Thank You Notes| A weekly link-up of gratitude inspired by Jimmy Fallon and hosted by Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress| Fridays
Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes: July 4th, Kids, Birthday Boy, and Good Friends

Thank You Notes| A weekly link-up of gratitude inspired by Jimmy Fallon and hosted by Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress| Fridays


Thank you, Jimmy for your inspiration!

Thank You, Jimmy!No Thank You Notes from Jimmy this week. 🙁

Hashtags? Yes…

July is off to a pretty good start. This week I have plenty to be thankful for…

Spa Day wm'girls

Thank you, girls, for our at home spa day. It was nice to relax with the two of you while watching Flea Market Flip and sippin’ Starbucks; you two are the best daughters a mama could ever ask for. I love you!

Baby Girl in the truck

Thank you, baby girl, for being NINE. I always say you’re growing up too fast, and you are, but then you do something like this and I’m reminded how precious nine is and how much I love it.

Baby Girl's Picture of ME

Also, thank you, for this picture of me. I love my waist 😉 I also love that you made sure to draw me in boxers with the Old Navy dogs on them. #KeepingItReal

July 4th 2015Thank you, 4th of July, for sweet memories, firecrackers and healthy-ish family competition. The boys ended up winning the backyard whiffle ball game (by like two points.. only!), but m’babe and I beat the kids in the water balloon toss. #TagTeamForLife 🙂Mr. July 2015

Thank you, time, for working against me. I said I wanted these kiddos to slow down, and BOOM!-Mr. July is SEVEN!! Where does the time go? (We made a mural in honor of the birthday boy) 🙂 I love you, baby boy!!

Do What You LOVE

Thank you, for receiving my post about creativity and anxiety so well. 🙂

Maya Angelou Print Thanks, Mia

Thank you, Mia! You are such a sweet friend, I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am to have you in my life. You are one of the best cheerleaders EVER!

Thank you, South Carolina! We did it!! 🙂

Thank you, FRIDAY, I’m in love!!

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12 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: July 4th, Kids, Birthday Boy, and Good Friends”

  1. It looks like y’all had a GREAT Fourth! Your babies are precious and I love that you and your girls had an at home spa night 😉 Thank you for hosting again this week!

    1. We had such a fun Fourth just the five of us. 🙂
      Thank you!
      We love our girls’ time together.
      Thank you for sharing your gratitude with me! Wishing you another beautiful week!!!

  2. Love that quote about creativity! And that photo of your daughter in the driver’s seat? Made me do a double take haha! Sounds like an awesome 4th, wishing you another happy weekend ahead!

    1. 🙂 We were waiting in the truck for my husband, the car was off, and she was having fun being a kid. It made my heart happy to see her play like she was driving. Sometimes she seems so mature, it was nice to see this playful nine year old side of her.
      I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
      Cheers to beautiful week ahead of us 🙂

  3. Woohoo, South Carolina!
    Yay for birthday celebrations and home spa days. I can see me doing those with Eve when she is older 🙂

  4. Sigh. Scarlet turned six yesterday. SIX. So big! And Des being three has tripped me up. He’s no longer a baby. So I’m focusing my attention on the cat and dog, rather than have a third baby. We’ll see if that lasts for awhile.
    Nine seems so precious – still so young.

    1. My “baby” is seven! I get baby fever often, my husband thinks I’m nuts. Actually, sometimes I think I’m nuts too, three is just right for me. 🙂 Plus the furbaby, he makes me happy too.
      10 is going to hurt a little. I’m not sure I’m ready for my baby girl to turn 10. ::big heavy sigh::

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