Don't Mess with Texas| A few ways you can help Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

A Few Ways to Help Texans Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

I’m a misplaced Texan, by choice. Sadly many Texans didn’t get the chance to leave before things got dangerous. We can help them.


The first breath I ever took was there. It was where I would ride my bike, scrape my knees a thousand and one times, and make lifelong friends. It’s where I’d fall in love, create life, and become one with my other half.
Everyday I’m thankful for that place. The love that still awaits for me every time go back.
XanthousΒ sunsets and sunrises filled my days
And the food, the warm people, manners AND that drawl, y’all.
So many great memories…. and that’s why I’m so heartbroken for Texas.
Not for me and my memories, but for all those there, their memories and their future in Texas.
Don't Mess with Texas| A few ways you can help Texans impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Helping Fellow Texans

I’m lucky to have lived in Texas, to have been filled with all that Texas sunshine. I grew up in the melting pot of Texas. Oh yes, Texas has its own melting pot and it’s usually near a military base. I grew up an ARMY brat. I’m proud of that- Ft. Hood, TEXAS, y’all. My hometown, is currently pulling together for those in need from the Houston area, and my sister and I would love to help. My sister, Monica, is local and I’m many miles away, but together via the internet and hopefully with your help, we can put together around 100+ bags with crayons, coloring books, and stickers for the kids who will live in shelters for the next few weeks or months. I would be forever grateful if you could please consider helping us financially or by spreading the word.

As many of you know Texas is where I was born & raised. It’s the place that always welcomes me back with open arms & warm smiles. Most of my family lives there, including my wonderful sister Monica. πŸ’œ Monica and I have decided to join forces (all these miles away) to raise money to put together art bags for the displaced children who will call Killeen Texas home over the next few weeks, months… —————– Art, as you may also know, is HUGE for me- it’s my medicine. I believe it can be everyone’s medicine. I also feel as a mother that art is one of the best ways for children to express themselves through imagination. πŸ–πŸ“– Remember picking up a crayon and feeling like you could make anything? That feeling of creating your own character or story? It was great, right? Imagine being away from home no crayons, books, or paper or a place to let out your imagination. 😞 Please say you’ll help us give these babies some creative goodies. We’re partnering with The Salvation Army of Killeen to distribute the bags to children in shelters, but we need your help. Please click the link in my profile for our @youcaring page. Thank you in advance! 😘 #LinkInBio Please share!!!

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Thank you so much for any and all help!

Please help us create art bags for the children evacuated from their homes due to Hurricane Harvey. These kids need a piece of home and creativity. Thank you in advance.

I’ve also put together a small list of other ways you can help out Texans:

β€’You can text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 to theΒ @americanredcross
β€’ Donate toΒ @globalgiving‘s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund β€’ Donate toΒ @TexasDiaperBank, I’m quite sure they’re assisting.
β€’Β @FeedingTexasΒ is helping local food banks.
β€’Β @salvationarmyusΒ text STORM to 51555
β€’ Pets need help too!Β @animaldefenseleagueΒ is taking donations and are looking fosters.
I’ve talked about the importance of art in my life countless times, but here is the one about the gray period.Β Β It was also mentioned in this book for Moms to help moms find time for creativity in their life written by my friend Bev.

Morning meditation. Coffee & Sharpies 😊

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It’s my medicine.
Currently loving painting. This is one of my latest works. :)

A little morning art therapy… and of course coffee. β˜•οΈπŸ–πŸ’• ________________________________Β post shared by Dean πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨ (@mrs_aok) on

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  1. Hi Dean! It’s wonderful to learn more about you. You and your sister thought up a great way to help out. Thanks for all the information on how we can help. I love your art––don’t ever stop. I think your art would make a great coloring book. Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. It turns out that coloring relieves stress, duh! I think we knew that already. I would definitely buy a coloring book done by you. Think about it. πŸ˜‰ xx

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