Thank You Notes| A weekly link-up of gratitude inspired by Jimmy Fallon and hosted by Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress| Fridays
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Thank You Notes: 14 Years & Featured


Thank You Notes| A weekly link-up of gratitude inspired by Jimmy Fallon and hosted by Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress| Fridays


Welcome to Thank You Notes!

Thank You, Jimmy!

I was inspired by Jimmy Fallon and Gratitude to start Thank You Notes, I would love for you to join in! Thank You Notes has become such a wonderful way for me to reflect each week on all the things I’m thankful for, big and small.

Life is good, friends!

Jimmy’s Thank You Notes:

7  ate 9 😀

Am I the only one who sees a shrimp cocktail and thinks of Beetlejuice?


So, this week I’m doing something a little different…. today’s Thank You Notes are dedicated to my husband.


Thank you, babe, for having the guts to ask me to dance that fall day back in Texas.

My Babe & I (2000)

(Our heads aren’t that big, this is a picture of a picture my friend Sylvia sent me. This is when my husband and I were dating)

Thank you, babe, for being a gentleman, even when I thought you weren’t.

Babe and I (Naperville IL)

Thank you, babe, for taking down bricks.

Babe and I 2010

(We were taking usies before it was a thing 😀 )

Thank you, babe, for the being my partner in crime. We have had the best times!

TWSS Quote Take A Lover That Looks At You Like Maybe You Are Magic

Thank you, babe, for cheering me on. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your acceptance and support. I know it has to be hard to be married to a crazy creative like me.


Also, thank you, for loving me after all the glitter. 😀

Our Anniversary 2012

Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetNYE 2014

My Promise #PromiseToBaby

Promise 2 Babies

Thank you, for going half on marriage and parenthood.

My Babe in Iraq

Thank you, babe, for changing my mind.

Fall Loving

Thank you, babe, for late night talks and popcorn and pickles. 🙂





Thank you, babe, for all the things you do for me just because.


Thank you, babe, for the best 14 years of my life!!!

Me on our wedding day

I love you!!

I could not leave out BlogHer. Thank you, BlogHer, for letting my voice be heard. 🙂

On BlogHer

Wishing all of you a beautiful weekend filled with LOVE!


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10 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: 14 Years & Featured”

  1. My sweet friend…this post is delightful. The love you have for your man is all over this. I like all your pictures of a life together that is filled with joy. Thank you for sharing this with us. On another note: well done on the Blogher article! I don’t watch the View so I didn’t know what you were writing about so appreciate the video on it to inform. I’m in my fifties and there has never been a time that I can remember that these topics have not been an issue. So much that needs to be changed still in the minds of this country. Thank you for letting your voice be heard.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. I could have kept adding more pictures, but I decided to save some for another day. 🙂 It was fun going through memory lane while picking out images, there were happy tears, I may have drowned my desk. 😀
      I’m glad you were able to feel my love for my husband. The two of us kids had no idea where marriage was going to take us, but I’m glad we decided to go with it. 🙂 My life is even better than what I had visualized it would be. I’m happy and loved, and I cannot wait for him to come home every day, our weekends are magic because we’re all together. Oh dear, I’m sorry, I’m a sap. Forgive my rambling here. 😀

      And thank you for reading my feature on BlogHer. 🙂 I do not watch The View either (I didn’t even know they had new people on the show) but I happened to watch it that day and I was dismayed. We do need some inner seeking, brainstorming, and a come together. Thank you for hearing it 🙂
      Wishing you a beautiful weekend!!

  2. Aw, congratulations! Look how young you looked when you started dating 🙂 Wow, 14 years, what an adventure. Wishing you an even more amazing next 14 years — and more!

    1. Thank you, Bev! 🙂
      I know it’s crazy… we look like kids.
      Our kids kept saying you two look sooooooo young and tiny. I thought they could dial back a bit on the soooooooo. 😀

  3. So many things I love about this post. I love seeing the growth of relationships. Your family is beautiful and this made me just happy to read. Congratulations on BlogHer. To be honest, I’ve ignored the media this week and although I knew Kelly Osbourne had said something, I didn’t know the specifics. It angers me that as you said in one of your BlogHer responses, I don’t think she is going to get the flack she deserves for this statement. I pray someday we can stop being ignorant. XOXO

  4. OMG that article was YOU!!!! I saw it in passing on Twitter, but now I have to go back and read it at least 10 times! Your family is so lovely. Congratulations on your anniversary. Your love radiates from the screen. ((hugs))

  5. Yes! Shrimp cocktail reminds me of Beetlejuice and then it’s impossible to eat it for me. (well it is anyway)
    Windows 7 ate 9!
    Oh man, you and your husband. The best. I aspire to be like this. And you’re both so good looking!

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