PicMonkey Saves the Day {Last Minute End-of-Year Treats for Teacher, Students, & Dad}

*I want to be 100% lucid here, PicMonkey and I have a thing going on…. if you click a link and upgrade {eh hem} I get a little sumptin’ sumptin’, just keeping it real 🙂

I just love PicMonkey !!  Seriously, if I have forgotten to buy a card or tags, I turn to my good ol’ reliable PicMonkey and Pinterest. <3

With SO much commotion accompanying all the end-of-the-school-year-hustle-and-bustle, I had to think-up a quick little thank you for the teachers.  {Trust me I turned to PicMonkey during Teacher Appreciation Week too}

orange you gladWM

I made these little tags on PicMonkey.  After I printed them off I used glue dots and placed them on the cutest little orange and pink gift boxes I found at Target. Inside of the box we filled them with Tazo tea, orange mints, and Snappy Sorbet Sally Hansen Polish.


And for the Kinders: Again, using PicMonkey

Smartie Wraps

When I was in Kindergarten, I remember having my Kindergarten graduation, it was special, I felt like a BIG KID.  My parents beamed with pride with their huge chunky black camera with the brown funky strap, taking picture-after-picture of me in my printer paper graduation cap.  Sadly, I didn’t get to do the same.  Well, my son did have a Kindergarten end-of-year performance, but there weren’t diplomas or paper-made caps 🙁

Since that was the case, I decided the Kinders needed diplomas!  So, my special Kinder and I made tiny Smarties Diplomas for his classmates, hiding the message inside.

Mini Smarties Diploma

And today, the kids and I got to work on PicMonkey  for Father’s Day.  I cannot share all of their creations, but here’s one, I think some of you will love.

Father's Day Spurs

Do you love PicMonkey as much as I do?  Have you used PicMonkey’s new YOURS text feature? I love it! You can add your own fonts, from your computer.

Happy Creating!








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20 thoughts on “PicMonkey Saves the Day {Last Minute End-of-Year Treats for Teacher, Students, & Dad}”

  1. Those little orange gift boxes are the CUTEST! Trust me, as someone who worked in a school, I would have loved to receive that as a gift (none of the parents were as cool as you though, haha).

    xo Always, Abby

    1. Thank you. I love PicMonkey, I literally use it almost everyday! I’m sure you’re quite creative, it’s in you… let it out 🙂

    1. “JUST” Oh my gosh a real life newbie!!! Do you need help or advice, I’m here for you; I love PicMonkey. I’m glad you’ve turned to PM Side, you’ll love it, but trust me it’s addicting. PM is the reason it take me hours to post….

  2. I looove Pic Monkey, I think I use it almost every day! Those are such cute designs you made! My daughter’s last day of school is Monday and I need to get something together stat. She’s my first and I have no idea if I’m supposed to get little things for the kids in her class too.

    1. I swear you and are two peas in a pod girl! I’m on PicMonkey almost daily as well… it’s addicting.
      I don’t think you “have” to bring anything, but if you do, I’d do something small. I also helped bring goodies to the end-of-year party the kiddos had… nothing big just treats.
      P.S. I miss our Sundays.
      P.S.S Our Sundays are coming back this FALL!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Carrie.
      Confession time: the chalk picture is recycled from last year, we just added new words because the Spurs were playing the Championship this Father’s Day.
      Thankfully, our Spurs won last night 🙂
      Thanks for the visit.

    1. I agree with you Lisa! It’s super easy, and if you don’t know something the PM blog and countless tutorials on Pinterest are quite helpful.
      Thanks for the visit.

    1. I use PM for everything too! This year I made the kiddos’ class Valentines using PicMonkey… truly it’s the best.
      And thank you!

  3. I am definitely a fan of PicMonkey! Love the Father’s Day picture and what a neat idea with the teacher’s bags and the diplomas. With all these budget cuts schools have had to cut back on a lot of the stuff they used to do and give out at kindergarten graduations when were kids. It’s nice that you stepped up to the plate to help out. I’m looking forward to helping out in my kids’ classes this year!

    1. Thank you.
      I hate to see all the budget cuts, it makes me sad.
      You’re going to love helping out at the school, it’s such a rewarding feeling.
      Thanks for dropping in.

  4. Such cute ideas! I really like that PicMonkey now lets you use fonts from your computer, especially since I often use it to make graphics for my blog. Now it can all match, yay!

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