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And Then There Were FIVE

Almost 8 years ago I left the doctor’s office, sad, confused, and happy.  Sad because the doctor told me I would most likely never conceive again. Confused because I didn’t know I would be sad hearing I wouldn’t have more children. Happy because my doctor said NO cancer.

Of course the overwhelming feeling of elation won over my sadness and confusion as I hugged my girls and my husband.  After my appointment we drove around looking at the Christmas lights on the “big houses” while listening to Christmas music. In that moment I was in full bliss, thankful for my life, my family, and our happiness… the four of us tackling the world together. However later on as the girls drifted off to sleep, I remember crying to my husband about the news my doctor relayed.  We hadn’t exactly talked about having a third child but the thought of NOT having a third child was saddening to the two of us.

Mrs. AOK, A Work in Progress: And then there were FIVE.


Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress: Me and my girls 3

Months had passed since my doctor’s visit, life kept moving. We were doing alright, and  then I got sick. I wasn’t 100%  what was wrong, and then I had an aversion to eggs!!! I love eggs!! My husband & I were curious about my new aversion to eggs, so off he went to CVS.


I cannot begin to tell you the joy that flowed from the two of us.  That joy hasn’t stopped! Six years ago we welcomed our son to the world. It’s funny… the doctor told us we were done but somehow I knew she was wrong.


My little gentleman has filled our lives with boundless love & laughter… he was the missing piece that we didn’t realize we NEEDED but we’re SO glad we found.

Mrs. AOK, A Work in Progress: And then there were five.

The Fab Five

I’m so thankful for this little man! Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

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22 thoughts on “And Then There Were FIVE”

  1. Those pics where a blast from the past. Our little man was the missing piece. I am so glad he showed up. Happy B-Day Little Homie! And good job to you Momma on helping to raise this gentleman with me. I love you all.

    1. Thank you, Abby!! I love my bunch, these guys keep me running on smiles, laughter & love. I know I’m a cornball 🙂
      Thanks for your sweet comment, love.

  2. I remember when I was single (before I met my husband), I thought that I was done having kids. I was happy with the two I had and I didn’t really want to start over. I didn’t give it much thought about after I found my husband, I remember getting baby fever (my niece was born shortly after we got married). I remember God laying on my heart that I was supposed to have another baby. It was a long journey and it was amazing because God’s timing on my pregnancy was perfect. My youngest has been a huge blessing to our family and I couldn’t imagine life without him either. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby.

    1. I’m glad you & I didn’t give up, we let our hearts follow our path. Thankfully, the two of us have our little guys, as well as their sweet siblings.
      Thank you for the birthday wishes! All the best.

    1. I hope your sweet daughter is had a beautiful birthday 🙂
      Time flies, right? I cannot believe “the baby” is SIX.
      I’m staying tuned for baby, maybe…
      All the best!

    1. Hopefully happy tears 😉
      I thank all my lucky stars everyday; you’re right this little guy is quite perfect, perfect enough for me❤️
      Thanks for your sweet comment.

  3. Really awesome story! I’m SO thankful your doctor was wrong about you not being able to add to your family!! Happy Birthday little miracle!

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