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A Blog Confession #NaBloPoMo


What is the one skill you see in other bloggers that you wish you had?


Blog Confession

Good question… where do I start?  I hate to compare myself, that is something I’ve learned is NOT beneficial at all, but for the sake of today’s blog prompt, let’s do this. NaBloPoMo has shown me that I SUCK AT TIME MANAGEMENT/ORGANIZATION, there I said it, it’s out there in the world. DONE.

The EndOkay, I guess I should share a little bit more. I would love to say I have a plan of attack and then I slay it, but that’s not always the case. Well, I do finish, but it doesn’t happen as I planned, and it’s most certainly NOT a slaying.  Most days I’m rushing to finish editing pictures, catching up on comments, scheduling, and responding to tweets or other social media outlets.  I’m all over the board.


I’ve tried to sit and blog a week’s worth of posts  over a weekend, but it’s hard for me to do.  I’ll have two posts done or halfway  done, but it’s the weekend… I wanna go out and have fun. Plus, there’s Mommy guilt.  I only have so many weekends with these guys underneath my roof.

My Loves

I create schedules for myself, but for some reason after a few days, I drop them.  I purchased a big calendar to keep blogging organized, but it’s nowhere near what I dreamed it would be.  I’ve seen other bloggers who have immaculate desks, with cute little inspirational aspirations engraved in the bark of a tree from one of their camping trips (blogged), and their calendars are color coded!  Aside from their color coded desk calendar they have the most beautiful planners with their blog plans planned throughout the year!!  I wish I could do that, and stick to it.  

Blog Break

Do a quick search on Pinterest for blog organization or blog time management, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  There are tons of free printables to help bloggers become organized, and trust me, I’ve pinned them all.  Have I printed one yet…. no.  I’m on that. I let you know how that goes because 2015 will be a whole new organized Dean.

I'm a work in progress

I see people post daily, stay on top of their comments, as well as comment on other blogs, and I’m thoroughly impressed with this skill.  I hate that I sometimes dawdle, what the heck is wrong with me!!!!!  I don’t want to take my sweet a** time answering back and returning the favor, I really don’t.  I appreciate every single visit here, plus if you leave me a comment an angel gets its wings, so, of course, I want to THANK YOU!  I always comment back, but sometimes it takes me a minute, because what you don’t see is everything I’m doing on my end besides blogging.  I don’t feel like that’s even an adequate excuse because I see other bloggers keep a well maintained blog, comment, and share beautiful pictures of their happy non-chaotic-looking life. Nevertheless, I will get there.  I usually post 3 times a week, which is why I’m not use to this {NaBloPoMo} schedule just yet.

Blogging, is like dating.  Here's how...
Shameless plug: Blogging is like dating.



So there, that’s it, there’s my blogging confession. I want to, and need to be more organized and manage my time more efficiently, especially now that I’m posting every day.

Okay, I spilled the beans, your turn.


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16 thoughts on “A Blog Confession #NaBloPoMo”

  1. Hey lady!

    I can totally relate to you. I have a to-do list and even schedule how much time to spend on a project in Outlook…I can say 80% of time, I veer off of it big time! :).

    My husband works a lot on the weekends so I work on stuff for the new week but then I have chores and driving teens around (no licenses yet) to work and school activities.

    I get behind on comments, visiting blogs, replying to tweets too…I start as early as 9 am and by the time I’m done with work and mom shift, it’s midnight…I’m already tired LOL 🙂

    Thanks for sharing…I don’t like to compare myself to other bloggers either but sometimes I do wonder how the heck they do it :).

    Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you, Corina!!
      It’s nice to know I’m not alone. I’m really trying to get better, and I know things are going to become a bit tricker here… I’ve added more to my plate.
      I’d love to know how the heck they do it, and then try to adapt my not so perfect routine.
      Wishing you a beautiful weekend~

  2. Well you already know what my desk looks like, and it ain’t pretty! I too fall behind with responding to comments (I don’t know how people stay on top so well when they get like 50 comments for each post!) We all do what we can, and balance it with 10,000 other things. But you are truly a wonderful blogger and you are perfect just the way you are!

    1. Thanks, Bev. I’ll be 100% honest sometimes I feel like I’m not. I have a new guilt called blogger’s guilt. Blogger’s Guilt: When you feel like you should’ve posted, your behind on comments, you missed tweets, and you feel like you’re being a slacker pants.
      I think you’re a wonderful blogger too.

  3. Finding time is my biggest hurdle. I have so much going on and like you, I suffer from mommy guilt if I’m not spending every minute with them. I love your blog and I think you’re doing an amazing job! xoxo

    1. Yes, that dreaded Mommy guilt, it tears me away from here… a lot. There truly is NEVER enough time.

      Thank you, Chastity! I love your blog too.

  4. What a cool prompt!
    I wish I could do design and other technical things. It all flusters me a lot and I wind up spending hours trying to learn to do something simple, and then I hire it out! Not cost or time effective.

    1. Me too!! I’m still learning WP. I had just figured out how to do things on my own on Blogger and then decided to make the switch. DOH!
      Now, if you could coach me on how to not suck at commenting 🙂

  5. I feel exactly the same way, but I’ve decided I’m ok with it. For me, blogging is just a hobby and I have a LOT of other stuff going on. I do my best to respond to comments quickly because I really appreciate them, but if I can’t post as often as I want… eh. No big deal. When it starts feeling like an obligation, that’s when I know something has gone awry.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I think that’s why I was bit hesitant to participate in NaBloPoMo, I didn’t want to lose my creativity, nor did I want blogging to feel like homework. As much as it has been fun challenging myself, it’s been trying, and I’ve notice I have some blogging flaws. I haven’t lost my passion, I’ve just found some kinks I need to workout, that’s for sure 🙂
      All the best~

  6. Girl, you already know I’m behind on stuff…especially my #NaBloPoMo! I do wish I was better at commenting and replying from a blogging standpoint. I also wish could be a little more open too when it comes to my writing, but in due time! All we can do is keep doing us and those you appreciate us for us will be there!

    1. Yes, that’s all we can ever be 😉 I feel like I have begun to slack a bit, NaBloPoMo has shown me where work is needed. Along with blogging daily this November, you know I have that big change coming, I’ve been getting ready for that. I’m hoping I will be able to balance it all.
      I’m thankful for wonderful community and friends like you to keep me motivated. Thank You!

  7. Thank you, I feel the exact same way – I *really* want to be a scheduled blogger, but goodness knows the weekend isn’t just for planning, it is for living! Prioritize what you see fit day by day, and don’t regret a thing… because I don’t want to either! 😉

    1. Thanks, Denise!! I’m with you I want to live life, no regrets.
      We’ll figure out how to juggle it all. I do plan on printing out those blog planners… soon.

  8. Hola Chica, I cannot begin to tell you that this is one of my biggest struggles with my blog. I absolutely love the connections I have made and I truly treasure them. I am working on this myself and I guess you can say I’m a work in progress too. I truly THANK YOU for all your support and help! xoxo

    1. You know I will ALWAYS have your back… POR VIDA 😉
      The blogging:life struggle is real, I get it. I’m always here with any support you need.

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