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Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes: Spring Break (Photo Dump)

I love Fridays, I love thank you notes, and I love Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes, so, naturally, Friday here on my blog means:

Thank You Notes and Jimmy Fallon!

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Jimmy’s Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes

This week I’m thankful for plenty, but I want to focus on my week with my family. I’m forever thankful for them and the time we share together on this journey. As you may know last week was my kiddos’ spring break, we spent time together reading, playing, and sight seeing (which is one of my spring goals), it was nice. We slowed down, took our time in our jammies playing cards while eating bowls of cereal. There were a few I may pull out my hair MOMents, especially when it came to my family’s competitive spirit. Yes, I know… it’s our fault. Despite their sometimes aggressive behavior toward one another I know they love each other, there’s proof:

My babies 42016

Look at this guy….

Furbaby April 2016

Thank you, Seattle, for the most beautiful week of sunshine! Sure you’re gray & rainy often, but this week you dropped your Nirvana vibe for more of a Jimi Hendrix Foxy Lady vibe. ?

Thank You Notes: Spring Break and Seattle

On our way to breakfast at Biscuit Bitch, or as my kiddos call it Biscuit Badword Place. ?

Thank You Notes: Spring Break in Seattle. Thank you, Biscuit Bitch, for a bitchin' time :)

Thank You Notes: Spring Break and Seattle

Thank You Notes: Spring Break in Seattle. Biscuit Bitch

The views from the pier.

Seattle Aurora Ave Sign

Mountains in Seattle

There was a ferris wheel ride.

Thank You Notes: Spring Break in Seattle | Ferris wheel in Seattle WA.

Seattle has hidden gems all around the downtown area like this cute letterpress studio. All the paper, please!

Thank You Notes: Seattle Spring Break| Letterpress Seattle WA


Oh look more flowers, you’re welcome. 🙂 From me to you.

Pike Place Flowers April 2016

Flowers at Pike Place Seattle WA

Thank you, babe, for having $10 cash money to purchase these fabulous flowers. Sorry, street magician that we spent it on these flowers before your magic trick. ? Seriously, I felt horrible not having cash to give the man.

Thank you, babe, for my flowers from Pike Place. Seattle WA.

Lunch date with my family by the lake. (:

Thank You Notes: Spring Break | PNW beauty

Lunch by the lake


I ran out of room on my phone! I had to use an app to take this picture, which is grainy and shows my halo. 🙂 See, mom, I AM an angel. 

Fab 5 in Seattle Traffic

Who or or what gets a Thank You Note from you this week? Happy Weekend!!?

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31 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: Spring Break (Photo Dump)”

  1. Beautiful photos of your gorgeous city. I love the mountains in the background, looks a postcard. I am Woman series kicks off today. Thanks again for joining me.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. The views here are quite stunning, I’m in awe often. 🙂 I sent the pictures to my mom and she said, “It looks like Alaska,” she’s never been to Alaska. 😀
      I’m excited for the series!! I’ll be by today.

  2. I love all of these photos! My kids are the same way.. They love to fight and compete, but when they think we aren’t watching I see them cuddling together or holding hands. Those moments are the best. I’m glad you guys had a great Spring Break! xxo

    1. Thank you, Kristy!
      You’re right, those are the best moments. I’m glad there are times I can snap a quick picture of them without them noticing. 🙂
      Wishing you and your family a beautiful week, m’friend!

    1. Thank you, Julie! I’m glad the weather behaved nicely for us last week, it looks like we’re going to have another beautiful weekend. I need to take advantage of that! 🙂
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  3. Our spring break starts today at 3:00pm, but how’s counting??
    I NEED to go to the Biscuit Badword Place. We are biscuit people. There are other biscuit people out there? I mean, of course there are, but enough to warrant a whole restaurant??
    Yes. Can I come visit? I had a dream I was in the PNW, photographing orcas. Because.. naturally. I’d either be doing that or eating biscuits, right?

    1. Happy {almost} spring break!!! ::running man::: I hope y’all have a wonderful break.
      😀 The Biscuit Badword Place is one of those places that we’ve seen on different Seattle places to eat that we had to go. Their biscuits are YUMMY! I wish I would’ve got one plain with butter. There are certainly biscuit people out there, we had to wait in a nice long-ish line with quite a few of them. 😀 The ice coffee at Biscuit Bitch is good too! 🙂
      You are always welcome to visit!!
      Oh man if you came I know you would take the best pictures, my little iPhone doesn’t do the mountains justice.

  4. I think that’s amazing there is a place called Biscuit Bitch! That sounds like my kind of place.
    Your family!! You guys look like you had an amazing time together.
    I’m telling you, Seattle is high on my list of places I want to visit!

    1. I hope you get to visit Seattle while I’m still here. 🙂
      Who knows, maybe we can Biscuit Bitch together.

  5. Hello! Happy Sunday! What a great time with your family. You have such a beautiful family including the little furry guy. I can’t believe there’s a place called ‘Biscuit Bitch’! Ha, ha! That’s hilarious! 😉 Loved the pictures. Have a great night. 😀 xx

    1. Yes, when the sun shines it’s beautiful. I need the sun. This is my first spring here, so I’m thankful to see that there is sunshine. 🙂

  6. I’m glad you guys had a great Spring break. I would love to visit Seattle one day. It looks like a really beautiful city.
    I’m thankful that I had a wonderful date with my husband last night. ?

  7. I didn’t realize you’re in Seattle. One of my fave places! Yes, isn’t it funny how the sun can bring in a different music vibe and turn the whole city around. I love visiting Seattle in the summer when it’s super sunny. (wow, didn’t plan on that alliteration, lol).
    Great pictures! what a fun week!

    1. We moved here this August. I lived in the Charleston area previously.
      I love alliteration! Super sunny sunshine in nice temps makes me all sorts of giddy.

  8. Beautiful photos of Seattle. I’ve never visited but it looks lovely. Thanks for sharing with us at Over the Moon linkup and have a great day.

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