Thank You Notes| It's FRIDAY, time for thank you notes!
Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes: Happy Pretty Sweet Mail & More

I love Fridays, I love thank you notes, and I love Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes, so, naturally, Friday here on my blog means:

Thank You Notes and Jimmy Fallon!

Thank You Notes| It's FRIDAY, time for thank you notes!

Jimmy’s Thank You Notes

Happy JULY!!

Thank You Notes

Thank you, babe, for always humoring me when I put a camera in your face. 🙂  It’s nice to have these memories of us, even if it’s on our way to the grocery store just the two of us.

My babe and I {june '16}

Thank you, family, for going along with my random weekend ideas.  I woke up Sunday morning and decided let’s make breakfast and take it to the lake. Thankfully, everyone was all in. 🙂

Breakfast at the lake




Thank you, happy mail days! I received my Etsy order from One Of Rosa’s Petals ANNND my #CreativesBoxSwap box from my partner Ashley on Monday. What a wonderful way to start the week. Did you catch the #CreativesBoxSwap reveal? I shared all the goodies that Ashley sent to me. 🙂

Thank You Notes| Thank You, Happy Mail Days! Mondays are a lot better with happy mail. :)

Speaking of Ashley… TWO THANK YOU NOTES TO ASHLEY! 1) Thank you for all my wonderful goodies! 2) Thank you for loving Happy Mail just as much me. I’m so happy that the two of us snail mail loving lovers have joined forces to create Sweet Progress! Sweet Progress is a seasonal box swap for bloggers. You can sign up for the Summer Box Swap HERE. 🙂

Sweet Progress Button Final

Thank you for all the positive feedback on my 5 Things You Can Do Today to Create Positive Ripples post and Awesome Mama printable. Y’ALL ROCK MY SOCKS!

5 Things You Can Do Today to Create Positive Ripples

Thank you, Lexi, for the lovely package! I was so happy to receive unexpected mail from you. Have you met Lexi yet? She has an awesome giveaway going on right now. 😉

Umm.. I think it’s pretty safe to say this has been one of the best mail weeks EVER!!!!! My sweet friend @lexisuba sent me a “just because happy mail package” filled with goodies. (I’m so lucky to have such kind friends, the blogging community is THE BEST.) My new issue of @fastcompany showed up today & y’all already know I was spoiled Monday. Were you wondering what was in Monday’s box? Check out my #linkinbio for the reveal! ?? ????????????????? I cannot wait to make a card for you, @lexisuba!! Sending some love right back at ya!! ??? ************************************************One last plug! #CreativesBoxSwap reveals are live & #SPBoxSwap sign ups are too!!! Join the fun, friends! #BloggerPerks ????????????????? Now off to learn how to slay like @beyonce!! ??????

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Before you go… I wanted to invite you to join Bev and I on Instagram for the #CreativeMomLife IG Challenge.
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Happy Friday, Friends!!


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9 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: Happy Pretty Sweet Mail & More”

  1. You are such a fun mom!!! Breakfast at the lake sounds fun. I really enjoyed participating in the Creatives Box Swap thanks for hosting it 🙂

  2. <3 all of your goodies from Ashley!!! Seriously, such a great idea.

    Awwww, I love that you had breakfast at the lake with your family. Here's to making moments that matter with your family.

    And I totally snickered when Jimmy said "Weeder's Digest." HAHAHAHHAHAH!!! XOXO and hope you have the bestest weekend ever! XOXO

  3. I want a lakeside breakfast! What did you serve? I see some fruit and.. sandwiches? Breakfast sandwiches? I must do this.
    I love the goodies from Ashley!

  4. I’m so happy for you, Dean! Exciting start to the week. I’m always in my hubby’s face with my camera phone. Actually I’m always in everyone’s face with my camera. Ha, ha! I believe like you that pictures capture great memories and later we’ll cherish even what seem like mundane moments now. Great post, as usual! 😀 xx

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