Thank You Notes| It's FRIDAY, time for thank you notes!
Thank You Notes

100th Thank You Notes!!!

I love Fridays, I love thank you notes, and I love Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes, so, naturally, Friday here on my blog means:


Thank You Notes

It’s Thank You Notes Friday!! And this week is a big Thank You Notes week for a few reasons: 1) This is the 100th Thank You Notes post 2) This is the last Thank You Notes post of 2016, and 3) This may be the last time I ever do Thank You Notes.  But before I get into why, let’s say thanks, shall we…

Thank You Notes| It's FRIDAY, time for thank you notes!


Thank  you, snow days, for being close to perfect.


Thank you notes: Snow day

These two were out before the sun.

We went for an earthy PNW Snow woman.

Thank you, kids for this.

#TBT to last week’s snow day when the kids took this picture for me. I think it came out rather well. ❤️💚❤️ *•*.•.*•.*•.*.•*•.*.•*.•.*•.*.•*.•*.+ What you do NOT see: While they were taking this picture I was upstairs in my room venting with a pen in my hand. Sometimes it’s better to write rather than scream, right? I wanted pictures & a Boomerang video of the kids in the snow, but of course when I want something nobody is as eager as I am to do for me as I am for them. I simply gave up on wrangling three kids. So what do these three do? They do it on their own.

Just when I was at the height of my venting burning holes into paper, I hear these kids giggling. I peeked through the blinds and spotted them taking selfies & videos with nothing but smiles. And once again I was reminded this is the life, despite occasionally being frustrated, this is the life I love. The life of a mother of three sweet kids who drive me crazy some days, but fill my heart always. 💕 #ThankYouNotes

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Thank you, to everyone who was a part of 12 Days of Blogmas, who sponsored Blogmas, and who checked in every day. I’m truly grateful. Here’s a recap if you missed it, there’s also a holiday linkup, so you can link up all your holiday posts too.

Thank you, Saturday strolls that lead to PIE.

Thank you, girls, for the bakeoff! Truly there are no losers in this. 🙂 COOKIES!!

Thank YOU! Thank you, so much for visiting, commenting and your friendship! I’m so happy to have you in my life.

Thank You for your love and support

And finally, thank you, babe. Thank you for talking me off the ledge.

The other day ago I did exactly what I remind you ladies NOT to do, I got on Pinterest and went down a rabbit hole of comparison. I started to wonder if this blog was enough, or rather… if I was enough for this blog. I wasn’t sure if I should keep this blog afloat. There are so many other bloggers out there that have started blogging after me and seem so much more successful than me.(But that’s not why I started to blog.)

What or where and I’m going wrong? I began to swirl down a slippery spiral of questioning myself and all my work. Some of my thoughts: I could save on costs, time, and then there’s that fact that Google hates me. I know my work isn’t flawless here, but damnit I know I share good work. See, I did fight for myself during my self-doubt parade.

I told my husband I was thinking of  tapping out and that’s when he began to talk me down. During our talk I realized maybe there needs to be change in 2017, perhaps this blog will be different. I’m considering a rebrand or just a style change, we shall see. Over the next two weeks I hope to come back with a better plan, more creativity, and focus.

What are you thankful for this week?

Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays!!

Happy Holidays! XOXO - Dean

I’ll be back for MMBH on Sunday and a 2016 recap. 

Did you read this post? You may want to bring some tissues and your holiday spirit. 🙂

It's Day 11 of Blogmas and we're talking holiday traditions. I'm sharing my holiday traditions and a story of holiday kindness.


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12 thoughts on “100th Thank You Notes!!!”

  1. It’s Thank You Note Time! I live in California, so we don’t have any snow days, which I love, but sometimes I wish I could look outside and see everything covered in a soft white blanket. What an awesome snow-woman, it has so much personality. I NEED PIE! Lol, A bake off sounds like so much fun! I wish I could taste the final products.

  2. Oh I’m glad he talked you out of the rabbit hole. You’re a wonderfully creative and inspiring blogger and if hate to see you close it up. I do hope a rebrand will reenergize you to focus on what you want and what will bring you the growth you desire. Changing my theme over Thanksgiving has definitely reenergized me and my blog is seeing good results from it. Take Care and stay warm dear blogging friend. Shoot me an email if you need someone to bounce ideas off of, I’d be glad to help.

  3. Oh, I feel ya on the frustrations that come with blogging. BUT, I would be so sad not to see your space in this corner of the internet. I do think change (and a break) are good when you are feeling this way. You know I’m always here to talk! 🙂
    Love the selfie of your kiddos, they’re so sweet (even if they wouldn’t let you take the video in the moment. I’m going through that a lot with Eve now!)

  4. I think I fall down that rabbit hole every other week. Blogging takes so much time and energy, and Google doesn’t appreciate that. You are a great blogger, and I hope that as long as blogging makes you happy, you continue to blog!

    P.S. I’m thinking 2017 is going to be the year of reinvention 🙂

  5. Now I really want a slice of pie… some really good homemade pie too darnit! 🙂 I guess a Steak N Shake shake will just have to do, since we’re going there for lunch. Aww, the comparison game is so, so toxic. Don’t do it, but I know we ALL do from time to time. I’m glad you’ve decided to stay and change is always GOOD! So, I look forward to your new ideas for the blog! Your house is so cute and what adorable snowmen!


  6. Those pictures of your snow day are great. You made me miss the snow days I had growing up in NYC. Pies and cookies––yum! But just thinking about it makes me gain weight. Ha, ha! Never-the-less I do indulge in some of my favorites during the holidays.
    I think you’re a great blogger. I’m very entertained by your posts. I’m not even going to pretend why some blogs get more visitors and followers than others. I’ve been at this a few years and I still don’t have all the answers. I know it has to do with SEO and what-not but I don’t know enough about that stuff. Don’t give up though because someday we will figure it out. 😉 xx

  7. Stroll? Pie? Yes!
    I think I need your husband to talk me off the ledge too. I would never stop blogging, because it’s a career and below that career, is the passion foundation. But it’s hard not to compare and to not get burnt out. I think 2017 will be different for all of us!

  8. Oh, Please don’t stop blogging! If you stop blogging, I won’t have anyone to consider as my mentor. Yes, I consider you a mentor. I have learned so much from you. Your blog is one of the first I go to for ideas and inspiration. You do a lot, so I could see you cutting back in certain areas, but this is your thing whether you realize it or not. I hope my words and those of others are enough to keep this little space in the blogosphere alive. I was just thinking to myself, why did I go to another platform? I am not really as enthused about getting it up to speed as I thought I was. But I’m not giving up. Take care my friend and many hugs!

  9. I’m thankful for you ☺ I’m glad your husband talked you down, but I totally understand. There are days when I feel like I am wasting my time blogging too. It’s just hard trying to balance everything. Often blogging isn’t high on the list and it shows through my lack of blogging success, but it’s ok I’ll get there one day. ☺

  10. So, this really was your last Thank You Notes? I can understand. Tell me this…why do we get into these slumps? I don’t really feel like posting anymore. I want to find one or two categories to focus on and maybe only post once a month since that’s what I’m slowly dwindling down to. Don’t know what they would be yet, but would like to have something like your Thank You Notes or like you and a few others did over a year ago. I’ve thought about cohosting a link up, but don’t feel I post enough for that. Just need to find a new direction for blogging. Hope you and your family are doing well and Happy Holidays! 🙂

  11. Your pictures are so adorable and cozy <3 LOVE. also, did you say PIE?! YES!!!

    Jimmy always makes me laugh with his festive shiv comments, HA!

    Your snowmen are absolutely adorable. Please don't ever stop blogging. I would miss you so much!! But I understand that sometimes we all just need a break. Sending much love and light, sweet friend.

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