂

  4. Road trips are definitely a test of patience! So cool you learned so much about your kids! LOL on getting validation of your husband’s love (not that it needed validation) because I get that after every major fight. I’m always like “I’m so glad you still love me!”

  5. I just read this whole series. Geez, you held up better than I would! I think my recap of it would have included a lot more cuss words lol. But it’s over and you’re here in Washington (like me, who had a far less adventurous road trip to get here). I hope you’re loving it.

    1. Thank you for reading the series, Stephanie! It was one crazy road trip for sure. Once we got to our corporate housing I think that’s when it all hit me… curse words flew. 🙂 Washington has been good to me so far. I love fall here!!

  6. It truly was a life experience for your children to be able to do. The bond as a family is so special too. So glad you arrive safely and the blessings are huge along the way. Many a memory made here. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    1. Thank you, Michelle! We have certainly acquired countless memories from our road trip. I’m quite thankful that I’m able to have those memories and share them with the ones I love.

  7. You guys are seriously so cute. And your kids will remember this and bond over it for years to come. What a great way to start a NEW adventure 🙂

  8. Wow, what an amazing adventure your family will never forget! I hope one day we’ll be able to take a cross country trip. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! <3

  9. I have wanted to go to Seattle for so long…I really hope you blog about all the fun stuff/daily life there! And I must remind you that you have one BEAUTIFUL family, you are all gorgeous 🙂 Congrats on making it and coming out stronger as a unit <3

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