Thank You Notes| It's FRIDAY, time for thank you notes!
Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes: Birthday, Peculiar Children, Winners

I love Fridays, I love thank you notes, and I love Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes, so, naturally, Friday here on my blog means:

Jimmy’s Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes

I was running a bit behind, so I thought if you guys wouldn’t mind, I’d write out my weekly thank you notes. Do y’all mind?

Thank You Notes| It's FRIDAY, time for thank you notes!

Thank you, kiddos, for our Starbucks & bookstore date. 🙂




I just thought it was funny that I happened to lock my phone after texting with my sister to see 9:30 on 9/30. 🙂


Thank you, family, for a fun weekend.


There was food, fun, and a movie! We watched:miss-peregrines-home-movie-poster1

It was good! The movie is different from the book. The whole family went, which may have not been the best idea, because a certain little one wasn’t having some of it. However, that just meant mommy cuddles at the movie. 🙂 I’ll take ’em!

Thank you, sweet friends, for all the birthday wishes!! Y’all are the best!!!

A more serious thank you note….

Thank you, PENNY!!

I truly appreciate Penny’s honesty in one of her latest YouTube videos. She talks about Xanax and the stigma some mothers face because they take this legally prescribed medication, but yet there’s no stigma for posting pictures of needing wine after a long day with kids. Penny is not saying that it is bad for moms to drink, she just wished that people didn’t see Xanax as a weakness or something to be ridiculed for. If a mother is suffering with anxiety and gets help for it, she shouldn’t be seen as weak, selfish, or less than.

As a mother, and a mother who has battled anxiety myself, I totally agree with Penny on this one. It’s not bad to get help. Not everyone’s help will be the same. We can’t judge another mother’s decision to take a doctor prescribed medication to help manage anxiety. If the mother…  or parent is taking the medication correctly, not overusing, or taking with other drugs, and it HELPS, that’s awesome! Many moms are afraid to admit they need help, and sometimes their lack of speaking up doesn’t end up well. Perhaps, if we didn’t create a stigma around mental health we wouldn’t have such an issue.

I’ve talked a few times about my anxiety on this blog, and I’ve also mentioned carrying around a bottle with a few pills of Xanax like Augustus. It helps. The pills are over 2 years old. 😀  But it’s my placebo. I feel better knowing they are there just in case.

If you have 45 minutes here’s Penny’s video:

Okay, back on a lighter note…

Thank you, everyone who played along last week!!


emoji-pinataThe number of M&M’S as counted by my M&M counters:



The winner is….

ASHLEY!! Ashley guessed 507


And the winner of the StickerApp & CaseApp Giveaway is….


LowandaSunshine and Elephants

Thank you again, StickerApp + CaseApp for such an awesome giveaway!!

One last thank you…

Thank you, baby girl, for comparing me to Ellen. 😀 She said, “Mama, you’re like Ellen with your giveaways for YOUR birthday.” Ummm… thanks kid. Hopefully, nobody realizes I’m not giving aways TVs or trips. 🙂

So, tell me something good about your week or share a THANK YOU NOTE 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: Birthday, Peculiar Children, Winners”

  1. I learned that the library checkout limit is 200 ? It was unlimited for a long time. Then it changed and it thought 50 items was the limit. We all have library cards, because I have serious restraint problems when it comes to checking out books. Now I don’t have a worry when I have more than 40 items checked out.

  2. Thank you my friend! I know the video is long but there was so much to say, it had to be done. Thank you for sharing, not just my story and video but yours. It’s so important to get it out there!

    1. NO. Thank YOU, Mrs. Chevalley!!
      The people need to hear this. I’m glad you decided to share your platform to help normalize what many of us are facing.

  3. Ahh! I saw my face and screamed! So exciting! I was so caught up on the stickers didn’t remember the case app was part of the bundle! Can’t wait to order, I know it’ll take me forever to finalize. Thanks so much for hosting such great giveaways!???

    1. ???
      I love it! When I hit pick a winner and your smiling face popped up I smiled right back. ? Your IG follow won. ?
      My sweet friends at StickerApp will get ahold of you.

  4. 9:30 on 9/30!!!
    Also, thank you to Penny! I’m like you – I have carried around anti-anxiety meds just to have. I have never actually taken one in my life, but knowing they’re there? Helpful.

    1. I have taken them, it was scary, I didn’t know what to expect, but WOW they work. However, I did feel a bit sleepy.
      Just having the bottle makes me feel better, that and lavender oil.
      The bottle is pretty beat down, it’s been in multiple bags, states, & trips. ?

  5. Happy birthday to you!! <3
    I imagine there are quite a lot of people who suffer some sort of anxiety disorder. It's good to lessen the stigma around it, and taking medication to help it!

    1. Thank you, Bev. Sadly, lots of people don’t see it that way. I’ve had some interesting conversations with people who just don’t know… but talk. Sad. Anyway, I’m thankful for people like Penny who help to make it known that hey we’re normal, and it’s okay that at times we need help to feel a little more normalish.

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