Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans
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Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika {Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans}

*This post contains affiliate links.

Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap

You may or may not know, but chances are you do know that I make up half of the fearsome duo of Sweet PROGRESS Box Swaps. You know that, right? Because you visit me often, right? Well, if you didn’t know that we need to chat more often!


The other half of  Sweet Progress Box Swap is Ashley from Happy Pretty SWEET. Ashley is such a dear, I adore her! I’m happy to partner with her to spread blogger mailbox love every season. 🙂 And this season… this wonderful season we’re celebrating…

I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in LOVE WITH FALL AND I don’t care who knows it!!

But you know who knows it, Erika. Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans, who has never ever met me in real life, she gets it. She knows my love for fall is deep and you know what she did, she showered me with fall mail. LIKE INSANELY AWESOME FALL MAIL!! But before I start gushing over how awesome my fall box is, let me tell you a little bit about Erika and her super cool blog. When I visit Erika’s blog I’m instantly inspired by her fashion and her impeccable nail polish skills!! I want to one day achieve fashion and good nails like Erika. Seriously, you have to check out her beautiful nails. Besides being super stylish, she’s super sweet, loves cats, and HAPPY MAIL!

My Sweet Progress Fall Box Reveal

So what did Erika send me….


Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans

Is the suspense killing you? Because my girls couldn’t take it, I was snapping pictures of the process and they were right next to me waiting impatiently to see what was in this superbly packaged box. Also, Erika left me a sweet note on each package explaining why she sent the corresponding item. So sweet.

Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans

Are ready? Here it is!!

Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans

Isn’t this box AWESOME!?!

Okay, okay, here’s what was inside my fall box swap box:

♡  One Bad Apple by Sheila Connolly

♡  Forever 21 Rusty Red Infinity Scarf

♡  Forever 21 Layered Leaf Necklace Set

♡  Donut Key Chain

♡  Ciate Dangerous Affair Nail Polish

♡  And Herb the Turkey and Pumpkin Spice Lindt CHOCOLATES


How adorable are these boxes?!?

One Bad Apple seems like a deliciously suspenseful autumn thriller that pairs well with my pumpkin spice chocolates and a good cup of coffee. I can’t wait to dive into this read. The scarf will be worn over and over I’m sure. Because I love fall so much Erika wanted me to wear my love of fall and fall leaves all year round. I’m thinking of splitting up the leaves and giving one to each of my fall-loving baby girls. 🙂 THE DONUT KEY CHAIN… has someone visited my Instagram. 🙂  I hope I can make my nails look half as good as Erika with my luxurious new Ciate nail polish. Herb, my new turkey, is already hanging up waiting for all the turkey love that is to come this Thanksgiving season. Time to put away all the spiders and all things Halloween. Because it’s NOVEMBER!!!

Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans

Thank you SO MUCH, ERIKA!! I love every.single.thing! I’m so happy we were partnered up. 🙂

Don’t forget to visit Erika at Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans to see what I sent her.

Do you want to see everyone else’s fall box swap reveals?


PSSST… Winter is COMING! Don’t miss out!

Winter is Coming!

Do you want in on the WINTER box swap?  We have a reminder email signup, we’ll email when it’s time to sign up for the next swap. 🙂

These are few of my favorite links this week.
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These are a Few of My Favorite Links

I’m taking a little break this week. My babies are on holiday (I just wanted to sound fancy)… Spring Break, so I thought I’d try to step away from the computer a little more this week. I will be a little slower than usually replying and visiting back, but I will respond and visit. I figured this would be a great time to share a few of my favorite links I visited this week. Maybe I’ll make this a regular post, share a few of my favorite links each week, we shall see. 🙂

These are few of my favorite links this week.

A Few of My Favorite Links this week

I honestly visited so many awesome links this week and last week, I wish I could share them all. Perhaps, that’s why I should make this a weekly thing or bi-weekly thing. Anyway enough of me thinking out loud. I hope you’re having a wonderful week!!




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10 Gifts for Bloggers {Gift Guide}

 *This post contains affiliate links, these links do not cost you anything- well, unless you decide to buy something- there is NOT an added charge. When you use the links you help me keep this blog running annnnnd you may even buy me a coffee. Ummm… this girl LOVES coffee and blogging, so yeah, if you like something CLICK THE LINK. 🙂  Pssst… everything here is UNDER $100

Blogger Gift Guide

10 Gifts for BloggersThis year I decided to try my hand at gift-guiding (it’s a thing). I don’t know if you know this but I use to help create the pages for Tots To Teens Magazine’s gift guides, I loved it! We started our Holiday Magazine waaaaayyy in advance, there were times in October I was pulling out decorations to use as props for the December issue. I enjoyed working with the various companies and the excitement of opening packages to see what may make our list. Naturally, when deciding to create a few gift guides for my blog I got all nostalgic and missed my magazine days. I’ve created three fun themed gift guides, guides I think you can relate to: Gifts for Bloggers, Gifts for Creatives, and Gifts for Coffee Lovers. I basically put together a grownup wish list. (eh hem…)



Gift Guide for Bloggers

10 Gifts for Bloggers {Gift Guide}

1) #GirlBoss  by Sophia Amoruso| I’ve already read #GirlBoss, wrote about it, and would still like my own copy. After reading Sophia’s story and her philosophy on #GirlBoss-ing I think you’ll feel highly motivated to get  your hustle on! 🙂

2) Speaking of Hustlin’ this Everyday I’m Hustling mug by Fifth and Ivy is the perfect desk companion. If you’re anything like me you have a mug full of coffee or tea next to you while you’re writing.

Everyday I'm Hustling Mug| Blogger Gift Guide

3) FONTS WONDERFUL FONTS!! I’m a font fanatic, I’m actually borderline hoarder-ish when it comes to font collecting.  You can collect fonts too! These watercolor fonts by Angie Makes would make the perfect addition to any blog or newsletter.

Gift Guide For Bloggers| Watercolor Fonts via Angie Makes

4) Here’s a truth bomb, I only take photos for my blog using my iPhone! I’m not the only iPhoneographer, you know who you are. Here’s a little something to help with taking even better pictures using your iPhone.| Universal 3-in-1 Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 6 Plus, iPad, and other Mobile Devices.

5) Are you already deciding to resolve to be organized for 2016? I am. Which Erin Condren Life Planner will you choose to help you do just that?

Erin Condren Planner| Gift Guide for Bloggers

6) I’ve heard wonderful things about Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative, it’s on my reading list and eh hem wish list.

 You don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be yourself. That’s the message from Austin Kleon, a young writer and artist who knows that creativity is everywhere, creativity is for everyone. A manifesto for the digital age, Steal Like an Artist is a guide whose positive message, graphic look and illustrations, exercises, and examples will put readers directly in touch with their artistic side. – On Amazon

7) Embrace Your Narrative! (insert hands in the air emoji) As bloggers, writers, doers, thinkers, creators, or whatever you want to call yourself, you should embrace your narrative. This bracelet by Emery Drive is the perfect reminder.

Gift Guide for Bloggers| Embrace Your Narrative Bracelet by Emery Drive

8) Have you ever wondered where everyone was getting all those pretty images, the ones that show up in your inbox, Instagram feeds, and on your computer screen? Many bloggers are investing in styled stock photos, JCM Photo has beautiful styled stock photos at reasonable prices. Now your newsletter, Instagram, and blog/shop images can look just as fancy. 😉

Gift Guide for Bloggers| Styled Stock by JCM Photo

9) If you’re a blogger or you’re friends with a blogger you know we are infatuated with notebooks. We need paper and pen to write the words and ideas in our heads available at all times.|Blog Ideas notebook

Gift Guide for Bloggers| Blog Ideas Notebook

10) New year, new look! If you’re thinking about giving your blog a makeover or gifting a blog makeover this Decadence template is sweet perfection.

Gift Guide for Bloggers| Decadence Premade Blog Template by Sweet Face Studio


You cannot go wrong with a Starbucks gift card, EVER.

Starbucks Gift Card| Gift Guide for Bloggers

p.s Don’t forget the pens! We need pens to write in our planners and 50 million notebooks! 😀

What’s on your blog wish list?

Sunshine Box Swap| Box Swap| Happy Mail| Blogger Box Swap| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress
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Sunshine Box Swap| Box Swap| Happy Mail| Blogger Box Swap| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

What better way to kick off summer than with a box full of sunshine, right?!

My lovely friend Abby and I are delighted to invite you to celebrate the start of summer with a fun #SunshineBoxSwap!

If you visit me often (please say you do) you know I LOVE happy mail! I love sending it and receiving it, so creating this swap with Abby has me all excited for summer.

I have participated in a few swaps, I have hosted a few, I have even became friends with some of the best people in the world through swaps.

If you have never participated in a box swap before, basically you are teamed with a partner and prepare a special box of goodies just for them.  You swap boxes and then write a reveal blog post sharing what you received and your swapping experience.  We will be hosting a link-up so everyone can connect and showcase their Sunshine Box!


If you would like to join us please fill out the form below:

We hope you will sign up and say “Hello” to summer with a Happy Mail Day!!  Sign-ups are open now!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or send me an email: mrs.aok [at] gmail [dot] com

Happy {almost} Summer!!

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I Love the Blogging Sisterhood!


Heather, from Life of a Traveling Navy Wife  nominated 8 bloggers for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award last week and I was one of them. 🙂 It means SO much to me that Heather thought of me, I cheerfully accept her nomination! I am incredibly grateful to be a part of such a beautiful sisterhood that encourages, inspires, and spreads kindness- blogger perk.

Life of a Traveling Navy Wife

Have you visited Heather’s blog? She blogs about her life as a “Traveling” Navy wife, she shares about her travels, life, and reviews.  She is pretty bad ass too!

As part of my nomination, Heather has given me 10 questions to answer and then she will jump me in. 🙂

My questions:
1. You’re trapped on an island and can only listen to ONE album (assume you have something to play music with). Which is it?


That is super tough!!! Just one? Hmm… I will go with the first album that came to mind: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I loved that album when it came out; I grew to love it more once I was a grown up with grown up problems.
2. Why do you KEEP blogging?

The smart ass in my wants to say, “Because I want to,” however the real answer is a bit more deep.  I blog because blogging has saved me from myself.  Writing has always been a form of expression for me, blogging has become extremely therapeutic for me. I am no longer stuck with thoughts suspended without a place to neatly rest them.  And, although that is nice, the community, the “sisterhood” is a bonus!  A bonus I did not expect, but thankfully receive. :: blows kisses your way::

3. When you have been most satisfied with your life?

Party of Five King Street

I’m satisfied when I hold my babies or read them a story.

I’m satisfied in laughter and good home cooked meals.

I’m satisfied when the five or us are all together laughing.

Starbucks|The family that Starbucks together

I’m satisfied when coffee is pumping through my veins.

I’m satisfied when I’m in my husband’s arms.

I’m satisfied when I write something good or do something good for this world.

As for life, I will always want to do a little more.  I need to do more good for this world, I’m not done, therefore I am not satisfied.  🙂
4. Do you have a spirit animal? What is it?

So, I took a quiz for this question 🙂 I had never thought about my “spirit animal” turns out I was/am a BEAR!


Per PlayBuzz-

The Bear: You are the compass of love. People come to you with relationship issues, heartbreak issues, and you’re perfectly fine with that. It’s hard when you’re away from the people that love you. You never do anything alone, a trip for one, has no interest to you unless it’s a trip to find love that you don’t have.

To you, the best thing in the world is your husband or wife. To everyone else, they love you for your mercy and forgiveness, because you offer both easily. However, when someone makes you angry enough where it’s hard to forgive them, just remember that they are human. You would want their forgiveness as well. 

5. What question do you hate to answer?

Do you have a spirit animal? HAHA! I’m kidding!

How about: “Are they all yours?”  WTF!!! I only have three children, I’m not the freakin’ Octomom.


6. Tell us something about you that’s “off-the-wall”.

Well, this may not be off-the-wall for you, but it is certainly off-the-wall to me, I haven’t lived in Texas in 10 YEARS! I was born and raised in Texas.


7. What is the top item on your bucket-list and have you accomplished it?

I am not sure what my “top” item is on the bucket-list, but I can tell you I have plenty I want to accomplish.  I need more travel in my life, more writing, a farm, and I also need to meet a few people.
8. What is your happy place?

Here comes the cheese…. #SorryNotSorry

Laying my head on my husband’s chest every night after we’ve tucked the babies in for the night. We’ve tackled the day, we tagged teamed, and we rejoin each other {TWSS} just the two of us knowing we’re doing alright. 🙂

9. Which family members would you choose to appear on Family Feud with you?

Good question, my husband and I have discussed this.  I would choose: My husband, my brother-in-law, my sister, and my sister-in-law.
10. And last but not least, an ummm, unique one from the hubs: If you were given a giraffe and were required to keep it for one year, and you don’t have the option to say ‘no’, what would you do with it? (Ummm, I swear he hasn’t been drinking LOL).

Very interesting question! Hmmm… Can I give it away and check in on it all year?  If I am allowed to give my new giraffe Pepe away, I would send him Courtney’s way.  Every time I see anything giraffe I think of her or my mother-in-law.  No offense to my mother-in-law, I’m just not sure I would want her to care for the giraffe. Plus, how much fun would the boys have if their Mama owned a giraffe! That sounds like the beginning of a really good children’s book Mrs. Courtney’s Twins and Their Pet Giraffe Pepe.


And the nominees are……


Courtney, of course! This girlie embodies sisterhood! She has given me so much sisterly love in the short time we’ve known each other.  I love this woman!


Bev , is such a dear sweet friend. Supportive, caring, and inspiring are words that come to mind. Thankful to have her as part of the sisterhood.

The Chronicles of Chaos

Mia,  I have NOTHING but good things to say about this sweet woman!!!  I am SO glad the two of us have connected, she is the epitome of sisterhood.  Mia is cheering me on this year to chase my dreams.


Tamara, is such a kind soul, her words are inspiring and comments are some of the best. I am happy to call Tamara, friend. Tamara IS blogging sisterhood.


Chastity, SUPPORTER, SUPPORTER, ENCOURAGER. I am thankful for this lady! If there is someone who can make me smile with her kind words, it’s Chastity. 🙂


I cannot mention sisterhood, without mentioning my girls Tenns and Tiffany! These two ladies are my go-to-gals on all things blogging.  We have had plenty of text chats about blog life and I always walk away knowing I’m a lucky gal to have these two.  I love that we met each other for the first time at Bloggy Boot Camp this past October and people swore we had to have known each other IRL.  That’s how lucky I am.


Karen, I don’t remember how I ‘met’ her, but I’m sure glad I did.  Karen and I have stayed blogging friends through a few blogging changes on both ends. She is such a sweetheart!


Shelly = sisterhood.  This woman has been the longest standing member of my blogging sisterhood! Well,  if you count blogging as writing notes back in fourth-commenting– in class. 😀 I love this woman and despite anything that ever was or will ever be, she will always have my heart and loyalty. Libra much?

BONUS: YOU! I could keep going and going, because this sisterhood has been good to me, read #2 again. Please answer the questions if you would like and let me know if you did.  I would love to read your answers.  I love each and every one of you! Thank you for your support <3


Here are my 10 questions for YOU, should you choose to accept your nomination:

1. Come up with a mathematical formula to express a good day. {Extra points if you add coffee : ) }

2. What is the first thing you do every morning?

3. Pretty please take the spirit animal quiz too.  Do you agree with your spirit animal per the quiz?

4. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

5. What are three blogging goals you have for the month of March?

6. I’m stealing Heather’s question: What keeps you blogging?

7. Does your name have a meaning? If so, what?  If not, make up your own meaning.

8. What are looking forward to this weekend?

9. You can have coffee with anyone, including me ;), who are your three guests?  What are we drinking?

10.  Would you ever sign up for a reality show?  If so, what type or create a name for your show.


Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who nominated you.
2. Add the award logo.
3. Answer the questions your nominator has asked.
4. Nominate 7 other blogs and let them know via comments.
5. Ask your nominees 10 questions.

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A Blogger’s Tell-Tale Tale

Oh, the thump, thump, thumping that has been going off in my head, it’s been something terrible, I have been trying to shake it off,  yet it hadn’t seized.  I thought I could muffle it with T.V while I folded laundry, because if I were idle the thumping would surely take over me… that did not work.  (However, I have to say Wendy Williams did provide me with some laughs.)  The thumping was slightly muted while with my family watching Christmas movies sippin‘ cocoa. However, somewhere in the back of my head the thumping was still there.  I am quite sure those around me heard the thumping, as I had relayed a few of  my concerns, however, they did not say they heard it too, it was just me.

Wheel of Fortune|Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

I was teaching the kids, and I had a quick minute to check emails while they were working on their project, while I sat there the thumping became down right boisterous. I knew what it was, but I stored it away,  I got up and finished my day.  This didn’t go on for one day, no, it went on for more, Tuesday, Wednesday, TODAY I couldn’t take it anymore.


I woke up with the thumping, I woke up to the thought of an empty screen, I fell asleep with a different idea for that empty screen, but here I am filling that screen, that screen I left empty for three whole days!  I saw the flickering light, I didn’t want it to blow out!

Just Keep Writing|Writing|AmWriting|Blog|Blogging|WriteOn|NaBloPoMo

My friend Tamara spoke of the lights going out on many blogs lately, I in NO WAY  want the lights to go out.  I know over the next few weeks, things may become slightly scarce around here.  I may hear a thumping, but I think it will be more of a mutter to me, I’m sure it will be muffled in holiday fun.  I certainly didn’t mean for a sparsity to begin, so here I am.  The thumping has seized, and the planning for the next few weeks will take place, perhaps that will help, and this will happen nevermore… {fingers crossed}

Make A Christmas Wish 2014| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Wishing you a stress free holiday!







Q & A with Sweet Face Studio| Blog design| Blog | Blog Themes| Blog Tips
Blog Love, Etsy

Q & A With Sweet Face Studio #BlogDesign #Etsy

I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing my friend, Tenns.  Tenns owns Sweet Face Studio, a web and graphic design studio that I LOVE!  Sweet Face Studio is stocked full of goodies from blog templates, social media icons, planners, business cards, and beautiful digital wallpapers.  I’ll let Tenns tell you more 🙂

Q & A with Sweet Face Studio| Blog design| Blog | Blog Themes| Blog Tips

Q&A with Sweet Face Studio


AOK: What services does Sweet Face Studio offer?
SFS: Sweet Face Studio is a web and graphic design studio that specializes in beautiful websites, blog themes, and branding as well an array of high quality digital and graphic design products.

AOK: Can you share with everyone what they can expect from your shop?
SFS: You can expect fun, girly, and high quality digitally designed products and compassionate service ready to meet your needs. We go above and beyond to not only produce the best products we can, but to provide the absolute best customer service, always going above and beyond the normal call of duty to insure that our clients are satisfied through the entirety of their project. We value and love our clients!

AOK: Where did the name Sweet Face Studio come from?

SFS: The name came from one of the many nicknames, or rather terms of endearment that I call my son.  I wanted my business to represent something close to my heart, but still have a clear distinction of what type of business, we are, hence the “Studio” in our name.

AOK: Do you have a favorite design?
SFS: Honestly, I love all the designs. I go back and forth at different times, depending on what I’m working on as to what designs I like the most. I’ll probably say I’m a little more partial to the web designs, since I love building and creating sites.

AOK: Being a blogger and designer, how does that affect how you do things? Do you think that helps or hurts your process?

SFS: You know it really depends! It definitely helps when it comes to web design, because being a blogger myself, I’m already inside of the head of a blogger, and so I know what they’re looking for in regards to design. I will say that at times, I get caught up in designing and blogging takes a backseat. Fortunately, given that they are both creative outlets for me, I can switch back and forth if I feel I’m getting burnt out. Also, my time is limited, because I’m a full-time SAHM/WAHM, and I have to keep my priorities straight and put my family first. Sometimes, there’s just not enough time in the day to do all three, and being a mom will NEVER fall by the wayside… nor will being a wife!

AOK: What is one thing you see missing on most blogs, that you would add?
SFS: Oh gosh, I think as a designer, I’m always seeing something on every blog I visit. No design is perfect, so there’s always something that can be improved upon, added, or changed. This includes my own blog, because I’m constantly changing it and finding things I’d like to add or take away. If anything I recommend all bloggers have very noticeable social media links. Whether these are icons, buttons, text links, etc., having a noticeable way for people to read out to you is a must.

AOK: How often should bloggers/business owners update their website?
SFS: You know, there’s no set rule on this. I update my site as I feel needed, but most of the time it’s small changes like moving things around. I rarely do a complete overhaul, where I’m completely rebranding myself. Refreshing can happen whenever a blogger feels like they need to change things with their sites. However, a complete rebrand should happen sparingly and for a specific reason or goal. I don’t recommend rebranding, just because you have a new design. Rebranding is pretty much a re-introduction. If you not “introducing” yourself, don’t do a rebrand or a complete overhaul. Revamping and refreshing is usually minimal and sticks with your same or similar design elements that you already have.

AOK: You wrote a post on branding, can you share a little about branding for bloggers?
SFS: Ha! I might have answered this a little in the previous question, but I’ll go into a bit more detail here. Branding is so important, because it’s not just about your header or logo image or other design elements of your site. It is all encompassing, representing you, how you are, what you offer, and how you do it. It’s the overall feel of you or your product. You want your branding to represent you as well as possible. For a Blogger, you branding is important, because when someone lands on your site, they need to get an immediate feel of who you are. They should be able to feel for lack of a better phrase, your essence when they land on your site. It also allows companies who may reach out to you to get a better idea of who are, makes you look more professional, and provides an attractive aesthetic that is appealing. This is especially important for the blogger that is looking to monetize or blog professionally.

AOK: Besides blogging, business, and branding, you have incredible printables! What are a few of your favorite designs?
SFS: Thanks so much hun! I love creating, and although I’ve always been creative, this is the first time it has manifested itself in a way in which I can honestly see that it makes people happy. I really do have so many favorite designs! If you’re talking about my own designs, again I’m partial to my web designs, because they’re probably the ones I’m most proud of. I’m completely self-taught as a developer and designer, and it’s a huge learning curve that I just so happen to have a knack for. However, it hasn’t come without many sleepless nights. Secondly, I love, love, love my business card designs. They are probably my absolute favorite after web design. To have my designs as a part of someone’s collateral, branding is so amazing. I mean, these people are out and about passing out their business card to customers and clients, and I created them. It’s like 6 degrees of separation… in an unconventional way I guess. It’s just really cool!

That is cool 🙂

AOK: Do you have anything new in your shop for the holidays?
SFS: I do! I listed some holiday printables a while back that I really love. I also have some new blog themes (that are commerce-ready too) in the shop and some super chic and fun cell phone wallpapers. I’ll most likely take a design hiatus for the holidays to decompress and get inspired, so I got everything in the shop early therefore people have plenty of time to shop!

AOK: If you were to take your services to the Shark Tank, which “Shark” would you choose?
SFS: My goodness, I don’t even know! I’ve only seen the show a few times here and there, so I’m not super familiar with the individuals on there. However, I do know the concept, and with that being said, I’d choose the one that I felt was most compelled by my mission and really believed in and respected me and my business.

If you’re asking… Mark Cuban, is the computer guy and Robert. I believe the two of them are the ones who invest the most in online businesses. 🙂

Thank you, Tenns, for sharing with us today! Please check out Sweet Face Studio, you’re going to LOVE all the goodies, Sweet Face Studio has to offer.  Right now is a great time to check out Sweet Face Studio, there’s a sale running today through Monday (12/1/14).

Sweet Face Studio| Black Friday| Cyber Monday| Blog Design Sale| Blog


Holiday Giveaway $50 to @Linkouture and a $50 Etsy Gift Card |Giveaway|Etsy|Handcrafted jewelry
Blog Love, Etsy, Giveaway

Holiday Giveaway with @Linkouture #ETSY

I’m so happy to support beautiful work, art made by real hands, a real sweet person, and loving mother too.  I have been in love with Bev’s work for sometime.  Bev is the owner of Linkouture, she creates beautiful handcrafted jewelry.


Like this


And this


Oh cannot leave out these


Bev also happens to blog at one of my favorite blogs 😉


header1-636x160She wrote a lovely post about her journey to celebrating her 3 YEARS of creating and sharing her work on Etsy and craft shows,  you can read it here.  It truly is something to be admired, taking your passion and sticking with it. An accomplishment like this deserves a celebration, and since Bev is a giver…. GIVEAWAY!!!

Here are the details: This giveaway ends 11/24. The winner will receive $50 to spend at Linkouture  and a $50 Etsy gift card (which you do not have to spend at Linkouture, but once you’re there you might want to. Just sayin’) The credit to Linkouture does not include shipping & handling. Open to US residents 18+. Winner will be announced within 48 hours of the giveaway closing and then has 48 hours to redeem their prize. GOOD LUCK!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter the Linkouture Holiday Giveaway for your change to win a $50 shop credit to spend at on modern & elegant  handcrafted sterling silver jewelry for women and a $50 Etsy gift card || For more information, visit http://www.linkouture.com


Blog Love, Giveaway

Celebrating 1 Year of MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter #Giveaway

Happy Birthday + Blogiversary Mrs. Tee Celebration and Giveaway

It’s funny, you start a blog, you think you’ll just put something out there… maybe someone will read or maybe not, but that’s okay if they don’t.  Then when people listen, and you connect, it’s an unexpected, but delightful surprise.  Blogging has brought me SO many delights, I’m always humbled by the immense support and love the blog community shares.  Many SITS Saturdays ago, I ‘met’  Tiffany from MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter, we clicked over tweets, laughed over texts and the occasional google chat. We’ve been navigating this blogging thing together, supporting one another, and I’ve got to tell you.. I’m beyond grateful.  Today, on her Blogiversary/Birthday I want to wish her all the best and lots of LOVE… always 🙂  To celebrate MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter’s one year blogiversary she’s sharing her favorites with you, I’ll let her explain…..

52 weeks, 365 days, 8765 hours all equal 1 year! That’s how long I have been blessed to be a part of such an amazing community of women, writers, photographers, encouragers, DIYers and so much more! I started this Blogging journey in search of an audience for my inner voice but I have found so much more! That’s why I am so happy to have you join me for the It’s My Blogiversary Celebration & Favorite Things Giveaway! What better way to have a Celebration than with a few of your friends and a few of your favorite things??

First I want to introduce you to a few of those amazing women I have had the pleasure to meet this past year, my beautiful Co-Hosts:

It's My Blogiversary Celebration & Giveaway | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com

*Rabia – The Liebers * Angie – MySoCalledChaos
*Natasha – Epic Mommy Adventures * Michelle – A Dish of Daily Life
* Ophelia – Latina Mama Rama
* LeSha – The Lovely Photog
* Lanaya – Raising Reagan
* Tenns – New Mama Diaries


I had so many different ideas on how to celebrate my 1st Blogiversary but all I truly wanted to do was find a way to say Thank You. Thank You to each of you: my Readers, Followers, Friends for joining me in my journey of Love, Life and Laughter. So today I am so happy to offer You the chance to Enter To Win a few of My Favorites Things!

Smile Brilliant

3 Custom Fit Trays With 3 Whitening Gel Syringes

It's My Blogiversary Celebration & Giveaway | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com

Smile Brilliant is definitely one of my newest Favorite Things. I tried the system about a month ago and the results were definitely noticeable. I wanted to share it with you and give you the chance to see get your bright back with Smile Brilliant 😀

PrettyInPynk – $25 Gift Code

It's My Blogviersary Celebration & Giveaway | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com
Thanks to PrettyInPynk.com I have learned how to Accessorize My Inner Fashionista one affordable piece at a time. PrettyInPynk has such a wide selection of items from statements pieces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more! Whether your a style pro or a fashion newbie with this $25 Gift Code you’ll definitely be able to find a look that’s just right for you.

ResQMe – 1 ResQMe Tool


It's My Blogviersary Celebration & Giveaway | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com

The ResQMe tool taught me there are times when being prepared for the unexpected is what should be expected. I’m so glad to be able to offer you a chance to win this amazing little tool that could possible save you and your family in what is probably an unexpected situation.


2 Pack Stylish Reusable Hot/Cold Drink Sleeves


It's My Blogviersary Celebration & Giveaway | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com

“You had me at leopard.” I found Joejacket online one day while I was searching for things with my favorite print, leopard. When I received my amazingly unique drink sleeve I approached the company to let them know I wanted to share how much I loved it. Now I am so happy to be able to share this piece of coffee style with you by offering you a chance to win and choose your very own!


In addition to these amazing prizes being offered by a few of my Favorite Companies I am also giving you the opportunity to Win 3 $25 Gift Cards from a few of my Favorite Places:

It's My Blogiversary Celebration & Giveaway | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com

That’s right! $75 Total in Gift Cards and 3 Amazing products and services from a few of my Favorite Companies! Now that’s a great way to celebrate! Enter NOW To WIN! We are Celebrating from Today, August 6th through September 6th at 12AM (EST) giving you a Full MONTH to spread the word and Celebrate with me!

It's My Blogiversary Celebration & Giveaway | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com

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Happy Blogiversary Homemaking With Style #Giveaway

Homemaking With Style Blogiversary Cash Giveaway

I’m happy to celebrate another blogger’s blog anniversary! Homemaking With Style is turning one! Brittnei, the writer behind Home Making With Style, has been such a supportive friend, and supportive blogger in the blogging community. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her for a year now 🙂 There would NOT be Mommy Monday without Brittnei.  I’m truly grateful, she took a chance on me, and asked me to co-host. I love the Mommy Monday community.  I also enjoy learning more about Brittnei and her family through her blog; she has been so honest and forthcoming with her lifestyle and her family, it’s admirable. To celebrate her one year blogiversary a few of us gals got together to bring you a giveaway!!! I’ll let Brittnei take it away…


Thank you to all my very special co-hosts! They are the reason why I was able to provide this awesome giveaway to my readers and followers. Your co-hosts are from left to right:

Michelle at A Dish of Daily Life * Mrs. AOK at Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress * April at 100lb Countdown * Mrs. Tee at Mrs. Tee Love Life Laughter * Galaxia at Galaxia Dawn, My Personal Lifestyle * Nellie at Brooklyn Active Mama * Monique at Loving, Caring, Living * Maria at Simple Nature Decor


Please read the official rules for any giveaways or sweepstakes held at Homemaking With Style.
Giveaway is open worldwide to participants with a verified PayPal account.
All entries will be verified. In the event an entry can not be verified participant chooses to forfeit that entry and another winner will be chosen.
Winner has 48 hours to respond to the winning email.
Giveaway will run from July 31st, 12 AM Eastern Time to August 14th, 12 AM Eastern Time
Any taxes or fees associated with the winnings of this contest are the sole responsibility of the winner according to their county, state and/or country laws.
CASH prize is in US Dollars and will not be converted to any foreign currency.
Void where prohibited by law.


Enter to WIN $200 CASH via PayPal!

Good Luck!!!!


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