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School’s Out for Summer…. #WW

I cannot believe how incredibly fast this school year flew by.  I remember crying and singing the blues because my “baby” was entering Kindergarten.  Now, all three of my babies have  made us {hubby & I} proud, by doing wonderfully this school year.  My husband and I both were a tad bit worried the move from Chicagoland to South Carolina would throw them off…. or better yet my homeschooling all three of them for a month.  Thankfully, they transitioned well and surpassed all expectations! I’m super proud.

With the end of the school year, I was quite busy getting things ready for class parties, teachers gifts, summer activities, as well as going back and fourth to the kiddos’ schools to celebrate.

Here is a glimpse of some of the end-of-year activities


Last Days of 2014 School Year


Pictures from the >>>beginning of the school year, where does time go?

My plan is to enjoy the time I have with these three this summer, it goes by waaaaaaaaaay too fast.

What are your plans this summer?






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2 thoughts on “School’s Out for Summer…. #WW”

    1. Thank you, Jen. I honestly wish we could save time in a bottle. My heart cannot take this rapid speed. I heard the cliche a million times from other parents “they grow up so fast” I use to get annoyed, but you know what…. they were right. Wise Owls.
      I’m trying to take in the 86,400 seconds we have in a day.
      Thanks for stopping in sweetheart!

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