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Glossies Made Me Do It {Button Pins, Instyle & Sarah Silverman}

Glossies Made Me Do It {Button Pins, Instyle Magazine & Sarah Silverman}

I have wanted to join Glossies Made Me Do It for a few months. Glossies Made Me Do It is a monthly linkup hosted by Ashley, Lauren and Erika, these wonderful ladies encourage you to allow a magazine (glossie) to inspire you and share how that magazine inspired you. For instance this month Ashley was inspired by Redbook  to try out this fruit galette recipe, she put her own spin on it.

Glossies Made Me Do It! Button Pins, InStyle Magazine and Sarah SilvermanWhat did glossies make me do this month?

This month I received a FREE InStyle magazine, I don’t know why, or who sent it, but I am thankful that I received it. I haven’t purchased an InStyle magazine for a couple years, so it was a nice change of pace. Well, sort of. When I opened it up and looked through the first couple of pictures I felt a little out of style. I instantly wanted to change and maybe add a little color to my face. However, I dived a little deeper into the magazine and started to read an article that grabbed my attention instantly.

Sarah Silverman and InStyle Magazine


You must note here that the TV is was on in the background, last week’s RHONY played. I was waiting to get to the part I had left off at last time I had tried to watch it. It was currently at the part where Carole and her mom were canvassing Pennsylvania for HRC votes. It was like fate or something, because the article I was about to get swept into was about Sarah Silverman and her mother. In the article Sarah Silverman speaks about how her mother influenced her own activism. She speaks of how her mother was always active in politics putting her voice out there and sporting the most fabulous button pins to continue spreading the word. 

Sarah Silverman has certainly carried on her mother’s love for staying informed and engaged when it comes to politics. If you take a look through  her Twitter, you’ll see that she’s quite fired up when it comes to tackling politics. Sadly, Silverman lost her mother, but she still holds on to her mother’s memories, which includes her mother’s button pin collection.

There were two takeaways from this article for me: 1) I need to do more. I need to make sure my actions and words spark something within my daughters the way Sarah’s mom (and Carole’s mom) did. 2) I want to collect a super rad button collection.

Glossies Made Me Do It

I’m working on the takeaways. I even started checking out some buttons on Etsy, to get my collection going. I haven’t purchased any yet, but trust me, it’s going to happen. The thing about selling on Etsy, you end up spending on Etsy. 😀


Etsy Finds



Being Kind is Rad Button pin via Printable Happies

Being Kind is Rad Button 

Mommyin' ain't easy button pin set via Recipe for Crazy

I love this whole set! Mommin’ Aint Easy

Frida Pin via My Frida Shop

I mean isn’t it quite obvious why I love this one? 🙂 Frida Pin

Work in Progress Button via TL Yarn Crafts

Don’t you think I need this W.I.P button… for so many reasons. 🙂

Feminist 5 pack button set via Hearts and Cats

I <3 these  Feminist button pins. One for you, you, you, you and one for me. 🙂

Do you have a button pin collection? What did you mother pass on to you?


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    1. I’m sorry it has taken me so long, I’ve been wanting to join y’all since the start. I had a pin collection, charm collection and… stamps. 😀

  1. I don’t have a button collection. But I did notice there was a big pin collection at Hobby Lobby the last time I went there and thought that pins must be in style now. I love that Mommin’ Ain’t Easy pin. 🙂

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