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It’s finally here, the Fall Box Swap Reveal!! #SPBoxSwap


Fall Swap Box I’M BAAAACK!! It’s been way too long since I created a post. Too long. If you’ve tried to visit me over the last few weeks you may have noticed things weren’t working right. There were over 1,000 404 pages and no SSL certificate. It’s all been fixed now. 🙂 Anyway, because BlueHost took forever to figure out the issue- despite me giving them a deadline and telling what I thought the problem was, which it was– I’m behind on posting my #SPBoxSwap Reveal!!! I feel horrible that I’m one of the hosts of the swap and here I am posting this FIVE days late.

Fall Box Swap? #SPBoxSwap?

If you’re new here, I make up half of the happy mail loving team Sweet Progress Box Swap. My friend Ashley from Happy Pretty Sweet makes up the sweet pretty half of our box swap team. We both love happy mail and seeing bloggers connect and lift each other, so it kinda just made sense for the two of us to collab to create a bloggers only box swap. 🙂

When you sign up for a swap we ask that you are 100% sure you are able to be a good partner and send your partner a box. We understand that life happens and for that reason we always have a swap angel on stand by. This time I was an angel! See, mom, I’m an angel. 😉 I was partnered with my IRL gal pal Lowanda!!! Okay, so, we’re not hanging out at Starbucks or anything, but we have met in real life and I have known her for years. 🙂 Psst.. You can read a little more about Lowanda and I here.

I’m sure by this point you’re like, “C’mon woman show us the Fall Box Swap goods!” Okay, okay, here comes the goods.


Fall #SPBoxSwap Reveal Time

fall box swap reveal

I love that Lowanda decided to mix a little Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos for my Fall #SPBoxSwap Box. Not sure what Dia De Los Muertos is, you can read about it here and here. 🙂  I have a serious love affair for sugar skulls. My office is filled with sugar skulls, and recently I was commissioned by LA Mamacitas to create sugar skull art and a flier for their event. 🙂

Fall Box Swap Reveal Sugar Skull Card

I’m sure you can imagine when I saw this card and the sugar skulls peeking out behind all the goodies I was excited! Fall box swap.

This bag is going with me everywhere!!

Look, it made the perfect background for my photo props Lowanda sent. Sadly, I forgot to use them on HALLOWEEN!! But that’s okay, I will be ready next year. 🙂

(My teen and I picked up the hand to “hand out” candy, we only had two trick-or-treaters.  My tween didn’t want nothing to do with the monster hand, she handed out the candy. Guess we’ll have to save that for next year too.)

Aren’t these pencils the cutest?!?! I’m not sure if I’ll use ’em because they are too stinkin’ cute. I think I’ll save them for Halloween decoration for my office.

Fall Box Swap Reveal Halloween Pencils

Who doesn’t love a bath bomb? I can’t wait to try this apple scented one bomb, but I have a feeling a kiddo may beat me to it first.

I’m a major sucker for a face mask, major. I love all things pumpkin, so I have no doubt I’m going to L-O-V-E this mask. 🙂 Fall box swap.

Fall Box Reveal Pumpkin Mask

I thought it was funny that we both sent each other “corn”, it just seemed like the right thing to send in a fall box. 🙂 The box I put together had a Friendsgiving theme. Do you want to see what I sent? You can see the fall swap box I sent Lowanda HERE.  You can also, check out what everyone else received here.



Thank you so much for my goodies, Lowanda!! And thank you to everyone who participated in the Fall #SPBoxSwap!! I enjoyed this swap and seeing your posts. 🙂 Happy rest of Fall!!


And just because I never got a chance to share my Halloween with everyone….


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  1. Yay! I’m so glad your site is up and running again! I am so happy you liked your box! I hope you and the kids enjoy the corn (sunflower seeds). I love colored sunflower seeds! I always look for them when I’m out and about! I don’t know if you noticed the fox on that bath bomb resembles the one in your boxswap pic! 🙂 I just knew I had to get it once I saw that and plus the apple scent won me over big time! As well as the scent of your fragrance pumpkin…I hope you liked it! I had so much fun shopping for you and look forward to the next one! Thanks for being such a great swap partner! 🙂

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