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Currently|Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Can you believe we only have THREE more days of February!?! I cannot.  So, last month I did my first ever Currently post and I enjoyed it, I believe you did too (I hope).

Watching: What ever is on my DVR and The Voice.


Reading: Confession… I’ve been SO behind on my reading. I FINALLY started reading Die Empty. So far I’m loving it. Thanks, Mia!

Currently Reading: Die Empty

Creating: Lists upon lists for myself. I have really sucked at creating artistically….

Encouraging: I’m proud to say I’m keeping up with this word. I sent out some encouraging happy mail to some friends & family with more going out this week. 🙂

Currently Making it a point to fill people's mailboxes with love :)

I have been encouraging myself to take chances.

I’m encouraging YOU to join Courtney & I for That’s What She Said every Thursday.  Pretty Please.

That's What She Said A weekly linkup, we share a quote and you share a post! Writers Bloggers Word Lovers Women's Words Quotes

Drinking :


Currently Drinking: Hemp Protein

and this…

Currently Drinking this too

but not together. 😀

Wanting: A little more organization! I have been feeling a little out if sorts lately, I’m quite sure a little more organization could help with that. I mean a whole overhaul, life-organization, prioritize, and omit.

Thinking: About Pinterest 😀

Currently, I’m thinking WOW Disney has something! I mean have you heard of them, Disney?  They have this movie Frozen, have you heard of it? Anyway, their movie Frozen is HUGE, it came out a few years ago, but it’s still a thing.  And when I say a thing I mean a THANG.  Disney is releasing a Frozen “short” entitled Frozen Fever set to hit theaters this March. Phenomenal, right? So, how do I bottle-up this Disney magic to release something, bang you over the head with it over and over, not letting go… and you still love it… AND WANT MORE?!? Oh and I make over a BILLION dollars on it. I need to figure out this recipe!

P.S: There’s a quiz to see which Frozen character you are hereyoure_anna_b98bdf8f

You’re Anna!

You’re optimistic, eager, and always see the good in people. You long for adventure and romance, and a little chocolate would be much appreciated. << I agree with this statement.

So, have I told you about That’s What She Said, a fun linkup for bloggers who love to write?

That's What She Said A weekly linkup, we share a quote and you share a post! Writers Bloggers Word Lovers Women's Words Quotes

Listening : While I workout Hip Hop Workout on iTunes Radio and during the day with my students Mozart & More on iTunes Radio.

What have you been up to currently? Did you take the Frozen quiz?

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20 thoughts on “Currently {February}”

  1. I’ve been reading a lot because it’s so damn cold out. I didn’t take the Frozen quiz yet but I’m helping my best friend plan a Frozen themed birthday party for her daughter. So I’ve been up to my ears in Frozen stuff! So if you have any planner questions in your quest for organization, you know who to ask. I’m obsessed but I really do use them! LOL

    1. I imagine with all the cold you have had to face, a special 😉 hot cocoa, warm blanket, and books, are in order daily. 🙂
      I hope you will share some pictures of the Frozen party.
      And yes I NEED HELP! I haven’t purchased a planner yet, because I keep seeing SO MANY and I want them all. Suggestions?

  2. So I just took the Frozen character quiz. I was totally expecting to get Elsa, but I got Olaf 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the Frozen short. My family is also excited about the Peanuts movie coming out this November.

    1. 🙂 Olaf, that has to mean you have a “warm” heart.
      Disney they are a wise group, only sharing the short when you see Cinderella.
      The Peanuts movie looks like it will be cute.

  3. My Pinterest boards are junky. I like looking at other peoples but I don’t have my categories nearly narrowed down enough to make sense for some. Therefore when I need something I pinned I can’t ever find it. I’m in a reading slump right now even though I have plenty of recommendations. I am listening to an audiobook which I tend to do more of because I can multitask while listening.

    1. My Pinterest boards are getting better. When I started Pinterest I had no idea what I was doing, so I’m making up for that. However, now I’m a bit of a pinning pro 😀
      I have a book list a mile high. I need to take a page from your book, and start “listening” to audio books. I think multitasking while listening would cure my I could be doing this and I need to be doing that, while I read issue.

  4. Yayyy, glad you are liking “Die Empty”! That Todd Henry, he’s on to something, I tell ya. 😉

    And I love your happy mail. You’re so sweet and encouraging. You make my heart smile. 🙂

    TWSS is my JAM! haha. So that doesn’t really make sense, but you get what I’m saying. I’ll be there with bells on. xo

    1. Yes, indeed! My husband is even reading it along with me. 🙂 Thank YOU!!

      You just made my heart smile!! However, whenever I want to smile all I have to do is pick up one of your super encouraging cards.

      Bells on 🙂 TWSS! I’m glad TWSS is your jam, it’s mine too, it makes total sense. I love reading your take each week. Thank you!

  5. Love this! And what is this book you speak of, totally looking that up on Amazon, it looks like one that I would like. And I LOOOOOVE that picture of all the happy mail you sent out!!!! What an amazing idea!

    1. I believe you will enjoy Die Empty. I haven’t finished it, again, I just started it, but I even have my husband reading it. I love the idea of getting all the creative juice out of me before my demise.
      I’m loving sending out happy mail, just little quick notes or something I find that reminds me of someone. I figure I’m making others happy and I’m keeping the USPS up and running. WIN/WIN.

  6. You got some awesome stuff going on lately lady! I’m well overdue for a Currently post, but loved reading yours. Here’s to March being an even better and more encouraged month than February! 🙂

  7. Apparently I’m Anna in that quiz, but I always resonate with Elsa.
    And we are totally seeing the movie Cinderella and seeing the Frozen short too!
    I’m finishing up a book called “Attachments” by Rainbow Rowell. This has been a crummy week and I’m hopeful that next week will be better. I guess that’s not currently.. That’s Futurely..

    1. I can see you being an Anna. 🙂 We’re totally seeing Cinderella too!
      I will have to look into “Attachments”- thanks. I hope next week is better for you!

  8. I was in the midst of the quiz and I accidentally clicked on the wrong movie type and all was lost! Woops. (And do you also totally overthink the answers?) I always want more organization. I’ve decided I need to attempt to roughly plan out the rest of my year in regards to my business. I think it helps me to have a different main focus each month, otherwise I’m a little all over the place!

    1. Hmmmm… I think you could possibly be an Anna too. Yes, I always overthink…. everything.
      I think that’s awesome that you’re planning ahead this year. Kudos to you!

    1. That’s totally okay!! I would love to read your Currently post. 🙂
      I created that meme 🙂 I think Bye, Fearlicia has become my new motto for 2015.

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