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Intro to my #WDW Series & Countdown to Disney Printable

Happy Tuesday!  So, I’ve “unofficially” been trying to make sure each Tuesday you takeaway a little something… an unofficial #TakeawayTuesday.  I’ve used the hashtag, but I haven’t officially used Takeaway Tuesday as a category on the blog. Why?  Well… I’m afraid if I name it and I start to slack, it’ll turn in to Oh No She DIDN’T Tuesday… I’d hate to “DIDN’T” :(So, this unofficial Takeaway Tuesday, I’d like to share a little something  I did for the kiddos before we left off to Disney World; I was thinking you may want to use it for your trip there too.   I’m sharing my COUNTDOWN TO DISNEY, because tomorrow starts my Walt Disney World Wednesdays  (I know I’m a sucker for alliteration, don’t mind me.)  Each Wednesday, I will share a little Disney! What will I share you ask: My love for Disney’s Fast Pass, What to pack for the park, What we ate at Walt Disney World, What to Wear at Walt Disney… stuff like that 🙂

I’m getting quite eager to F I N A L L Y share all the #WDW goodness with you! Anyway… back to today … unofficial Takeaway Tuesday.

My kids were beyond excited to go to Disney, but me, I was beyond, beyond excited!  I have been wanting to visit WDW since I was a kid.  I was am obsessed with the cutest most delightful mouse ever. My room, when I was younger, was a shrine to ‘the’ American Idol.  I had Mickey ears with my name embroidered on them, but yet I had never visited the park!  My mom’s friend knew how much I loved Mickey Mouse, and purchased them for me on her visit.  My husband and I knew we would take our kids one day, and when that day came {big sigh} I cannot tell you the emotions that I felt.  Okay, okay, we’re all friends here… I cried.  I didn’t cry as soon as we got there, I cried at Cinderella’s castle while WDW put on a heck of a show and my babies’ faces lit up in awe.

WDW Castle at Night

I’m telling you it was magical…

To countdown to this magical event, I would pack little reminders in the kids’ lunches that we were getting closer, I purchased Mickey stickers and put them on everything.  I found cute Disney character tees for the whole family and wrapped them up, and gave them to them on their Friday night, pizza night the week before our great adventure 🙂

Kids' Disney Gifts

I made a little countdown for the kids to countdown the days until we would visit Disney World… the kids LOVED tearing down the days.

Countdown To Disney Printable


Click here to print your own countdown.

Printable Countdown To Disney printable


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • White cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • Optional* Whole Puncher
  • Optional* Ribbon or twine

Print out the countdown on white card stock, then cut out into even squares.  You could stop there, and just tape the numbers on the wall (placing the numbers in children’s reach).  If you want to take it a little further, may I suggest hole punching the squares and tie ribbon or twine through the holes on the squares onto a longer piece of twine. Tack the banner on the wall where your children can pull off each number, up until the big day!!






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11 thoughts on “Intro to my #WDW Series & Countdown to Disney Printable”

  1. This is so cute!! I can’t wait to take my daughter to Disney one day. I really think she will freak out with excitement because she loooves Mickey and Minnie. I love Disney as well! Great printable!

    1. Thank you, Karen 🙂
      Your daughter will love it!! It’s funny, while I was there, and saw all the Minnie stuff I thought of you and your daughter 🙂
      You know that feeling when you see your daughter excited on Christmas morning…. that’s Disney. We get to see that magical excitement and sort of relive childhood. I cannot wait to go again… can you tell?

    1. Thank you, Becka! We had such a WONDERful time, it went by too fast. Sometimes, I get a little crazy with my handwriting {trying to be all fancy} and I get lost in what I wrote 🙂 I appreciate your kind comment… thanks again!

  2. This is SUCH a cool countdown. We went in January. It was like a dream. I miss it every day. My in-laws rented a house in Florida for the whole month of January and no matter how far it is from Disney, it’s still Florida and it will happen!

    1. Thank you, Tamara. I agree it’s totally like a dream, so happy, and cheerful; I love it! Yes, anywhere in Florida would close enough for me!! I cannot wait to go back, we’re also adding Universal to our next vacation to FL; we have to see Hogwarts Express 🙂

  3. I love the countdown. I remember the last time we went, the kids had a blast. Madison hasn’t gone yet and this was supposed to be her year. We even had the timeshare ready and then heard of the mosquito scare so we kept away. We are definitely making it next year no matter what. Have fun!

    1. Thanks, Amanda. I haven’t heard about the mosquito scare!! Yikes! I went in March, I think that’s probably a good time to go, it’s not too hot, and I do not believe mosquito season is in full swing. I know Madison is going to LOVE it!!! I cannot wait for her visit; do you think she’ll go to the Bibbi Bobbidi Boutique? My girls didn’t want to go 🙁
      I figured my 12 yo would pass but my 8yo…. sigh.
      All the best-

  4. Love the countdown printables! Too cute! There is definitely nothing more magical than Disney World! I’m so glad your family had a wonderful time. We went for our first time at the end of June and we can’t wait to go back!

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