Fall Loving.

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Day 3 of Back To Blogging Challenge: Fall Picture

Fall Loving

I’m a Texas girl, a Central Texas girl, fall wasn’t filled with many colorful leaves and numerous pumpkin patches growing up.  Nonetheless, autumn has always been my favorite season, maybe it was because fall meant birthday time, perhaps it was the excitement of Halloween or Mama’s Thanksgiving stuffing, whatever it was back then, I LOVED fall, and I still do.  There are ample reasons why I love fall, but 8 years in Illinois magnified my love of fall on many levels.


Lately, I’m missing Illinois, a lot.  Of course, I DO NOT miss the bone chilling days when your back aches from the harsh winter days of Illinois, but I miss the crisp cool days of fall and all our special spots there too. My family has so many great memories there.  I loved our town back in Illinois, a family town for sure.  There was always plenty to do there especially during the fall months.  Thankfully, we didn’t waste away those fall days we usually took part in most of the fall festivities.

We picked our pumpkins every year at the same pumpkin patch.




 The pumpkin patch is also a farm that has some the best honey crisp apples, ever.

I hope we will find good apples here….


Every Halloween the little downtown area would hold a trick-or-treat for the kids followed by a Halloween festival.

Baby PSY Halloween FestI also had a kooky fall tradition…. on my birthday, I liked to walk around our little downtown and take family pictures.

The Kiddos & I

This particular Illinois-birthday I took a plethora of pictures, and had the best wannabe photographer luck.  While my husband was taking pictures of me and the babies, a real life photographer came up to us and asked if she could help.  She took a few pictures of the five us, free of charge just being a kindhearted midwestern.

I’m ready to make some Southern fall memories..


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22 thoughts on “Fall Loving.”

  1. I’m originally from NC but moved to AZ when I was 8, so I haven’t known a true “fall” most of my life. TX sounds like where I live, no changing leaves and it’s still hot. I love states that have four seasons! I loved looking at those IL photos, they looked really festive and you have the cutest family. What’s the weather like where you live in SC?

    1. I imagine there isn’t much fall there in Arizona. Thankfully, in Texas there is a small.. tiny… minuscule glimpse of fall {brown falling leaves my brother and I had to rake up but jumped in instead}. So, of course moving to Illinois was like whoa! Thus far, South Carolina has proven to be rainy this time of year. The highs were in the 70’s today!! I’ll take it 🙂

      And thank you!

    1. Awww.. Viviene… maybe one day you’ll experience it? I love it, I do not believe I will get much of a fall here in South Carolina. It would be fun to take your little angel to a pumpkin patch bundled up in festive fall baby gear, while you and your hubby munch on apple cider donuts 🙂 I could totally see it, your family would love it.

    1. She was such a sweet lady, I have her images saved to my external hard drive, but I was too lazy to upload them 😀
      Fall in Illinois is SO sweet, but Naperville, knows how to throw a good family party 🙂

  2. For the past couple of days I’ve been driving my family crazy talking about how happy i am that it’s Fall. This is my favorite time of year. Just like you I have a birthday this season and it makes it all extra special.

    1. Ha Ha!! My family already knows I’m nuts over fall 😉 My presents for my birthday are usually fall centered, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Birthday!

  3. You have a beautiful family!! I need to find a pumpkin patch to take my kids to. We’re waiting for “fall” to arrive here so we can enjoy the amusement parks we’re lucky enough to have by. I’m originally from Colorado and fall is a lot different back home. 🙂 I lived in Vegas for a while and there was an actual fall there too! You better celebrate your birthday like a rockstar and continue taking a lot of pictures.

    1. Thanks, Chastity! You have a beautiful family as well, pretty lady 😉
      Lucky!-I want to come.
      So far the weekend has been all about me 🙂 but NO pictures today 🙁 DOH!

  4. I’m with you on fall (though, growing up in New Jersey and then living in Massachusetts, I will always associate fall with bright, colorful leaves). This weekend was unseasonably hot, and I was actually kinda bummed it felt like summer on my birthday.

    1. OH MY WORD, How did I miss this comment? Sorry.
      Jersey and Massachusetts… lucky gal 😉 Fall *has* to beautiful at both locations.
      Sorry, it was warm for your birthday, if it makes you feel any better it was warm here too… and I think it will be warm all fall long.

      My 12 yo this morning: Mama, do you know what the high will be in IL today?
      Me: Fall
      12 yo: Yes {whines} 59*
      Me: whines with her
      We both agree we want to wear our fall boots sometime soon….

  5. Okay, these pics make me all warm and fuzzy 🙂

    Our lives are parallelin’ once again. Though I’m not particularly interested in going back to The K, I am missing home a lot lately, as I always do around this time of the year. It’s not so much the place as it is the family and friends and memories.


    1. Yeah, I’m with you on not wanting to go back to K-Town, but I sure do miss my family. I’m not know if IL is home, but it was for SO long… I miss it.

  6. Living in New England all my life and I live for the fall each year. I do enjoy summer so it makes me a tad sad that summer is ending but I just love the bursts of color everywhere and the crisp cool air… at least we had some crisp cool air a week or two ago; lately it’s back to 80! But wacky weather or not we headed out apple picking today and we’re going through a corn maze later in the week. We’re baking apple pies and pretending it’s cooler out than it actually is right now.

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