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It’s finally here, the Fall Box Swap Reveal!! #SPBoxSwap


Fall Swap Box I’M BAAAACK!! It’s been way too long since I created a post. Too long. If you’ve tried to visit me over the last few weeks you may have noticed things weren’t working right. There were over 1,000 404 pages and no SSL certificate. It’s all been fixed now. 🙂 Anyway, because BlueHost took forever to figure out the issue- despite me giving them a deadline and telling what I thought the problem was, which it was– I’m behind on posting my #SPBoxSwap Reveal!!! I feel horrible that I’m one of the hosts of the swap and here I am posting this FIVE days late.

Fall Box Swap? #SPBoxSwap?

If you’re new here, I make up half of the happy mail loving team Sweet Progress Box Swap. My friend Ashley from Happy Pretty Sweet makes up the sweet pretty half of our box swap team. We both love happy mail and seeing bloggers connect and lift each other, so it kinda just made sense for the two of us to collab to create a bloggers only box swap. 🙂

When you sign up for a swap we ask that you are 100% sure you are able to be a good partner and send your partner a box. We understand that life happens and for that reason we always have a swap angel on stand by. This time I was an angel! See, mom, I’m an angel. 😉 I was partnered with my IRL gal pal Lowanda!!! Okay, so, we’re not hanging out at Starbucks or anything, but we have met in real life and I have known her for years. 🙂 Psst.. You can read a little more about Lowanda and I here.

I’m sure by this point you’re like, “C’mon woman show us the Fall Box Swap goods!” Okay, okay, here comes the goods.


Fall #SPBoxSwap Reveal Time

fall box swap reveal

I love that Lowanda decided to mix a little Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos for my Fall #SPBoxSwap Box. Not sure what Dia De Los Muertos is, you can read about it here and here. 🙂  I have a serious love affair for sugar skulls. My office is filled with sugar skulls, and recently I was commissioned by LA Mamacitas to create sugar skull art and a flier for their event. 🙂

Fall Box Swap Reveal Sugar Skull Card

I’m sure you can imagine when I saw this card and the sugar skulls peeking out behind all the goodies I was excited! Fall box swap.

This bag is going with me everywhere!!

Look, it made the perfect background for my photo props Lowanda sent. Sadly, I forgot to use them on HALLOWEEN!! But that’s okay, I will be ready next year. 🙂

(My teen and I picked up the hand to “hand out” candy, we only had two trick-or-treaters.  My tween didn’t want nothing to do with the monster hand, she handed out the candy. Guess we’ll have to save that for next year too.)

Aren’t these pencils the cutest?!?! I’m not sure if I’ll use ’em because they are too stinkin’ cute. I think I’ll save them for Halloween decoration for my office.

Fall Box Swap Reveal Halloween Pencils

Who doesn’t love a bath bomb? I can’t wait to try this apple scented one bomb, but I have a feeling a kiddo may beat me to it first.

I’m a major sucker for a face mask, major. I love all things pumpkin, so I have no doubt I’m going to L-O-V-E this mask. 🙂 Fall box swap.

Fall Box Reveal Pumpkin Mask

I thought it was funny that we both sent each other “corn”, it just seemed like the right thing to send in a fall box. 🙂 The box I put together had a Friendsgiving theme. Do you want to see what I sent? You can see the fall swap box I sent Lowanda HERE.  You can also, check out what everyone else received here.



Thank you so much for my goodies, Lowanda!! And thank you to everyone who participated in the Fall #SPBoxSwap!! I enjoyed this swap and seeing your posts. 🙂 Happy rest of Fall!!


And just because I never got a chance to share my Halloween with everyone….


What's inside the box Sweet Progress Box Swap Reveal {Happy Mail}
Swap, Swap Reveal, Sweet Progress

It’s a Happy Mail Fiesta!! {Spring #SPBoxSwap}

*This post contains affiliate links.

It’s a Happy Mail Fiesta!!

It’s a Happy Mail Fiesta! Sadly, there will be no margaritas. But we will have happy mail, coffee, candy, and other fun goodies. I know one thing that will definitely be at this party, good company. I’m hosting this fiesta with my dear friend and fellow happy mail lover, Ashely of Happy Pretty Sweet. Ashley and I are coming up on one year of hosting our seasonal blogger box swap!! We started this swap last summer and I have to admit it’s been tons of fun. ANNNND the last two swaps were international (U.S and Canada). 🙂

#SPBoxSwap SPRING Blogger-to-blogger box swap

I was partnered-up with Carly-Ann. 🙂 She writes about her life’s happenings over on her blog TDTFYH (The Day to Follow Your Heart). It’s been enjoyable getting to know more about Carly-Ann through her blog and her Instagram. I also got to find out a few things about Carly-Ann via good o’email. My intent was to send things based on what I learned about her. I hope I did a good job. 🙂

What's inside the box Sweet Progress Box Swap Reveal {Happy Mail}

Fun fact: This was my first time having an international swap partner. 🙂 Getting my box to Carly-Ann was an event, as it was for her to get hers to me. Although, I think maybe, just maybe, the Canadian post may have their process a little more put together than ours here in the U.S. Yup, I said it. Anyway, when Carly-Ann’s box showed up I was super excited. SHE. DID. NOT. DISAPPOINT. 

You can already tell that this box was packaged with warmth and kindness, right? Me too. 🙂 Are you ready to check out my goodies?

Of course you are!!


My goodies:

  • Starbucks Vancouver Mug “You are here collection
  • I <3 Van Coasters
  • Starbucks Canada Gift Card
  • Orange Zest Essential Oil Candles
  • {Magical} Saje Peppermint Halo
  • Cute Bunny Ring Holder
  • Coffee Crisp
  • Kleenex


I REALLY LOVE COFFEE. My affinity for coffee gave Carly-Ann some yummy inspiration. 🙂 She totally spoiled me with coffee goodies. Let’s start off with my new Vancouver mug!! I’ve been eyeing-up the Seattle one at my local Starbucks. When I was opening up the box at first I thought it was the Seattle mug, but I quickly realized even cooler it’s VANCOUVER! I haven’t visited Canada yet, this will certainly serve as daily inspiration to finally go. It’s not like Canada is too far from me, I’m only about 2 hours away from Vancouver. 🙂 Cool, huh?

The coasters will come in handy, because kids, amiright? You can never go wrong with a Starbucks gift card, I’ve said that countless times, but I know for sure I’ve said it here. The Coffee Crisp are new to me, they’re a Canadian chocolate bar made with wafer, chocolate, and of course coffee flavoring. Turns out you can find these in the U.S, but they’re not readily available everywhere. However, you know good o’Amazon has your back.

Oh Happy Mail!

The little bunny ring holder is TOO cute!  What better represents spring than a bunny? Oh and Kleenex totally screams spring to me, because kiddos with allergies.  I’m totally IN LOVE with Saje Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy roll on ( <-this is not an affiliate link, this is a get-yourself-some-of-this-magic link, because this stuff is the you know what!) I joked to my kids saying Carly-Ann sent it to me because I have kids. 😀 Carly-Ann wrote in her sweet letter explaining all my gifts that this blend is also good for any kind of pain and clarity. I couldn’t agree more, Carly-Ann! I’ve been using it like I’m going to lose it. Love it. I totally believe in the power of peppermint and lavender (wrote about that here)… and rosemary too! I haven’t used the candles yet, but the already smell heavenly. 🙂



You sincerely blew me away with your sweet and thoughtful box. I love everything including the darling card and handwritten letter. I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of the card!! Anyway, you made me so happy. Happy Mail, indeed. (Also, I thought it was funny that you and I had a few somewhat similar items for each other.) You can see what I sent Carly-Ann here.



#SPBoxSwap SPRING Blogger-to-blogger box swap

The Happy Mail Fiesta isn’t over!


Go check out what everyone else received:

Want to be a part of the next swap? Here’s your chance to signup for the next signup reminder for Summer 2017.


It's a Happy Mail Fiesta!! Come check out what the Spring Sweet Progress Box Swap Reveals. Did you miss the spring swap? You can sign up for the summer swap here. :)

It's time, it's time! The #SPBoxSwap Reveals are live!! Come check out what we got in our boxes. :)
Swap, Swap Reveal

It’s time, It’s Time! The Galentine’s Box Swap Reveal #SPBoxSwap

*This post may contain affiliate links. These links help keep this blog afloat and occasionally, coffee. 🙂 Thanks in advance for making any purchases through my affiliate links.

It’s time for the Galentine’s Box Swap Reveal #SPBoxSwap

Box Swap If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or you’ve read the last eh… hem… five posts I’ve written, you have certainly heard me mention the Winter Box Swap Galentine’s edition. But in the event you missed me talking about it, here’s the original post about what Galentine’s is and why we decided to go with this theme this winter. Each season my lovely partner in happy mail Ashley (Happy.Pretty.Sweet) and I host a box swap for bloggers to connect via good old snail mail. It’s a great way to connect and bring joy to a fellow blogger. We love it. We started our swaps this Summer and we’re extremely excited to see that things are growing! With this growth it means more mail, more happiness, and maybe a little change (maybe).  But enough about that, let’s get to the reveal!

I was partnered with Chantale, a lifestyle blogger. 🙂  Chantale’s blog is all about self discovery, love of books, and happiness. You know I can totally get down with that, because HELLO, work in progress over here. I appreciate that not only does she challenge herself, she challenges her readers too. I’m currently guzzling down water to keep up with the water challenge. 🙂 And who doesn’t love a good book list? If you’re looking for book reviews or want to help add to her list head on over to Iridescent Rebel.  I think I kind of ran with a self care/positive energy theme with her box, you can check that out here. But before you go check out what I sent, take a look at the goodies I received.

My goodies, my goodies, here’s my #SPBoxSwapGoodies…

(Who remembers old school Ciara?) 

It's time, it's time!! The Galentine's #SPBoxSwap Reveal

My goodies:

♡  Haribo Gummy Bears

♡  Planner book

♡  Valentine’s Stickers, or should I say Galentine’s? 😉

♡  The cutest gummy bear notebook

♡  Post-it sticky notes

♡  Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens

♡ Pen pouch

It's time for the #SPBoxSwap {Galentine's} Box Swap Reveals!!

I’m quite sure I did not state how much I love gummy bears on my questionnaire (everyone fills one out to help their partners), but somehow Chantale knew I love gummy bears. AND to top it off the gummy bears were SOUR 😍 . Anyone else out there love gummy/sour candies as much as I do? I’ll admit it, I steal the kids’ fruit snacks from time-to-time, because close enough. 😀

You know what else I didn’t tell my intuitive partner? I did NOT tell her or… shall I say I’ve never admitted to anyone that I have a healthy obsession with Word Streak with Friends. Word Streak formerly “Scramble” is a word game that I’m addicted to, I enjoy beating my family. The Word Scramble activity book is totally appreciated. Plus, I’m trying to keep my mind sharp. Yes, I’m already worrying about my memory. Anyone else?

Gummy bears and pens! Yes, please! The Galentine's Box Swap Reveals are live. :)

My notebook mantra: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY. I’ve already put this cutie to use. 🙂 Paper Mate InkJoy is one of my favorite pen brands. Sharpies and Paper Mate all day everrryday. 🙂

Got some drawing in today and it felt good. I’m thinking of adding some more drawings to the shop. Thoughts?

A post shared by That’s What SHE Said QuoteShop (@thats_what_she_said_quote_shop) on

I’m glad I have an extra place to store some of my pens, because it’s getting a little out of control over here, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you so much for all my goodies, Chantale!!!

Don’t forget to check out what I sent. 🙂

Sweet Progress Galentine's Winter Swap Box| Come celebrate Galentine's with us! A fun box swap for bloggers.

 Do you want to see the other reveals? Of course you do! Start clicking away 🙂


Don’t miss the next swap!!

What’s your favorite thing to send your friends?


Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans
Blog Love, Swap, Swap Reveal

Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika {Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans}

*This post contains affiliate links.

Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap

You may or may not know, but chances are you do know that I make up half of the fearsome duo of Sweet PROGRESS Box Swaps. You know that, right? Because you visit me often, right? Well, if you didn’t know that we need to chat more often!


The other half of  Sweet Progress Box Swap is Ashley from Happy Pretty SWEET. Ashley is such a dear, I adore her! I’m happy to partner with her to spread blogger mailbox love every season. 🙂 And this season… this wonderful season we’re celebrating…

I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in LOVE WITH FALL AND I don’t care who knows it!!

But you know who knows it, Erika. Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans, who has never ever met me in real life, she gets it. She knows my love for fall is deep and you know what she did, she showered me with fall mail. LIKE INSANELY AWESOME FALL MAIL!! But before I start gushing over how awesome my fall box is, let me tell you a little bit about Erika and her super cool blog. When I visit Erika’s blog I’m instantly inspired by her fashion and her impeccable nail polish skills!! I want to one day achieve fashion and good nails like Erika. Seriously, you have to check out her beautiful nails. Besides being super stylish, she’s super sweet, loves cats, and HAPPY MAIL!

My Sweet Progress Fall Box Reveal

So what did Erika send me….


Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans

Is the suspense killing you? Because my girls couldn’t take it, I was snapping pictures of the process and they were right next to me waiting impatiently to see what was in this superbly packaged box. Also, Erika left me a sweet note on each package explaining why she sent the corresponding item. So sweet.

Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans

Are ready? Here it is!!

Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans

Isn’t this box AWESOME!?!

Okay, okay, here’s what was inside my fall box swap box:

♡  One Bad Apple by Sheila Connolly

♡  Forever 21 Rusty Red Infinity Scarf

♡  Forever 21 Layered Leaf Necklace Set

♡  Donut Key Chain

♡  Ciate Dangerous Affair Nail Polish

♡  And Herb the Turkey and Pumpkin Spice Lindt CHOCOLATES


How adorable are these boxes?!?

One Bad Apple seems like a deliciously suspenseful autumn thriller that pairs well with my pumpkin spice chocolates and a good cup of coffee. I can’t wait to dive into this read. The scarf will be worn over and over I’m sure. Because I love fall so much Erika wanted me to wear my love of fall and fall leaves all year round. I’m thinking of splitting up the leaves and giving one to each of my fall-loving baby girls. 🙂 THE DONUT KEY CHAIN… has someone visited my Instagram. 🙂  I hope I can make my nails look half as good as Erika with my luxurious new Ciate nail polish. Herb, my new turkey, is already hanging up waiting for all the turkey love that is to come this Thanksgiving season. Time to put away all the spiders and all things Halloween. Because it’s NOVEMBER!!!

Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans

Thank you SO MUCH, ERIKA!! I love every.single.thing! I’m so happy we were partnered up. 🙂

Don’t forget to visit Erika at Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans to see what I sent her.

Do you want to see everyone else’s fall box swap reveals?


PSSST… Winter is COMING! Don’t miss out!

Winter is Coming!

Do you want in on the WINTER box swap?  We have a reminder email signup, we’ll email when it’s time to sign up for the next swap. 🙂

Swap, Swap Reveal, Sweet Progress

Summer #SPBoxSwap Reveal

{Summer} Sweet Progress Box Swap

I believe you all may remember me plugging the #SPBoxSwap, right? This summer Ashley and I joined forces to get bloggers swapping happy mail! We’re excited about our Happy Mail alliance, because it doesn’t stop at Summer, it goes on and on.  Our next swap will be in the fall!! FALL IS MY FAVORITE. I’m super excited for the Fall #SPBoxSwap. Sweet Progress Button FinalBut let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, it’s SUMMER and I was spoiled with summer happy mail. I ALWAYS enjoy happy mail, but when the days are tainted with hate it’s nice to receive a fun, sweet, and kind surprise. My partner for the #SPBoxSwap was Ally. I was excited to learn more about my partner, before this swap I didn’t know Ally, so it was nice to get to know someone new.  Ally blogs over at Shybiker, she shares about her life and her style. I’m inspired by Ally’s confidence, her positive outlook on being her true self, and doing it NOW , which makes me want to sucker punch all of my own fear in the face. 🙂

My #SPBoxSwap Goodies

One thing I noticed after visiting Ally’s blog is that her and I both share a LOVE for polkadots.  So, when a box with pink polkadots showed up I knew right away who it was from. 🙂 And then I pulled out these wonderfully wrapped boxes and ELVIS!!!

Elvis Stamps and Fun Gifts

Before I show you what was inside those fancy boxes, let’s talk about my beautiful & sweet card. 🙂 Ally sent me a card from her mermaid photo shoot that I think is absolutely gorgeous!! What’s more summery than mermaids?!?!? I believe mermaids are always in season, am I right? I love mermaids. 🙂

Ally Mermaid

Now let’s get to the boxes. 🙂

All unwrapped:

Summer #SPBoxSwap Reveal

You know I’m a mail lover, obviously, so, these snail mail goodies make my heart happy.  I LOVE Papyrus Greeting Cards, thanks to Ally, I have a whole box of them! Who needs some snail mail? The Elvis stamps!!! Here’s something I think I’ve never shared here: I use to collect stamps with I was little.  It didn’t last long, but I wish it would’ve. The common task of applying stamps to mail is a tough task for me. I usually debate if I should use my stamps or keep ’em. Like my Harry Potter Stamps or my Jimi Hendrix stamps. I ended up using all of the Harry Potter Stamps and I have only used one Jimi stamp. 😀 I still have all of my Elvis stamps, but I will proudly decorate mail with that handsome face. 🙂

#SPBoxSwap Reveal| My partner Ally, knows the way to my heart. Stamps and Cards!!

These Jacobsen Salt Co. salts are perfection! I’m not sure if you read my Currently post I posted early this week, but I mentioned my “test kitchen”. 😉  You can rest assured that these salts have been in serious use. 🙂  My family has sincerely enjoyed this gift just as much as I have.

This has to be the the prettiest salt display, right?

#SPBoxSwap Reveal| I'm in love with these assorted salts by Jacobsen Salt Co. that my swap partner Ally gifted me. :)

I’m eager to read my new book Face Value, it sounds interesting!

Per Amazon: A thought-provoking examination of how we think and talk about beauty today—and the unexpected and often positive ways that beauty shapes our lives.

For decades, we’ve discussed our insecurities in the face of idealized, retouched, impossibly perfect images. We’ve worried primping and preening are a distraction and a trap. But have we focused too much on beauty’s negative influence?

In Face Value, journalist Autumn Whitefield-Madrano thoughtfully examines the relationship between appearance and science, social media, sex, friendship, language, and advertising to show how beauty actually affects us day to day. Through meticulous research and interviews with dozens of women across all walks of life, she reveals surprising findings, like that wearing makeup can actually relax you, that you can convince people you’re better looking just by tweaking your personality, and the ways beauty can be a powerful tool of connection among women.

Seems like an intriguing read, right?

Face Value

So, there you have it, my summer box swap. Thank you, Ally, for the sweet gifts!!

Again, if you missed the summer box swap don’t worry, you can always sign up in the fall. 🙂

Summer #SPBoxSwap Reveals:

After seeing all those awesome reveals, do you want in? I don’t want you to miss out on the swapping fun! If you would like a reminder email of when the next #SPBoxSwap fill out the form below and we will remind you about the Fall #SPBoxSwap. 🙂 Hope to see you in the fall! Thank you everyone who swapped with us this summer!! XO

Creatives Box Swap| You can't use up creativity, The more you use, the more you have. Maya Angelou
Swap, Swap Reveal

Creatives Box Swap Reveal

It’s finally time, box swap reveal time!! I cannot wait to reveal my Creatives Box Swap goodies with you, as well as check out all the other Creatives Box Swap reveals!

You may recall that Bev (Linkouture) and I hosted a box swap for creatives. I was inspired by her book The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity (affiliate link). I don’t want any of us to lose our creativity mom or not, we need to keep our creative juices flowing. Maya Angelou said it best:Creatives Box Swap| You can't use up creativity, The more you use, the more you have. Maya Angelou

So, in our attempt to keep our creative friends creating it was time to encourage and get swapping! We’re not done though!! Bev and I are still on a creative roll and this time we’re asking Mamas to share their creative side with the #CreativeMomLife Instagram Challenge starting July 1 – July 14th.

#CreativeMomLife Instagram Challenge

We’d love for you to join us!! Make sure to tag us and use the hashtag. 🙂 @Mrs_AOK & @Linkouture #CreativeMomLife

#CreativesBoxSwap Button

Box Swap Reveal

I was paired up with my sweet friend Ashley of Happy. Pretty Sweet. Ashley is also a HUGE happy mail lover- score! She’s also crafty, fashionable, sweet, and an avid book reader. I enjoy reading her blog, it always makes me happy, which is pretty sweet ;). For the past couple months she’s been writing a series that I’m enjoying about her time as an actress in LA. I think you’ll want to check that out after you finish checking out the swap reveals. So anyway… let’s see what Ashley sent me!

Creatives Box Swap Reveal

Creatives Box Swap Reveal #CreativesBoxSwap

I love that Ashley gave me another level of suspense with the darker tissue paper. I couldn’t wait to tear through the paper to see what was neatly wrapped up for me. 🙂

Check out the goodies I received from my #CreativesBoxSwap partner.| Blogger Perks :)

Here’s what I got! 1) A beautiful card with a lovely message inside. 2) Washi tape- you can never ever go wrong with that. 3) The Imaginary World of _______, it’s an art journal. 4) Heart Pencil. 6) HANDMADE EARRINGS. 🙂 7) Colorful Pens to help with journaling.

Creatives Box Swap Reveal| Heart Pencil :)

Here is a close up of the pencil. Isn’t this AWESOME!! This may sound weird but…. it smells really good. When I saw it I thought Poe, which made me think maybe I don’t want to use it, I want to keep it forever. 🙂

Happy Pretty Sweet Handmade Earrings

These beauties were handmade by Ashley! She made them out of clay, which my youngest daughter claimed (although she still hasn’t pierced her ears). My youngest daughter is the clay/jewelry designer in our house and she’s ready to make earrings too. 🙂

So there you have it friends, Ashley sent me some really great goodies to get me creating. I’ve already started in my journal. 🙂

Thank you, Ashley!!

What was in you box, creative swappers? Don’t forget to link up your swaps below.

Creatives Box Swap Reveals

Did you miss the #CreativesBoxSwap? That’s okay. We wish you could have joined us for the swap, but you can join Ashley and I for the Summer Swap Box!! Click here to sign up and get details on our Sweet Progress Seasonal Blogger Box Swaps. 🙂

Sweet Progress Button Final

#SunshineBoxSwap Package Reveal | Blog Swap| Mrs. AOK A Work In Progress
Swap, Swap Reveal, Things I Love

#SunshineBoxSwap Reveal +Link-up

Hello Sunshine

It’s officially summer… SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMERTIME 😉 I know the winter was hard on many of my blogging friends, spring did bring a little light, but the summer sunshine is a much needed dose of vitamin D we all need. Along with the sun rays, ice cream, library visits, cookies, hugs, and lazy beach days: happy mail can certainly brighten anyone’s day, am I right? I love sending and receiving happy mail. I feel like happy mail is HUG in a mailbox. So, it’s no surprise I was happy when Abby suggested perhaps the two of us connect over our love of snail mail and create a swap. BOOM! A swap was born full of sunshine 🙂

Currently Making it a point to fill people's mailboxes with love :)

Cards for the forgotten

Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress: Coffee and CraftingSunshine Box Swap| Box Swap| Happy Mail| Blogger Box Swap| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress


I was sent the sweetest sunshinest (<-new word) hug in a box from Abby! Abby is such a sweetheart. Abby was one the biggest supporters of Sorry, Not Sorry Social, a link-up Courtney and I originally hosted that has since morphed into something new and amazingly creative. (Was that vain, snotty, or self-righteous of me to say?) Anyway, from those days, I was graced with Abby. She has been such a dear to me, I have found a loving and caring friend in her. That is one of the things I love most about blogging, no matter where you are in location or in life you can connect with anyone. I can truly say I have connected with Abby, she’s just such a sweet and gentle soul. Plus, I’m always finding new beauty products I need in my life that I didn’t know I needed via Abby’s blog. 🙂

So, back to the box! For two days my box was held hostage here:


Sometimes the postal worker will leave packages at my door and sometimes packages will be placed in the box in the mail station. The postal worker left a key for me in my mail box to retrieve the package, BUT THE KEY WOULD NOT WORK FOR ME! I thought by me taking my mail and leaving the key the postal worker may give me a new key, but no. So, I left a note the next day and thankfully I now have my box of sunshine!

#SunshineBoxSwap Package Reveal | Blog Swap| Mrs. AOK A Work In Progress

Okay, again, Abby is a sweetheart she left notes on each item.. a little hint 🙂

#SunshineBoxSwap Package Reveal|Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress


#SunshineBoxSwap Reveal| Blogger Happy Mail Swap| Snail Mail| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

The coffee mug is perfect, right? I cannot wait to fill’er up. I have the coaster next to me now on my desk- boring.. I’m drinking water. I have already painted my nails and I LOVE the polish (Blair)!! Confession: I’ve been using a gray eyeliner pencil for my eyebrows, I’m excited to use a “real” brow pencil. The little sign will be cute in our strawberries on our deck. Side note: We only have had one strawberry but the plant itself is beautiful (I’m trying to remain optimistic here).  The notepad. Thanks, Abby! I cannot wait to write a few notes to some of my Mommy friends. 🙂 Lovin’ my Baby Lips! I adore my card that Abby sent as well, her words were exactly what I needed. Her box of sunshine came at the right time. I’m trying to not let the acts of others bring me down… you won’t win HATE.

Sunshine South CarolinaWishing you all SUNSHINE!!

Thank you everyone who joined the swap, I cannot wait to see your sunshine packages 🙂

Share your sunshine

Thank You Notes |A weekly linkup to share your Thank You Notes| Linkup| Thankful| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress
Swap, Swap Reveal, Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes: Happy Mail, Dream Chasing, and Goodies

Thank You Notes |A weekly linkup to share your Thank You Notes| Linkup| Thankful| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Welcome to Thank You Notes!

What is Thank You Notes? I share a few weekly thank you notes and you are invited! You can linkup your Thank You Notes below. I cannot take credit for Thank You Notes, Jimmy Fallon is my inspiration for this linkup.

Thank You, Jimmy!

Jimmy’s Thank You Notes:

I love how Jimmy was thankful for #DeflateGate too.

Thank you, sweetie, for doing wonderfully in school.  I am not sure words can express how damn proud I am of you.  It is such an honor to be your Mama, to see you grow and become such a beautiful soul.  I love you.

That's M'baby|Thank You Notes| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Thank you, babies, for being good at the award ceremony and the dentist’s office, you both make me proud.  It was nice to receive compliments from multiple people on your good behavior.  I had such a special Friday with the two of you.  I’m loving our lunch dates.

My littles at lunch|Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Thank you, muscle man, for vacuuming your own room and then surprising us with bringing the vacuum down stairs BY YOURSELF. I had to capture this moment….

Thank You Notes| Thank you little muscle man for this moment.

Thank you, Multitasking Momma, for sharing my linkups on your New This Week  post. I totally appreciate the support!


I have a special thank you note this week. It’s a twofer, a thank you note annnnd a swap reveal. Thank you, Mia, for all my goodies!

#ChaseYourDreams2015 Swap Reveal

I’m not sure if you remember, but I created a list of words I wanted to focus on this year, and thankfully Mia helped me with that.  Encouraging was one of my words, so when I found this “encouraging” swap I had to sign up!  Mia, has been such a sweet swap partner, we have been connecting via email, Twitter, Instagram, and our blogs. 🙂

Mia seriously nailed it with this box!! However, if you know me, you know I’m a super sap, so her card blew me away, she made me get teary-eyed.

Thank You Mia #ChaseYourDreams2015 Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

The cards are for me to send out love/encouragement to people. Thank you very much! Who wants a card?

I want to create more this year, and Mia hooked me up! She sent me two notebooks, Mod Podge Rocks (yes, it does), a fabulous Sharpie pen (this girl loves Sharpies), and some sparkly gold letters, I cannot wait to get all crafty.

Okay, another goal I have this year is to be more present.  I mean… can’t we all be a little more present?  For this goal Mia sent me Die Empty, which is about embracing the present and letting the good stuff pour out rather than being buried with it. I think this book is going to push me in the right direction, pushing fear to the left, to the left. I CANNOT wait to dive into this book, bonus there’s a workbook!

Thank you, Mia, for such a sweet heartfelt box!  You are stuck with me too. p.s. BOO Washington! Yay Cowboys!

Throw Love & Kindness Out There Like Glitter

EXTRA: Behind-the-scenes

Behind the scene My furbaby and I

This guy was right by my side while I took pictures of all my goodies 😉  that’s what she said and now he’s snoring next to me while I type this up.  Love him, snores and all!

Well, loves, it is FRIDAY and I am plenty thankful for that!!

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*My* Favorite Color Swap Reveal

I’m not quite sure if I’ve shared my favorite color here before, in the event I haven’t, you’re about to find out.
I took part in The Favorite Color Swap hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swaps,  The GCSwaps ladies chose Sarah from The Rooster and the Sunflower as my swap partner.

The Rooster & the Sunflower

Sarah and I quickly began to learn more about each other through blog visits and emails.  Sarah is newer to blogging so please go show her some love. Sarah blogs about her life with her husband and precious daughter. Also, you can see what I sent Sarah here

What did Sarah send me?
GOODIES!! Not just any goodies, GREEN goodies!

Happy Snail Mail! I was so happy to receive my box filled with all these fun green goodies.
Sarah stuffed most of my goodies in a cute bikini bag.  This cute little bag will come in handy for my days on the beach; I’ve actually been looking at more of these bikini bags on Etsy.
If you know me, you know I LOVE COFFEE and Sarah hooked me with a new green recyclable coffee tumbler.  Another thing I love RECYCLABLE anything.  Besides loving the color green, I love living green 🙂

Don’t you just love my new scarf!?! Me too.
Great minds think alike, Sarah and I both had mani/pedis on our minds for our swaps 🙂 
I cannot wait to try out my new foot scrub, manicure kit, and nail polish (the polish matches the scarf perfectly).
Sarah also sent me a notebook and pens.  It was such a pleasure to swap with Sarah. Please don’t forget to check out Sarah’s blog The Rooster and The Sunflower as well as the other Favorite Color Swap Linky