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On Being a Professional Blogger #NaBloPoMo


Day 4 #NaBlogPoMo Prompt: 

Do you consider yourself a “professional” blogger? Why or why not? What does that mean to you?

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Pardon the interruption, your regularly scheduled daily #NaBloPoMo post will continue after this short message…

Mermaid at the Beach

Love was born from war.

13 long months away he had to stay.

I remember the day the Beatles played, and Love was born.

We spoke your name for the first time, because even through war, Love won.

It’s easy, all you need is love, all we need is you.

Our Love, we love you.

Happy Birthday!

Birthday Girl

Now back to your #NaBloPoMo post already in progress…..

Am I a professional blogger?  Do I blog for money, food, lights, and water?  Well, yeah, it would be nice to say that I made bank for doing so, but at this time I’m striving to get there. I think I’m in the minors, but I know I’m going to make it to the bigs.

Never Fear The Game|Quote| Babe Ruth | The Great Bambino| Baseball


I had the privilege to blog for Tots to Teens magazine, and also edit five digital issues, which was such a learning experience.  This blog has had its rebirth, I’ve been blogging to blog for the sake of blogging for a year now (say that five times), and it has been great.  Previously, I was blogging for my Etsy shop under another blog name, but for some reason I just kept my old content, and kept renaming my blog.  I didn’t post daily, sometimes I didn’t even post weekly, the blog was there, collecting cyber dust.

I had no idea there was a world out there for bloggers to build community.  I love blog community.

I get by with a little help from my friends

{Professional} Blogging isn’t all about making bank to me, it’s also about community building, and that’s where I am at now.  I’m surrounded by some really awesome bloggers, who lift me, encouraging me, and in that respect, I am rich!

Like Nene?

 I’ll get to the bigs in due time…..


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17 thoughts on “On Being a Professional Blogger #NaBloPoMo”

  1. Community. We have a great one growin here and I love it. I think each of has the potential for that Pro status and we will get there…when it’s time. Until then love, support and encourage – the best way to be the best at anything!

    1. Agreed, agreed, AND agreed! I love our community, it’s the best– we are VERY RICH! I see big things for all of us. I know we will encourage each other all the way.

  2. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

    You know what drives me crazy about a lot of professional bloggers? Their blogs become sponsored post after sponsored post. Sadly, so many of them lose their voices and simply do it for the check. Do I want to be a successful blogger? Hells yes, but I won’t sell my soul for it. I had a sad defeat a couple of weeks ago that really threw me into a major funk. I wanted to quit blogging all together because of a stupid generic email.

    But you my dear, you’re a blogger I’m inspired by daily. You’ll make it baby. You’ll be a major star and I’ll be cheering for you all along the way! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Chastity, she had a great birthday 🙂

      I don’t ever want to lose my voice, especially since I’m working SO hard to get it, to let go would be a shame. Would I like more sponsored posts, I would be a liar to say NO…. I do. However, with each sponsored post I receive I want to make it me.
      I’m sorry, to hear someone upset you last week, that’s no bueno. Shake them haters off!

      Thanks, Chastity, it’s sweet encouragement form you and others that keep me going.

      1. You totally rock sponsored posts! It’s the blogs that become pure sponsored posts and the lack of originality to the posts that makes me sad. I like blogs that mix maybe 20%-30% sponsored with the rest being original content. You got to be you, right? xoxo

  3. Aww, happy birthday to your little girl! Wow, such a special birthday. I was feel with too much love and feelings to write a post about my sons birthday. It literally would have been pages long, so I chose to keep it in my heart and love and snuggle him for his birthday. I also baked him a smash cake that he didn’t smash, lol! The sugar may or may not have made him gag and throw up in his daddy’s work uniform. Anyhow, as I digress I applaud you for being able to write so eloquently and concise to celebrate your daughters birthday!

    As yes, in due time you will make it to the big time! I can’t wait to see where you take your blog. And I totally didn’t know you used to have an Etsy shop! What’d you sell?? You should totally open it back up! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tenns. I always toddle on the thought, should I or shouldn’t I post about my kids’ b-days. I think most people could care less, but yet, this is my space, and although, I could write a million lengthy chapters about the babies, I want to share a little something.
      Poor baby, well maybe, you won’t have to worry about him wanting too much sugar.

      Yes, in due time, my friend, in due time. I sold tutus and hair clips 🙂

  4. First, how did I not know you had an Etsy shop? Do you still have it? Second, happy (belated) birthday to your daughter! Finally, it really is about the community! I could not keep doing this every day if it weren’t for people like you to cheer me on and to let me know I’m not writing to the air!

    1. It’s been a while since I had an Etsy shop.
      Thank you, she had a HAPPY birthday 🙂
      I agree the community is THE BEST! I’m happy for encouraging friends like you.

    1. Well, this is a bummer, I’m impatient.
      I’m enjoying NaBloPoMo, I’m behind today, because of yesterday with my baby girl and my Thank You Notes Linkup.
      I plan on having today’s NaBloPoMo posted later tonight or early tomorrow. Thanks for asking 🙂
      Wishing you and your family a fun weekend!

  5. I’m a professional blogger in my head, but in reality not so much. There is never enough time and my posts are never as good as I envisioned them and decent photos – what are those. I don’t really try to make money anymore; I can barely find time to answer my comments. I do love the community and I’m sure that is why I’ve stuck with it. What better way for an introvert like me to be social.

    I usually skip over the sponsored posts so for those of you going that route make sure you continue to mix them in with your own material.

    1. ARGHHH!!! I am SO SORRY!! I’m just seeing your comment, and I apologize for my delayed response.
      In my head, I too am a professional blogger. 😀 The best ideas come to me in the shower, and once I sit down to write them out, they’re never as good.
      I want to figure out how to do it all– I’m a work in progress.
      The community is the best, and yes, it keeps me going. I think that’s why I come down on myself SO hard when I miss comments, delay commenting back, or I don’t post often… it’s a juggling act for sure.

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