Watch This! I'm sharing some big news and we're celebrating with JORD Watch Giveaway!!
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Watch This! Big News + JORD Watch Giveaway

Watch This! Big News +JORD Watch Giveaway

*I received a free wooden watch from JORD in exchange for writing this post on my blog.

When my husband was in the Army one of his mentors told him he should buy a watch when he was promoted or received a new job. So, when my husband finished PLDC (Primary Leadership Development Course (That’s when he became a sergeant in the ARMY)) he got a new watch. When he secured his job as a civilian, he was given a new watch. There have been watches for different promotions over the years, as well as our ten year anniversary.
If you’ve been a friend to this blog for a while you know my husband’s job has taken us on a few journeys. When I started this blog we lived in Illinois, we moved to South Carolina, and currently we reside in Washington State.
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My Kiddos in Seattle |Thank You Notes

I love when weekends are all about new adventures. How was your weekend? XOXO💕

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I’m delighted to tell you my husband received the must stunning JORD watch to celebrate his new job!
Wooden watches by JORD GIVEAWAY!!
My husband actually was hired for two separate jobs within a week of each other. One of the jobs he was offered was here in Washington and the other in Chicago. Let’s just say we celebrated his new job with Chicago dogs while listening to Kanye’s Homecoming. 🙂 We’re going back to Chicagoland, friends!!! And I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am about that.

I’m coming home again 🎶

We are already beginning to pack and make sure we do all the Pacific Northwest things, like soak up the…. gray? Well, we’re enjoying our last few weeks here, which included skipping rocks on the beach, treasure hunting and watch-admiring. I mean c’mon have you ever seen such a beautiful watch before? My husband is totally in love with his JORD Dover Koa and Black wooden watch!!
(I think this is a good place to insert a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to the best PAPA in the whole wide world. Thank you for going half on this journey with me, babe. I love you!!)

Wooden Watches by JORD

To be honest, I’m kind of jealous of my husband. I adore how unique JORD’s men’s and women’s watches are, I want one for myself. I also, think my husband’s new watch pairs nicely with the bracelet my daughter made for him. Don’t you?
Look at the spectacular packaging! I appreciate how JORD gives a little extra. I’m glad my husband has a safe place to store his new watch. Along with being excited about going back to Illinois, I’m also thrilled to announce that JORD is offering one lucky reader a $100 gift code for their very own JORD wooden watch!!! Also, my friends at JORD are generously giving everyone who enters the giveaway $25 towards the purchase of their watch!!! I CANNOT thank JORD enough for their generosity and their enthusiasm for my husband’s new job. 🙂

A Short Bucket List of the things we want to do before we move back

  • Visit the new Jimi Hendrix Park
  • Visit The UP House with balloons of course 🙂
  • One last picture in front of the gum wall
  • We HAVE to get another hike in
  • A bonfire at the beach
  • Carve our family name into the birch at the beach

 Is there anything we missed on the list? What else should we do? And how gorgeous is my husband’s new watch?

Don’t Miss Your Chance to WIN your very own JORD wooden watch!!

Click HERE or the image below for your chance to win a gift code for one of these stunning wooden watches. Don’t forget EVERYONE receives $25 gift code for entering. 🙂

Enter to win $100 gift code from JORD. Unique wooden watches for Men and Women. Everyone who enters receives a $25 gift code. :) GIVEAWAY / Wood Watches / Men's Watches / Women's Watches

Watch This! I'm sharing some big news and we're celebrating with JORD Watch Giveaway!!

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31 thoughts on “Watch This! Big News + JORD Watch Giveaway”

  1. That watch is absolutely lovely! And man have you guys had some adventures! Good luck with your move and make sure you get all those things on your list ticked off 🙂

  2. These watches are awesome. I love the look of the wood watch, and they really are a great gift for dads.

  3. That is a nice watch. I like that it is original. I’m not really into standard watches, but I could see wearing something like that.

  4. I love that tradition!! I’ve seen a few Jord watches, but especially love the one he has! I’ll need to look into that for my hubby!

  5. I’m so happy that you get to go back to Chicago, I bet you’re all so excited. And the watch is stunning, I love the wooden affect x

  6. Lovely! It’s awesome to give watches as gifts to people that you care about and love. I think this is a nice gesture! I also love Jord, it’s a great brand!

  7. Not Boston???
    I’m mostly kidding. I’m happy you’ll be closer. Chicago is where our best friends live, so we try to get there once or twice a year.
    Jord watches always impress me. They are amazing!

  8. What exciting news! Congratulations to your husband on his new job! That watch is gorgeous (or the many version of gorgeous, lol).

  9. Congratulations to your husband on his new job!!! It’s exciting that you guys are moving back to Chicago. I’m looking forward to reading about the adventure. 🙂

  10. JORD has some really great watches! I especially love their mens watches. Your green dress is also so cute!

  11. Shut UUUUUUP!!! I’m so excited about this move ^_^ Congrats to your husband and I know I always say this, but you and your family are so beautiful Dean!! Love that wooden watch, too. It looks so classic and your photography skills make it look even better <3

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