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Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes {3}

Thank You Notes #Linkup

So, I’m going to be totally honest with you here, this week zoomed by at a rapid nonrealistic speed! I’m totally running behind, but hey, it’s time for THANK YOU NOTES!!

Thank You, Jimmy!

As always Thank You, Jimmy, for Thank You Notes, I always enjoy your notes. I could watch a whole show of Thank You Notes.


Thank you, candy, for taunting me.  Sure my Cowboys lost, but really must you be there for me to drown my sorrows in?   Just Me & My Halloween Candy Thank you, Babe, for our coffee date. I love that we had fancy smancy coffee next to Batman. BATMAN Sighting Coffee for two Love Of My Life Hubby & Coffee Thank you, weekend of cold weather, that was awesome, let’s do it again!  We enjoyed layering up and walking around in the cold, oh, and stopping in for soup at Atlanta Bread. Chilly Saturday A NOTE FROM MY SON: Thank you, awesome neighbors for giving out full sized candy bars.  Because I'm Happy… Thank you, 173,489 #iVoted {Sticker} Election Day Selfie-Taking IGers, it was nice to see you did your civic duty! Like. That's What's Up #iVoted Thank you, Claire’s, for giving me the opportunity to be on the other side of the chair a bazillion years later 🙂 Claire's Thank you, #NaBloPoMo, for pushing me to blog everyday.  This should be easy…. Just Keep Writing|Writing|AmWriting|Blog|Blogging|WriteOn|NaBloPoMo Thank you, Starbucks!! The red cups are baaaack, it’s #RedCupGangsta time 🙂 Starbucks|The family that Starbucks together Thank you, everyone who thought Stelladolares was real, and to those of you who said StellaD’s should be real.  I’m thinking I should enter the Shark Tank.   Stelladolares Logo   Thank you, kiddos for growing up too fast, I enjoy sulking and drowning my sorrows in your Halloween bounty.   Birthday Girl   cut the cake   Thank you, Friday!!

Wait, one more thank you. Thank you, Courtney for the line I’m about to use that I jacked from your linkup last week 🙂  

Now, in your best Jimmy Fallon voice, share YOUR Thank You Notes:    

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19 thoughts on “Thank You Notes {3}”

  1. What a busy, but oh so wonderful week you have had!! I love the pictures of your coffee date. I love that you and Mr. AOK, make time for each other amongst the hustle bustle of the week. Umm also that picture of your sweet (not so baby) baby boy kills me!! Holy smokes why is he so adorable!? Love to you all!

    1. This week was NUTS! But good seasonal roasted nuts 🙂
      I hope Mr. AOK, and I will be able to *still* make time for US time, with the upcoming change…
      I know, I don’t know why he keeps disobeying me… he won’t STOP growing. He’s like a weed in the spring, I just need him and his sisters, to SLOW DOWN.
      Love always,

  2. I love that picture of your son about the full size candy bars! That was always a major score when we were kids. Looks like you had a busy and fun week. Is that your daughter getting her ears pierced for the first time? I wanted to wait till my daughter was older to get hers done and my friends think I’m crazy for waiting. Hope you have a great weekend!!

    1. Full sized candy bars were everything, right!?! My kids even received Z-Bars 🙂
      My daughter actually got her second holes put in. However, my youngest daughter doesn’t have her ears pierced, because after my tween’s 1st ear piercing experience, I wanted my baby girl to wait it out.
      She just turned 9, and she is totally cool with waiting some more 🙂
      I hope you have a great weekend, too!

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 This was my first visit EVER to Atlanta Bread Company, I have to say I was pleasantly pleased. I’m a Panera-lover, but we don’t have one here in my city, Atlanta Bread Co. seems like a yummy substitute.
      Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  3. Aww, that picture of your son is adorable! And how exciting that your daughter got her ears pierced. I got one of my holes at Claire’s years ago. How did she do with it?

    1. Thank you, he is quite adorable, he gets that from me… okay… from my honey too.
      I got my cartilage pierced years ago at a mall Claire’s, oh memories 🙂
      She did really good, she didn’t flinch or cry, she’s tough.

  4. Atlanta Bread Company sounds as good as Stelladolares! I’m sure it’s quite real, though.
    And I can’t believe the red cups are back and I love that someone gave out full sized candy bars!! That was always a rare treat when I was a kid.
    Claire’s brings back memories! It was my 10th birthday!

    1. Atlanta Bread Company, is pretty good, it will have to work as a Panera Bread alternate. I love Panera, and sadly, there are none here in my city, but there are some close enough to drive to.
      Full sized candy was totally a big deal when I was a kid, and very rare. Next year, I will have to get out full-sized candy here, too. We actually didn’t have very many trick-or-treaters, we live in a small circle.
      Claire’s brought back memories for me as well.

    1. HEY MEG!!
      I’m happy to hear you’re getting back in the swing of things 🙂 I’ll be there to cheer you on.
      I would love for you linkup to Thank You Notes, this is my second one 🙂

    1. Nope, it’s not real. I’m thinking since I have some interest, I *should* hit up Shark Tank, Mama needs a new truck 🙂

      Thank you, I’ll take half the credit on that.

    1. Yes, yes, and yes!! Perfection, indeed.
      I think you would love my husband, he makes fresh bread for the kids’ lunches every other week 🙂 I love it, but hate it, because I want to eat it all 😉

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