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Thank You Notes: Mom, Charleston, and M’babe

Thank You Notes |A weekly linkup to share your Thank You Notes| Linkup| Thankful| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Welcome to Thank You Notes a link-up inspired by Jimmy Fallon and Thankfulness.

Thank You, Jimmy!

Jimmy’s Thank You Notes:

It’s hard to feel like you’re celebrating when there is so much pain in the world. Hate is ugly. Hate is unkind. And I’m tired of it. Please keep Charleston and love in your heart.

Love to Charleston


Some of you may have noticed I did not post Thank You Notes last week, my apologies. As you know I took a small break while my Mom was in town, I also decided to take a little more time away to catch up on things. I’m baaaack! 🙂

Thank you, Mommy, for your visit! We had such a wonderful time making memories with you. (My babies call my mom, Mom, because she’s my Mommy their Mom. My eldest said that when she was younger and it stuck, so she has been Mom to all three of them. : ) )

Thanks for the Lego building with the kiddos.

Lego Who Did It Best )Lego building with MomWe enjoyed doing the touristy thing with you. 🙂

Charleston_1 The French Protestant Huguenot Church Charleston_2

A photo posted by Mrs.AOK (@mrs_aok) on

Thank you, my little photographer, for taking this picture of me, see I DO exist. Yes, that’s our cookie spot in Charleston, King Street Cookies. Poor little guy in the Cavs jersey, maybe next year…

Me at King Street Cookies

Thank you, everyone who joined the #SunshineBoxSwap, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR SWAPS THIS SUNDAY!

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Speaking of Sunday…THANK YOU, Babe, for everything you do for me and the babies. I am grateful the two of us went 1/2 on this journey of love and parenthood. You’re the best Papa EVER!! Happy {early} Father’s Day!

M'Boys Coloring Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress


My Fab Four

Thank you, Friday!

I’m wishing you all love and peace this weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: Mom, Charleston, and M’babe”

  1. So happy you had a wonderful time with your mom. A very sad time in Charleston and also around our country as this saddens us all. I live in Charlotte and it hit a bit too close to home. My cousin’s husband who lives in Charleston too, lost a co-worker who was worshipping at that church. We all are grieving.

    1. I am sorry to hear that your brother-in-law lost a co-worker. It’s terribly sad that we are dealing with this type of hate in 2015, my heart goes out to the families of the victims. I keep thinking about the 5 year old girl who had to play dead to live, heartbreaking.
      ::BIG HUGS::

  2. First you look adorable in that photo! Love the hat. Glad you and your family got to enjoy time with your mom! We spent several nights at my parents’ last week and every morning Eve woke up saying “Nana!” (What she calls my mom).

    I can’t believe what happened in Charleston. So unbelievably sad. I think our country needs some serious dialogues about racism here.

    1. Thank you ::blushes::
      I’m glad you had some mom time too. 🙂

      Yes, we need to have the talk. I think it’s long overdue, and if we keep ignoring it we’ll never change.

  3. I’m angry that the racism and violence and cruelty towards others is so commonplace. I’m angry that more people are not angry about this. I’m angry that so many people act like we do not have a race problem in this country.

    I’m glad you had a nice visit with your mom! Happy weekend!

    1. I’m angry too. It’s seems like this should be unfathomable that we are still dealing with this in 2015, but this is our reality, our sick sad reality. We will never fix the issue if we keep ignoring it or do not take the time to talk about it.
      Yesterday, on Twitter I was dumbfounded that someone came at me with: “This dude is a frig’n HERO!” WTF!!
      I was angry, but I held my tongue because he seems like one of those Twitter trolls. Okay, I ended up fuming, but I took it to IG, which was probably not right either. But feelings…

      Anyway, thank you. Wishing you a happy weekend too!!

    1. There’s been a revival! 😀 It’s funny, I am starting to pop up more and more in pictures now. Perhaps that’s because I’m a…. blogger. 🙂

  4. Happy Friday!

    Taking a break to hang out with mom is a great excuse to be offline. I live a house away from mine so she’s close to me. Her health prevents her from getting out but I love going over there to chat and gossip with her 🙂

    My kids call my mom “Mom” too. My oldest started calling her that and it stuck too.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome pics of your tour and you’re looking great hun! Love that dress and you’re pose shows me you’re in charge and a powerful chica!

    TGIF hun, have a great weekend!


    1. Cori,
      Thank you, you made me blush! 🙂 I love that you see a powerful chica better than you seeing me as a chingona. 😀

      I think I would enjoy chatting and gossiping with my mom in person often. It was really good to have my mom here.
      I love that your kids call your mom “Mom” too. I think my eldest just heard everyone else call her Mom, so she decided to follow suit.
      Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. glad you had a beautiful time with your mom.. love all the pics. How can anyone resist building with Legos?

    It’s horrible that evil exists in this world…evil can take many forms

    1. Thank you. I’m glad my mom didn’t resist, she went all in and it was the cutest. 🙂
      I agree, ugly comes in many forms… 🙁

  6. Cookie spot! And a photo of you! In a sundress! This is full of my favorite things.
    I wish my mom would come visit. Actually she’s coming this weekend for a big party but it will be hectic.

    Really sad about Charleston. More than really sad. Excruciating.

    Your state is so gorgeous!

    1. HAHA! SCORE! When I posted that picture, I thought, “Tamara is going to love this”. Not me, but the giant chair in a cookie shop on a nice sunny day. 🙂
      I hope you have a wonderful time with your mom when she comes down to visit.

      Excruciating, explains it perfectly.

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