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Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes: Powerball, Adele, and Resolutions

I love Fridays, I love thank you notes, and I love Jimmy’s Thank You Notes, so, naturally, Friday here on my blog means: Thank You Notes and Jimmy Fallon!

Jimmy’s Thank You Notes: (He makes a David Bowie reference, this was two days before David’s passing.)

Thank you, Powerball!! It’s been nice, friends!!

:::Boards plane under heavy sedation, because anxiety:::

airplane| bye| Thank You Notes

Just kidding…  but it was nice to dream. 🙂

There was a lack of communication, or umm listening, and somebody forgot to purchase those winning numbers. I thought we had the winning ticket all along, turns out we had zero tickets.

Powerball| Thank You Notes

Thank you, Adele and James Corden, for Carpool Karaoke!! I promise this is the FaveREDs packet of Starburst, which means it’s pretty darn AWESOME. 🙂


Thank you, life, for you know… being.

A wise woman once said: There are numbers on calendars, but those numbers aren’t promised to us. We may think we’ve scheduled our days, but the truth is the day schedules us, and we make the best of it. 

Did you want to tweet that? 

Only 77% of resolution makers are still on track, but that’s okay, we know how to revise and reorganize- you can do it!!

New Year's Resolutions| Thank You Notes


Lost Thank You Note:

Thank you, PNW, for SNOW!!

Thank you, FRIDAY, I’m in LOVE!!

Who or what gets a Thank You Note from you this week?

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27 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: Powerball, Adele, and Resolutions”

  1. I forgot to post this in my Thankful Thursday post, but I’m thankful that my son loves buying things for other people. He has to work for an allowance and most of the time he spends his money buying things for other people. I’m proud of him for being so thoughtful.

    I’m also thankful that you post Thank You Notes every Friday 🙂

    1. Your son sounds like such a sweet little man!! We need more kindhearted souls like your son. Great job, mama!!
      Thank you, and thanks for joining me for Thank You Notes!!

  2. That photo of your girl is amazing! What a capture! We didn’t win the powerball either…even though we had tickets. I think we got $10 back? LOL! *sigh* So much for buying that tropical island and seeing how the other half lives 😉

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey $10 isn’t too bad! You could’ve been one of those people who lost out on $50 or more.
      Thank you, for the sweet compliment about my photo of my baby girl!!! ?
      Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  3. I’m loving the Adele karaoke song too, it’s awesome! I didn’t but any tickets either, hah. I wish it would snow here, that’d be so pretty and so much fun.

    1. I loved seeing Adele singing Spice Girls, and I was surprised by her rapping skills. The snow didn’t last here, it was all gone in the morning.

  4. Your daughter is too cute! I can tell Washington has been a good move for you guys. Yeah, that powerball thing slipped though my hands as well. Maybe next time. Take care. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lowanda! She had such a blast in the snow with her little brother. We’re enjoying the beauty Washington has to offer, but I have to be honest, I do miss Mount Pleasant, sometimes. I long for the beach & Boone Hall Farm (they have the best greens).

  5. I think I was the only person around me who didn’t join in on the Powerball craze! Now if only we can all galvanize with such vigor over another topic besides the lotto lol. And thanks for the Adele link—been meaning to catch that footage!

    1. We wouldn’t that be nice! Maybe we could use it for acceptance, kindness, and love. 🙂

      I hope you enjoyed the car karaoke- I loved it!

  6. I just woke up to a bunch of snow, which I would be happier about if I hadn’t planned on going to the gym this morning :-/ Ah well, will just have to take Eve outside to play in it, so I am at least thankful for that.

  7. Cancer sucks! I was heartbroken when I heard David Bowie had passed away. Also, we got snow yesterday! The kids were very excited, but then the sun came out it melted quickly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get another snow in before Spring gets here.

    1. I agree, CANCER SUCKS! I was in shock when I heard we lost David Bowie.

      I hear y’all may get some snow tomorrow, right? ?
      If you do have fun & be safe!

    1. Seriously?!?! The red & pink Starburst are the first to go in any pack of Starburst, I’m glad Starburst created a Red pack. 🙂

      You can do it!! Safe travels, m’friend!

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