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Beauty Is Within: That’s What She Said #Linkup {2}

That's What She Said 2

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This month many of us will venture out of our usual self to create a new persona in hopes to get treats…. or tricks, hey I don’t judge.

Don’t you just love a slutty pumpkin?  (Yes, another HIMYM reference)SLUTTY PUMPKIN HIMYMI never did the whole slutty: pumpkin, Elmo, candy corn or  french maid.  One year, I did get all Sandra Dee’d, black pleather pants, black top, and more makeup than usual, it was fun.  I remember my friends were excited to see my transformation, and to be completely honest I was too.  Did I feel beautiful?  I don’t know if I would say that, but I did look pretty darn good. :::sigh:::

Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee

However, makeup, pleather pants, and liquid courage didn’t equal beauty.  The beauty came when Sandra “Dean” was okay, with just being Sandra “Dean“.   Beauty…. it’s truly not the exterior.  It’s the minute you start to fit in your skin, know who you are, and own it. And as easy is that was to type, somedays it’s hard to remember that for myself.

The days when I would like to put a mask on or dress up as someone else… those days, I need to remember this….

*You’re loved

*You’re quirky, and that’s okay. Laughter is medicine, you’re a laugh Doctor, own it. {PHD in jokes and silliness}

*You love, and you love hard, that’s a beautiful thing.

*You’ve come a long way, baby.

* Your mothering is beautiful, which makes you beautiful.  Sure you may mother 75% of the time in your jammie pants, but you do it with love. You’re there, engaged— that’s beautiful.

* Your heart, you share it, and yes it’s been taken for a spin, but you still share it.

*PCOS is not a beauty stealer, only if you allow it. Hello, Victoria Beckham & Jillian Michaels haven’t let PCOS bring them down, neither will you.


*Happiness, beams through your skin.  You cannot buy the happiness glow, be happy.

* You don’t have to be afraid of who you are… let it out!

I’m not going to be a slutty pumpkin, I’ll be me, but I may dress up as someone or something else ONLY on Halloween.  What about you, beautiful?

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15 thoughts on “Beauty Is Within: That’s What She Said #Linkup {2}”

  1. This is a great linkup idea 🙂 Such a wonderful quote to keep in mind, too. It is easy to put on a mask when we’re feeling vulnerable, but it’s better (like you said) to encourage ourselves to be who we really are instead. I have been thinking a lot about this lately…being myself and being happy with who I am!

    1. I’d love to have you join us, after reading your post today, I think this a great quote to elaborate on. We have to start loving who we are inside, and it’ll all show outside, I need to remind myself of this…. often.

  2. I was just looking for a Halloween costume! Scarlet wants to be Supergirl so I could find the standard adult version. They have very slutty versions too!
    No thanks! I’m going to a kids’ birthday party that day!

    1. That might bring some attention your way, for sure 🙂 One year I went to the Monster Bash at my babies’ school, and there was a Mommy there dressed as a risqué pirate getup, jaw drop. I cannot wait to see your Halloween pictures!!! I loved Snow White last year 🙂

    1. Yes indeed, I love this quote, and wish it was taught to all the little girls at school, and in the home… versus what they are subjected to daily.
      I’m 30ish and I’m finally starting to *become* comfortable with my inner beauty overshadowing my external… shallow much?

  3. oh the slutty pumpkin. and disney princesses. and my little ponies 😉 why oh why do we think we must go short and minimal to be sexy. Thanks for just being you. I feel like more and more of us are realizing that this isn’t the image we want to put out there so we’re changing it. Go us! And yep… that’s what she said.

    1. YESSS!! I love a good “That’s What She Said” 🙂
      Soooo, sometimes I feel slightly hypocritical in regard to beauty. I want to say I don’t care about exterior looks, but I do. I’ve turned to some outlets for “inspiration” but ultimately I don’t feel the need to “sex-up” myself to feel sexy. So, I guess I still have that 🙂

      I’m terribly annoyed when I see young (okay, now I sound old) pop singers *trying*. I feel like: you have the pipes girl, why do you want to focus on other assets when your best one is your voice. I do give props to old singers who can rock their curves but at the same time, I question when they feel the need to go risque to keep up with the youngsters.
      On the other hand, I feel like freedom of expression… but why do we feel the the need to express in small shorts? I don’t know…

      A mother on Huffington Post, put out a great article, she showed the differences in marketing at Target (I’m a Target shopper but I can see what she’s talking about) for little girls’ clothes, HUGE difference. (I’m a Target shopper but I can see what she’s talking about) Shorts are crazy short for little girls now, I totally agree with that. Sometimes, some of these shorts look like chonies {underwear}, and that’s okay to wear in public?!?! My dad, would have NEVER let me out of the house in some of these clothes that are mainstream and targeted to little girls.
      Okay, I’m off my soapbox….

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