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Your HostsHostsTWSS Thank You Heart Thanks for sharing your quotes with us last week! 😉   That's What She Said: Carrie Bradshaw Quotes| Writing Prompt| Quotes Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be.


But maybe those bits of our past make us who we are today…


we wouldn’t be here without there

But maybe

we’re better today


letting go of the things that made us weak, sad, or fearful were the anchors


you were you all along, and


you’re stronger than you ever knew.


just maybe… letting go of you would be wrong.


believing in you is what you needed all along.



And maybe this post is short, but maybe I still took the time to do what I love.

I’m a better me today for stopping and doing the things I love.

Writing is one of those things.

Keep writing and creating, friends!

Keep believing in you, because I do 🙂


Speaking of believing… I couldn’t believe the words that came out of Kelly O’s mouth and wrote about it here.

Show us yours


It’s not you, it’s me… That’s What She Said.  Okay, seriously… we have a few adventures coming up, and since we want to give our full attention to TWSS we are taking a break. I am moving across the country with my family, and with that, I’m not sure when I will be settled in. I hope you will keep writing! The two of us cannot wait to get back into a groove with you 😉 #TWSS. We will return in September.

When we return Julia Child is our muse 🙂

Julia Child Quote

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10 thoughts on “That’s What She Said: Maybe”

  1. I love this! Mostly because (shockingly I know), I completely agree. Are you surprised?? I am a firm believer in every choice you make; even those that are seemingly small can change your life. Thanks for keeping it real! XO

  2. Maybe…you are right and maybe that was all That needed to be said. Maybe I may just copy this and do something similar because I loved it. Definitely, keep doing you! Safe travels!

  3. Wow I didn’t realize that’s what Kelly Osborne said! I heard her name thrown around and I wasn’t sure what the hubbub was about but holy cow! That is so insanely wrong on so many levels. Sadly it’s one of those comments where she thinks she’s doing good but it comes out so, so ignorant. It’s what people say when they don’t understand the full picture and the implications of their words. My husband and sons are Mexican and I would be crushed if my little ones heard this.

    What that outta the way, lol, good luck with the move! I hope all goes well 🙂

  4. “I’m a better me today for stopping and doing the things I love.” Beautifully put! A lovely post, and I’m glad you took the time to write it despite everything you have going on. Good luck with your big move, lady! Can’t wait to see what this next adventure brings. And now I’m off to read that post about what Kelly Osbourne said…

  5. what a great quote and post. It’s a fine line to get rid of your past, because it IS what made you who you are today. Maybe letting go of the hold or power it has on you, but cherish the journey.

  6. Hello! I like last week’s quote. It really made me think. Your post was right on too. The new quote by Julia Child is very interesting. One of the biggest problems that people who are good at a lot of things, is focusing on one thing and staying excited and consistent with it until it becomes something great. 😀

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