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Q & A With Sweet Face Studio #BlogDesign #Etsy

I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing my friend, Tenns.  Tenns owns Sweet Face Studio, a web and graphic design studio that I LOVE!  Sweet Face Studio is stocked full of goodies from blog templates, social media icons, planners, business cards, and beautiful digital wallpapers.  I’ll let Tenns tell you more 🙂

Q & A with Sweet Face Studio| Blog design| Blog | Blog Themes| Blog Tips

Q&A with Sweet Face Studio


AOK: What services does Sweet Face Studio offer?
SFS: Sweet Face Studio is a web and graphic design studio that specializes in beautiful websites, blog themes, and branding as well an array of high quality digital and graphic design products.

AOK: Can you share with everyone what they can expect from your shop?
SFS: You can expect fun, girly, and high quality digitally designed products and compassionate service ready to meet your needs. We go above and beyond to not only produce the best products we can, but to provide the absolute best customer service, always going above and beyond the normal call of duty to insure that our clients are satisfied through the entirety of their project. We value and love our clients!

AOK: Where did the name Sweet Face Studio come from?

SFS: The name came from one of the many nicknames, or rather terms of endearment that I call my son.  I wanted my business to represent something close to my heart, but still have a clear distinction of what type of business, we are, hence the “Studio” in our name.

AOK: Do you have a favorite design?
SFS: Honestly, I love all the designs. I go back and forth at different times, depending on what I’m working on as to what designs I like the most. I’ll probably say I’m a little more partial to the web designs, since I love building and creating sites.

AOK: Being a blogger and designer, how does that affect how you do things? Do you think that helps or hurts your process?

SFS: You know it really depends! It definitely helps when it comes to web design, because being a blogger myself, I’m already inside of the head of a blogger, and so I know what they’re looking for in regards to design. I will say that at times, I get caught up in designing and blogging takes a backseat. Fortunately, given that they are both creative outlets for me, I can switch back and forth if I feel I’m getting burnt out. Also, my time is limited, because I’m a full-time SAHM/WAHM, and I have to keep my priorities straight and put my family first. Sometimes, there’s just not enough time in the day to do all three, and being a mom will NEVER fall by the wayside… nor will being a wife!

AOK: What is one thing you see missing on most blogs, that you would add?
SFS: Oh gosh, I think as a designer, I’m always seeing something on every blog I visit. No design is perfect, so there’s always something that can be improved upon, added, or changed. This includes my own blog, because I’m constantly changing it and finding things I’d like to add or take away. If anything I recommend all bloggers have very noticeable social media links. Whether these are icons, buttons, text links, etc., having a noticeable way for people to read out to you is a must.

AOK: How often should bloggers/business owners update their website?
SFS: You know, there’s no set rule on this. I update my site as I feel needed, but most of the time it’s small changes like moving things around. I rarely do a complete overhaul, where I’m completely rebranding myself. Refreshing can happen whenever a blogger feels like they need to change things with their sites. However, a complete rebrand should happen sparingly and for a specific reason or goal. I don’t recommend rebranding, just because you have a new design. Rebranding is pretty much a re-introduction. If you not “introducing” yourself, don’t do a rebrand or a complete overhaul. Revamping and refreshing is usually minimal and sticks with your same or similar design elements that you already have.

AOK: You wrote a post on branding, can you share a little about branding for bloggers?
SFS: Ha! I might have answered this a little in the previous question, but I’ll go into a bit more detail here. Branding is so important, because it’s not just about your header or logo image or other design elements of your site. It is all encompassing, representing you, how you are, what you offer, and how you do it. It’s the overall feel of you or your product. You want your branding to represent you as well as possible. For a Blogger, you branding is important, because when someone lands on your site, they need to get an immediate feel of who you are. They should be able to feel for lack of a better phrase, your essence when they land on your site. It also allows companies who may reach out to you to get a better idea of who are, makes you look more professional, and provides an attractive aesthetic that is appealing. This is especially important for the blogger that is looking to monetize or blog professionally.

AOK: Besides blogging, business, and branding, you have incredible printables! What are a few of your favorite designs?
SFS: Thanks so much hun! I love creating, and although I’ve always been creative, this is the first time it has manifested itself in a way in which I can honestly see that it makes people happy. I really do have so many favorite designs! If you’re talking about my own designs, again I’m partial to my web designs, because they’re probably the ones I’m most proud of. I’m completely self-taught as a developer and designer, and it’s a huge learning curve that I just so happen to have a knack for. However, it hasn’t come without many sleepless nights. Secondly, I love, love, love my business card designs. They are probably my absolute favorite after web design. To have my designs as a part of someone’s collateral, branding is so amazing. I mean, these people are out and about passing out their business card to customers and clients, and I created them. It’s like 6 degrees of separation… in an unconventional way I guess. It’s just really cool!

That is cool 🙂

AOK: Do you have anything new in your shop for the holidays?
SFS: I do! I listed some holiday printables a while back that I really love. I also have some new blog themes (that are commerce-ready too) in the shop and some super chic and fun cell phone wallpapers. I’ll most likely take a design hiatus for the holidays to decompress and get inspired, so I got everything in the shop early therefore people have plenty of time to shop!

AOK: If you were to take your services to the Shark Tank, which “Shark” would you choose?
SFS: My goodness, I don’t even know! I’ve only seen the show a few times here and there, so I’m not super familiar with the individuals on there. However, I do know the concept, and with that being said, I’d choose the one that I felt was most compelled by my mission and really believed in and respected me and my business.

If you’re asking… Mark Cuban, is the computer guy and Robert. I believe the two of them are the ones who invest the most in online businesses. 🙂

Thank you, Tenns, for sharing with us today! Please check out Sweet Face Studio, you’re going to LOVE all the goodies, Sweet Face Studio has to offer.  Right now is a great time to check out Sweet Face Studio, there’s a sale running today through Monday (12/1/14).

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  1. Thanks so much lady for doing this Q&A and sharing all about my shop! I sincerely appreciate it and please let me know if you ever have any design needs yourself! :::wink, wink::: Have a lovely day and I look forward to returning the favor soon! 🙂

    1. It is totally my pleasure to share your work. I truly enjoy everything you create 🙂
      Happy to call you my… friend 🙂

    1. Thank you, you’re going to LOVE Tenns’ shop, it’s filled with such awesome goodies! No, Tenns, did not design my site, but I’m thinking we’re going to have to work together at some point 🙂

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