Thank You Notes| A weekly link-up of gratitude inspired by Jimmy Fallon and hosted by Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress| Fridays
Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes: Blogs, Balloons, and Burgers

Thank You Notes| A weekly link-up of gratitude inspired by Jimmy Fallon and hosted by Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress| Fridays


Thank You, Jimmy!

Jimmy’s Thank You Notes:

Thank you, Steph, for this post. We need more posts like these. (I meant to add this TYN last week)

Life According to Steph
Thank You, Dear Creatives, for featuring me!!
Dear CreativesDIY Mermaid Costume

Thank you, water balloons for sponsoring summer fun.

Thank you, honey, for having a birthday, which made it the perfect reason to have a lunch date at Poe’s!! Mr. AOK @Poe's   Poe  

Thank you, Poe’s Tavern, for the Tell-Tale Heart! Yum!! Here comes the #FoodPorn 😀

Tell-Tale Heart Burger

Tell-Tale Heart Burger Poe's Tavern

Thank you, Lowanda, for my happy mail!! XO

Happy Mail Sunphant

Thank you, good news {finally}! I cannot wait to share the big news… but just a little bit longer.

Thank you, Friday!!

Do you have any big plans this weekend? I have some organizing plans… I’ll be busy all weekend, but for good reason.

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15 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: Blogs, Balloons, and Burgers”

    1. Oh the burger was soooooooo good!
      I hope you had a lovely visit with your husband’s grandfather. 🙂

    1. Me too! I need another Poe’s burger in my life soon!
      Although, I’m jealous you got to enjoy REAL Texas BBQ. I want some! 🙂

  1. Hey there! I’m glad you liked the card. I couldn’t resist the one with an elephant on it. I can’t wait to read about your good news! Have a good weekend!

    1. Loved the card. The elephant was cute and very Sunphant 🙂 I think I’ll finally share the news this Friday.
      Wishing you a wonderful week!

    1. I think you would love it! The food is REALLY good! In the restroom they play readings of Poe’s poems in “that” voice.. 🙂

  2. A restaurant in Edgar Allan Poe’s honor? That does intriguing!
    I’m excited for your big news 😀
    Off to read the post your shared!

    1. I love the theme of Poe’s, because as I’ve stated here before.. I love Poe. 🙂 The food though was just as lovable. Oh my goodness the burger was gooood!
      I’m excited to share the news 😉

  3. What a great week! It’s been busy here with workshops and applying for jobs. Hard to believe that I officially have to go back to work this coming Friday. Where did summer go? I got some photography in this weekend and today the husband and I did a bunch of yard work (planted the 30 or so canna lilies a local nursery was giving away, cut the grass, got a few other things done), even though there is still more to do.

    There’s a ton of stuff to do this week…including picking up yet another piece of furniture for upcycling 😉

    1. Oh wow!! You were a busy bee this weekend. I have no idea where summer went and why such a rush.. Slow down summer!
      Oh more projects, fun!!

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