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Back To School Memory

I’m jumping in a day late for The SITSgirls Blogging Challenge: Back to Blogging, today is day two.

Today’s blog prompt: Back to School Memory

Back to School Memory

Back to school memory

I have plenty of back to school memories to choose from, but one that sticks out in my mind the most has to be my first day of third grade.  I remember being excited to start classes at my new school, I wasn’t nervous at all, just pure excitement. (If only I had that same disposition these days.) Third grade was the school year that along with starting classes at the new “nice” school: I would take a bus for the first time, my dad would be the one to walk me in on my first day and he’d leave shortly after to go to war.

Honoring Our Heroes| My Heroes

My dad, who at that moment in time was my hero, took me to school in his starched-up BDUs and glistening black combat boots.  The school year before he was stationed in Korea, he missed most of my second grade school year, but we had the summer in our new fancy two-story house.

The Lead Up

Leading up to my first day of school my Mom made me a cute dress from an oversized t-shirt. She had sewn a black ruffle bottom on it, black shiny buttons and a big bow on the back (She did it all before Pinterest!  crafty pants).  My Mom had also purchased a pair of black flats similar to my older sisters, which of course made me feel slightly grown.  We were late purchasing school supplies. When you live in an ARMY town you better get shopping quick, or you’ll be left with the ABC crayon box or the wildlife bird crayon box (I chose the birds).

Back to School Memory: My first day of third grade.

The First Day of Third Grade

I remember walking into the new school, it was bright, happy, and clean!  There were tons of kids and parents looking for their classrooms. In that sea of parents and their children there I was happily holding my Dad’s hand.  We walked into my classroom, and there, surrounded by parents and my fellow classmates stood my teacher, a man!  I had never had a male teacher before. Mr. A was wearing a gray blazer, white dress shirt with a bolo tie, black jeans and boots- I grew up in Texas, y’all.  He had the typical 90’s hair you know, Uncle Joey from Full House.


My dad introduced himself to my teacher and my teacher introduced himself to us.  My teacher motioned over to our desks and cubbies and chatted a little with my dad.  I cannot remember what he said at all.  Perhaps, that’s because a little bit of nervousness was starting to settle in. My dad helped me unload my supplies into my desk.  Once we were done he kissed me on my forehead and told me he loved me.  Before he left he looked me in the eyes, he got closer to me, and in a hushed yet stern voice he said, “Mija, if this guy tries anything funny, you tell me.” (which meant chingasos)

And that was my first day of third grade, with my Daddy. 😉

(The pictures above are not of me or my dad, but my very own third grader and my loving husband. Except for the one picture of my dad and I before I was school age.)

Do you have a back to school memory that sticks out?

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27 thoughts on “Back To School Memory”

    1. Thanks, Tammi. All of a sudden this memory came rushing back, smells, feelings, and emotions… crazy. It’s been quite some time since third grade 😀

    1. Thanks. That was a good memory, and totally my dad, loving and slightly skeptical. And thank you, so far my very own third grader is having a good year, well all three of them are 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tricia!
      I’m sure starting school is even more exciting, I mean you’re molding little brains for our future! Thank you.

  1. This is so sweet! That is so awesome that your mom made you a dress from a T-shirt! I love crafty things like that. I just remember how happy I felt to start 5th grade. You were the oldest in the school and I just felt like such a big kid.

    1. Hey Karen,
      I loved that dress, I even wore it for picture day 🙂 Yes, 5th grade was memorable for me too. The following year, I was knocked down a peg being the fresh meat in middle school 🙂

  2. I always loved back to school clothes shopping and having five new outfits. I was really nervous on my first day a junior high. Everything seemed so fast paced compared to walking quietly and orderly like we had to do in elementary school.

    1. I still love back to school clothes shopping, Sonya 🙂 Well, I don’t care for the cost, but I have a fun time shopping with the babies. Yes, 6th grade was quite an adjustment, I remember feeling anxious all over again when my eldest started MS.

  3. I’m pretty sure I can remember every 1st day of school I had in elementary, or at least some aspect of it. Its the craziest thing…I remember the look, the feel, the smell…everything. I used to love the first day of school, always so much fun. Its nothing like starting something new and seeing how everything unfolds throughout the year!

    1. Oh my goodness, this memory came to life for me, I may have even cried, so yeah, I get it. Those memories, that are buried waaaay back in there can all of sudden come to you like you’re there…

  4. Oh this is so sweet! I love it. I wish I remembered my first day of school at any point. For some reason, I don’t. Ah wait, I do remember my first day of high school. The nerves!!!!! My goodness, I should do a post on that!

  5. Aww, what a sweet story! I vaguely remember my first days of school. I think the first day of 6th grade sticks out the most because I was in awe of the fact that I was in middle school already, especially after 6 years in the same school. In 3rd grade we also had a male teacher, though he wasn’t my teacher.

    1. Sixth grade, I for some reason can replay sixth grade in my head as if it wasn’t that long ago. Weird. Maybe, because like you said, it was such an adjustment from the sweet days of elementary school.

  6. I love that you put your own daughter/husband photos in. It really set the mood!
    And I laughed at the Uncle Joey haircut reference. Like.. out loud.
    I remember third grade so well, but I don’t remember the first day. My mom took photos of us every year so I bet I could find the first day of school photo and maybe seeing what I wore then will jog my memory.

    1. Sadly, I have limited photos of my childhood here in my home. When I visit Texas, I’ll have to snoop around for more….. okay, lift some {shhh}.
      I loved Uncle Joey 🙂 CUT IT OUT..

  7. That’s a great memory! What beautiful pictures of your daughter and husband. It’s so sweet! My favorite memory would be my first day of first grade and my mom brought me to a kindergarten classroom and left after kissing me goodbye. I was bigger than the rest of the class, but I’ve always been tall. Halfway through the day the teacher realized I was in the wrong class! Mama and I still laugh about it.

    1. OH MY GAWSH!! Chastity, you have me seriously laughing out loud!! How did the teacher finally figure out you weren’t a mutant kindergartner?
      That story is awesome.

      1. Dude, I’m awesome like that. Don’t be jealous! 🙂 I don’t remember how the teacher figured out I didn’t belong in her class, but it was an awesome first day at a new school. xoxo

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