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My Mood {Tunesday Tuesday}

I’m linking up to Tunesday Tuesday today.
Tunesday Tuesday is a linky hosted by The Patchwork Paisley,MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughterMomma Candy, and Drinking the Whole Bottle…. they pick the Theme, you pick your Song.
This week the lovely ladies from Tunesday Tuesday picked:

Oh dear… I have so many moods right now. I’m a freakin’ roller coaster…. I’m overjoyed, underwhelmed, overwhelmed, stressed, happy, disappointed in my Cowboys☆, worried, anxious, and elated.  Is there a song for that?

I know I just confused the heck out of you, right?  Well, I’m obviously 100% happy my family and I made it to beautiful South Carolina safely.  
We are all in love with the beach!!! ⚓
However, our corporate housing is not near the beach   
I never knew beach-life was our life, we love it, and want to be near it.

Finding a home near the beach, with good schools, is hard because everyone wants that life too– I guess.  People are charging extra for that life… whaaa!

I don’t want to complain, because I do have a spot for the next 30 days rent free.  This apartment is a tad bit bigger than my house in Illinois, and the laundry room in our apartment is a true laundry room not the little closet laundry room I had back home.  Oh, it’s the little things….

The city we’re staying in doesn’t have much here, it’s rural meets suburbs, and as much as I hate to admit this out loud… I’m kind of use to the suburb-life.

All of our Christmas decor is packed away in storage, we don’t have a tree, hell, we haven’t even bought presents!  
We’re holding out on the tree, in hopes we’ll find a place soon, but I think we may be here for the holidays. 


{The kiddos St.Nick» boots «that are packed up}

St.Nick’s day came and the kiddos left out their chanclas (flip flops) for St.Nick to fill.  The kiddos received candy, and St. Nick even added some lights to our apartment along with snowflakes, and candy canes… he must have felt bad that we had no Holiday cheer up in here. 😉

I do too.  I want to give the kiddos a home for the holidays… I want to give them Christmas that they’ve known.

Coming here to SC, one of my biggest concerns was having the three of my babies adjust and be happy.  Right now, it doesn’t feel like Christmas …. maybe it will all change soon. 
I need to add more Christmas activities to our lives; since I’m homeschooling the kiddos right now, I plan on added some of those activities to the curriculum 

My song only for nostalgia-sake 


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