Score this holiday! Buy your super fly kids a super cape and give a Cause Cape to help a child facing a difficult time. Learn more here..

There Goes My Super Fly Hero

* I was provided a free product from Superfly Kids for this post. The opinions I share along with my story are solely my own (WAIT!! And my son’s too 🙂 ).

Super Fly Kid Time

These moments with my super fly little hero are fleeting, flying at super warp speed, and I want to catch ’em all. I want to hold on to each and every single second I can hold on to with my grappling hook.

My super fly kid created his own Superfly Kid cape. Here's how your child can create a cape for himself and for another child to help put a smile on their face during a difficult time.

Parenting is all sorts of emotions, moods, and seasons, and it’s the best. Really it is. I get to batarang through childhood again with a new vision on all of it. Which I love, it’s all so magical, but again it’s too fast.

My Littles Christmas 2014| Mrs. AOK, A Work In

I have a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, so I know how insanely rapid life passes us.

My babies at the Beach {WA}

Durning these fleeting moments of parenthood it’s things like: play, imagination, learning, and loving that I want to inhale in and let flow throughout my body, to hopefully fully store inside my memory bank FOREVER. NO TAKE BACKS. Beside inhaling these moments in, I also like to take a THOUSAND pictures to keep forever, in the event the flow didn’t stick to my memory bank. 🙂

::: ADULT ALERT!! :::


Kids these days aren’t using their imaginations like we use to… back in our day. It makes me sad when I see kids walk around like drones. They come out of school hunched-backed and face aglow. With that said, it makes me tremendously happy to catch and create imaginative moments with my kids.

Lego Love

Kids using their imaginations

That time the Olympics inspired my kids to make their own volleyball net out of bungee cords and chairs. 😀

The-Boy-at-the-BEACH Black and White

Superfly Kids

When I was given the opportunity to work with Superfly Kids I leaped at it!! For obvious reasons: I have a little boy who loves all things superhero, who still PLAYS, because creating a cape with my son would be awesome. But the most obvious reason for me to partner with Superfly Kids: they are a company that gives big. Superfly Kids makes Cause Capes, these capes help in a multitude of ways, I’ll let Superfly Kids tell you how:Superfly Kids Cause Cape

Cause Capes™ are superhero capes to support the battle for curing diseases, bringing comfort, joy and hope to those in need, and turning the givers and receivers into real life superheroes.  Whether alone in bed, in the confusion of an endless stream of doctors and specialists, feeling the pains of a recent surgery, or the let down of recent test results, Cause Capes™ give that little something special to each child exactly when they need it most.

Supported Causes: Congenital Heart Defects, Childhood Cancer, Autism, Grieving Children, Children of Veterans, Down Syndrome, Crohn’s and Colitis, Child Neglect and Abuse, Foster Care and Adoption, Leukemia, and many others.

You can create a Cause Cape for a child going through a difficult time, make a custom CureSearch cape or Casa cape for your child, and a portion of your purchase goes to help those charities,  or with a $50 purchase a Cause Cape is automatically donated. 🙂 It’s rather simple. By the way, my son created his own CureSearch Cape without my help, because again kids these days… 🙂

Creating a Cause Cape with Superfly Kids

It was adorable to hear him come up with ideas and reasoning for his design, he’s so stinkin’ cute.

Cause Cape


What was even cuter was his little face when his package arrived, which I thought arrived rather quickly for a customized purchase.

Superfly Kids Cause Cape, capes for a cause. Put these on your Christmas list. :)


His super hero powers involve football, hence the star he chose for his cape. 🙂 Why yes, he’s a mama’s boy (and loves Mama’s Cowboys). I’m raising the boy right. 😀  Kidding aside, I am raising him right because he thought it was AWESOME that Superfly Kids helped children who are in the hospital. It made him happy, which makes me happy.

In a world where you can be anything: BE KIND

Wouldn’t that be lovely if we could all SCORE big this holiday by donating a cape? Who’s down for the challenge!?!?!

I AM!! ?? And he is too. 🙂

Score this holiday! Buy your super fly kids a super cape and give a Cause Cape to help a child facing a difficult time. Learn more here..

Thank you, Superfly Kids, for being so AWESOME!!

And if you read the title of this post and couldn’t get Foo Fighters out of your head… here ya go. 🙂 You’re welcome.

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24 thoughts on “There Goes My Super Fly Hero”

  1. I volunteered for a charity called Capes for Heros which is something like this. I love this concept, even more, it’s life changing and very touching!

  2. I love the capes and love the cause they support. My daughter plays dress up and loves super heros. She is going to be a girl version of Captain America for Halloween.

  3. You are so right about these kids not having an imagination anymore or like we used to. Technology is killing that so this is a cute concept for kids to really get out there and create some super magic!

  4. I absolutely love this! I also agree that we used our imaginations a lot more back in the day. Oh boy, saying that made me feel old, lol.

  5. Loved this post! Especially the picture of your kids playing volleyball – Adorable! These capes are awesome and I bet they bring a lot of joy to kids who need it!

  6. I bet it is a lot of fun designing these capes. My kids love the PJ Masks right now. So they are always running around the house with a cape on.
    I love it that this company is so generous. 🙂

  7. Oh I love this organization. They did it for a little boy I know who’s battling a tumor in his eye. You should have seen his face! It gave him a lot of strength!

  8. ha, I didn’t even know that Foo Fighters song! Now it is in my head, though.
    I think this is wonderful. My kids love capes so much, but ones with causes!! Yes!! The designing looks so awesome.

  9. Wow I love giving back to the community when ever I can and find the opportunity to do so. This is so amazing love the concept it’s very touching and I am sure for many it can be life changing!!

    Great post, thanks for sharing!!

  10. Cause Cape sounds like a great charitable organization! And I agree that as a parent it seems like our children grow so fast. I’m constantly trying to figure out where the time went (and is still going). Thank goodness for pictures, videos and our blogs to look back on.

  11. I’m not a parent but I was “awwwing” all throughout this post!! From talk about fleeting moments and wanting to forever keep memories, I can just feel the love you have for your children and look forward to making my own memories with mine some day. It really is sad that kids aren’t as imaginative these days, but seeing things your kids’ DIY volleyball net make me smile and give me hope. I have never heard of this company before but I think it is so cool and amazing what they are doing! I love the idea of being able to create your own cape and help a child a need in the process.

  12. That’s really nice. It’s nice when you encourage your kids to let out their creativity with whatever hobby they choose. It’s also great that you’re doing things with your kids that they will remember forever. This is such a good cause that you’re part of.

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