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That’s What She Said: Home Is Where The Heart Is

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When you get older, things change, words change. Well, words do not change but their meanings seem to stretch to fit where we are currently evolved. Right? The word home no longer means the place one lives within four walls. Home is no longer just a destination, it’s way more. I’ve outgrown Webster’s definition of home or I guess I have Lycra’ed it to fit my new definition of home. Per Webster:




noun \ˈhōm\

: the place (such as a house or apartment) where a person lives

: a family living together in one building, house, etc.

: a place where something normally or naturally lives or is located  

Per me:


: the place (whether it be a box, rental, or house you own) that holds the people you love that you live happily with.

: city, state, or country that holds the people you love that you wish you lived with, or sweet memories.

: people who hold your heart.


: and an even better definition that I found on blog. I had already written this post and then remembered I had already wrote something quite similar, but maybe better here. And since I don’t have time to rewrite this post I’m sticking with this, but I still love the other post. 🙂




Home has held multiple locations for me. I have become somewhat of a nomad. All my travels and various dwellings have only solidified my thoughts that home is far too big of a small word to fit Webster’s definition. I’ve lived in houses, duplexes, a townhouse, corporate housing (during our transition for my husband’s job each time x3) and hotel (for three weeks). Not all those places were home, but the people inside made it home. They were our temporary living places, and what kept us sane in those places is knowing that home was where ever we are together.

Texas. Texas born and raised. If you know a Texan, you know we are serious about our love of Texas. To paint you a picture, I own: a Texas belt buckle, countless shirts, blankets, cups, and a serving dish. I know, nuts! But Texas isn’t necessarily home for me anymore. And that hurts a bit for me to type. But hear me out, Texas is home. WTF?!?! Texas is home because even though I no longer dwell there, I have little homes there. A piece of my heart is stored all over Central Texas. And as I type this, a heart-holder is in the air, she’ll be here soon. I cannot wait.


If you ask me where are you from, I’ll never hesitate to say Texas, but now I add a BUT. Because although I’m a Texas girl through and through Chicagoland has stolen a slice of the heart pie. It’s not HOME, it’s homely. All three of my babies were born there, we have countless memories, my husband and I had our first year of marriage there (and many others, but the first is supposed to be the toughest, and we did it alone).




Home is where the heart is, and sometimes your heart is in multiple places. And sometimes if you’re lucky your heart is beating right next to your home. Safe spot, safe spot, safe spot! 🙂 Love of My Life| Mr. AOK Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

P.S. If my husband’s job asked for us to relocate to Austin… we’re sprinting 🙂

What’s home to you?


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28 thoughts on “That’s What She Said: Home Is Where The Heart Is”

  1. “Not all those places were home, but the people inside made it home.”


    When my family moved from NJ to AZ when I was in middle school it really solidified that message. While I had left the only place that I ever knew, the only place that felt like home… I very quickly learned that home was family and not a physical place. It didn’t matter if I was in a foreign place with cactus and rocks instead of trees and grass. I had my family and that made everything seem familiar and normal and home like!

    1. Your family is your home, your safe spot. I love to learn more about you and your family and the sweet traditions. Annnd of course more about little Courtney with the pink rollers. 😉 I’m glad you’ve made a home in AZ. Would you ever consider going back to NJ?

  2. Such a nice read! I’ve never been to Texas OR Chicago, shame. My first 8 years were in another country. But since I’ve spent the rest of it in LA, I’d definitely call LA my home.

  3. My mom has lived in NJ way longer than she lived in the Boston area, but if people ask she still says she’s from Boston 😉 (Boston has stolen my heart as well.)
    Just recently I was thinking how strange it is that I was telling Eve she could have something when we got home, but we weren’t home. We were traveling and staying with friends. Obviously their house isn’t our home, but on the road it’s wherever you are staying, especially if you’re with loved ones. Home for me is definitely my family. I still stay I’m going home when I’m going to my parents’ house, even though I haven’t lived there for over a decade. It’s the home in which I grew up and even though it has changed a bit since then, it will always be home for me!

    1. I would love to visit your home, Boston. It’s on my to-visit list 🙂
      I have done the same thing when visiting family and my mom’s house is home too. And home will be where ever these guys always! We shall see where home takes us 😉

  4. I have lived longer in Bakersfield than any other location and in a way, it horrifies me. My babies were all born here – and I have “grown up” as an adult here. I still have a difficult time naming a “place” as home. My house has definitely become my home. It so happens to be here in Bakersfield. My loved ones make it home and also my spirit, my creative projects, my tastes filling it up in a way that is so very me make it home. Cluttered? Yes. Literary everywhere? Yes. Local art? Yes. 🙂

    Thanks for a great prompt and I love – love – love next week’s prompt, too!!

    1. Bakersfield, I would love to visit Bakersfield. I agree family, your creative spirit and projects filling a space make it home. Sounds like you have a well-lived in home that’s good- memories!

    1. Home. I don’t have one set place. I making home wherever my family is, and home can change soon. 😉

  5. I’m not from Texas but Austin holds a lot of beautiful memories for me. It is a very special place to me but much like you home for me is a few different places made up of the people I love.

  6. That’s funny because my friend’s job just moved her to Austin and she’s not looking back at our miserable winters! I’m happy for her.
    Home is a tough one! I am so miserable all winter long but if I moved to California, I’d miss everyone here so much. So tough.

    1. Lucky! Although, you’re friend may complain about the heat in the summer. It gets super hot.
      That does sound tough because your family seems to be so close and you’re friends. We have nobody here in South Carolina, so a move wouldn’t hit us a hard emotionally, I hope.

  7. I love this post! I feel the same way about Texas….I don’t think I’d ever leave but if the hubs had to relocate, I would sure follow. Like you said, home is the people under the place in which we dwell.

    I feel the same way. No matter where we end up as long as I have the people under this roof, I’ll always be home.

    If you move back to Austin we have to meet up. It’s only a two hour drive from Houston – the way the hubs drives. I’d say Mexican, chips, salsa and margaritas! 🙂

    Happy Wednesday hun!


    1. I’m totally down!!!
      I would love to move to Austin or San Antonio.
      Family always equals home. 🙂

  8. Home is the nicest word and really where the heart is! I love being on the go and traveling, but there really is no place like home! (totally not a Wizard of Oz reference)

    1. We’re in a rental too, I’ve had to explain that to my youngest that we’re sort of borrowing the house from our landlord. I hate that word it sounds so barbaric “LANDLORD”. Even though we do not own it, it’s feeling more and more like home.

  9. Yes I can relate I moved to Seattle from NY (and have since moved back) but yes I never felt totally at home, I think it was mainly a difference with the people. People in NY and the east coast are very straight forward people from the Pacific Northwest are not. This was hard to adjust to, and I was never full comfortable, though the life style was very easy to adjust to, I loved it with the exception of the rain.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. Interesting! I just read Where’d You Go, Bernadette, and the main character hates Seattle, but in the end loves it. I’ve never been to Seattle, but I will be there soonish; I’d love to learn more about it. I hope I like it!
      Thanks for stopping by!!

  10. Home is where the heart is!!! We had to move from a condo we owned to a rental, but as long as we are there together, we are home. As long as we have each other we are home! I used to worry that AJ would never have a childhood home to go to, but I am his childhood home and that is all that matters. I am thinking about linking up for the next quote, when do you all post?

    1. I have worried about the same too, not having a “family home” the one the kids grew up in, but like you said, we are home.

      We go live on Tuesdays. 🙂 I would love to have you join us!

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