My husband's new friend, Michelle, has style. She actually styled me! I'm not jealous of her, at all, I'm actually quite fond of her. She's my... stylist!! That felt really fancy to write. I'm not fancy at all, but Stitch Fix has me feeling all fancy. Check out my FALL fix.
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My Husband’s New Friend Michelle

*This post contains affiliate links. I am part of the Stitch Fix Influencer program, therefore I’m sharing links to Stitch Fix. These links cost nothing to you, but help me should you decide to try Stitch Fix, too.

Ladies, you know I’m crazy in love with my guy. So, I know when you read the tittle of this post you may have did a ….


But wait! I know you have my back, and I’ve got yours, too. Michelle is awesome! She’s my Stitch Fix stylist. I know you’re wondering how does that make her my husband’s friend.. good question!

My husband's new friend, Michelle, has style. She actually styled me! I'm not jealous of her, at all, I'm actually quite fond of her. She's my... stylist!! That felt really fancy to write. I'm not fancy at all, but Stitch Fix has me feeling all fancy. Check out my FALL fix.

Here’s Why Michelle is My Husband’s New Friend

She saved the day for him! And when I say the day, I mean MY day. 🙂 I’m not going to bash my guy, he’s awesome. I’ve said it here a million times… he’s my everything and he makes me the happiest. With that said, sometimes, he’s a little lost and slightly last minute in the gift-giving department. This year with the help of Michelle he totally hooked me up!!

I’m not one to spend money on myself, if I do it’s usually clearance or thrifted.  Anyway, after my first box I received a waived fee as a Stitch Fix Influencer for my second box. I told my husband and he was all, “GET IT, WOMAN!” “Your birthday is coming up, maybe something in there will be perfect for your birthday.” So, I went ahead and scheduled a box. Well, before I scheduled my box I made sure to give my stylist a little more info as to who I am; I added a picture to my profile and I sent her some of my style boards via Pinterest. Michelle took that info and RAN WITH IT!!

I feel so fancy saying this, but this note is from my personal stylist, Michelle. In the event you were wondering if Stitch Fix keeps your style in mind when sending out goodies, they totally do. Thank you, Michelle.

The box showed up before my birthday on a lovely fall day.

I cannot even tell you how excited I was to go through this box. My husband saw my face light up with each item I pulled out of the box. Him: “She nailed it. She totally got your style with this one.” He’s right, she did. Everyone was home when I got the box, so I was prompted to give a fashion show, which I did. And you know what, they loved it all too. My husband turned to me and said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”


Of course, I wasn’t sure because I’m super thrifty, so I started making excuses as to why I didn’t need anything. Remember how I said the whole crew was around? Well, they totally had their papa’s back on this one. They started to say sweet things like: you deserve it, you never get anything for yourself, you should have nice things too, mama, you look happy and beautiful. And then Mr. Wall Street said, “Babe, this is an investment, a good one.”

Want to see what I invested in? Stitch Fix Box #2

I'm so in love with all the things my Stitch Fix stylist sent me in my second box! Come see what she sent and maybe signup to get a box of your own, too. :)

Where do I even begin?

Toms Desert Wedge Booties: Kept

Let’s start with the shoes!! Toms Desert Wedge Booties in gray, which happen to match perfectly with my gray sugar skull purse. 🙂  My girls love Toms! I actually didn’t own a pair of Toms but I’ve been buying them for years for the girls. I’ve also purchased a lace up pair for my husband.

(Found an OLD Instagram post to prove the love.)

A photo posted by Dean ?? (@mrs_aok) on

When I saw this pair of Toms in my box I was instantly in love and when I was able to walk in them… SOLD! I love Toms too!!! If you didn’t know Toms has a One for One program, you buy something, they give something to someone in need. Gotta love that! 🙂

Can we talk about this Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf? Kept


It’s amazing! I’m still learning how to tie it in all the Pinteresty ways.  Get ready to see this baby in rotation in more ways then one. It’s warm, functional, and great quality. Totally a keeper.

Market & Spruce Liz Textured Sweater: Kept

My second Stitch Fix unboxing

This picture does not do the sweater justice. This sweater is beautiful and I loved it the minute I pulled it out of the box. There’s a blue hue stitched in the little squares that gives it a unique look that I like. Before even trying on the sweater my husband knew this sweater was perfect for me.

Hi, I’m Dean, and I’m a sucker for sweaters. I have a collection of ratty sweater coats I won’t get rid of, they’re the best. I’m wearing one now and I wore one the other day ago with my Edgar Allan Poe shirt, I think it went perfectly. 🙂 Perhaps, one day this sweater will be in that stash that my husband makes fun of, but for now it’s perfection and I’ve been treating this baby with care.

Check out what my Stitch Fix stylist sent me!! All the heart eyes here!!

Pistola Tory Distressed Ankle Zip Skinny Jean

Michelle was right, I do love a good distressed jean. I’m a (displaced) Texas gal, I love jeans and I love holey jeans. 🙂  Who use to own zipper ankle jeans when they were younger? Not me 🙁 I always wanted a pair though. I remember always loving Susan’s zipper ankle jeans in school. I don’t know why I never asked for zipper ankle jeans as kid, but I always wanted them. Michelle + my husband made that a reality for me. I NEVER, EVER, EVER, would spend this much on jeans. But again, Mr. Wall Street said it was an investment and he also said a certain region looked good in these jeans. 😉 I guess this is where I should start referring to my husband as my Instagram husband because he took these pictures of me in my Stitch Fix clothes that him and Michelle hooked me up with.

the-perfect-psl-outfit-stitch-fixOf course that’s a PSL in my hand. If I’m going to be basic might as well go all the way, right?stitch-fix-fall-outfit-back

Tinsel Odensay Cargo Vest: Kept

I’m pretty sure green cargo anything is in for fall. Amiright?



I’ve always loved the green utility vest/jacket look. And green also happens to be my favorite color. This vest is warm. It’s lined inside, which is perfect for the PNW, where it can get cold but not Chicago cold. The collar is removable, which I like. I don’t know if I’ll wear the collar much, maybe if I’m trying to dress up things. My teen is already eyeing up this vest. She’s already worn my Toms. I kind of wished this vest has a hood, because PNW. Regardless, I love it.

Fall Stitch Fix Box Unboxing

So, as you can see I kept everything! Michelle and my Instagram husband did great! I’m excited to share how I style these clothes all fall long. I’m in no way a fashion blogger, but I do want to show you how these clothes are investments that I plan to take care of and wear often. You did good, my stylish tag team, you did good! (I also appreciated that one of the companies gives back and another company focuses on sustainability. Those things do matter to me, not sure if Michelle got that from my Pinterest or not, but COOL. For pete’s sake I drive a Subaru.)

I guess I may owe him a box…

What!?! Yes, my husband will be in front of the camera next time. Stay tuned!



Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a profile| This part is super simple, you answer a few questions regarding style add your personal info, done. Don’t forget to share your Pinterest style board, this is helpful to your stylist.
  2. Schedule your fix| You pick when you want a box mailed to you. Stitch Fix is NOT a monthly obligation. There is a $20 styling fee, free shipping, and five handpicked items show up to your doorstep.
  3. Fashion Show!! It’s like Christmas morning. Tear into that box and try on those clothes!
  4. Checkout| You can checkout from your computer or using the Stitch Fix app. When you check out you are prompted to rate items this helps your stylist for future fixes. The $20 styling fee is deducted from the items you keep. If you decide to keep it all, 25% is deducted from your entire purchase.
  5.  Return Items You’re Not Keeping| Stitch Fix supplies you with extra packaging within your box that is already labeled and ready to ship off.

Stitch Fix Signup!!

Side note:

There is a real person styling you. The more help you give your stylist the better your box will be. Michelle, my stylist, (which feels completely weird for me to say) took my information I gave to her and went with it in the most fantastic way. So, if you do sign up make sure to share a picture of yourself, fill out the profile completely, and add links to your different Pinterest boards. If there’s something specific you’re looking for leave a note for your stylist. I made sure to do all these things with this box.

What’s your favorite fall style? What would you ask your stylist to send you?

My first Stitch Fix Box


PSSST…. Give the gift of style this holiday with a Stitch Fix gift card!!


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48 thoughts on “My Husband’s New Friend Michelle”

    1. Michelle did great, right?!?! I love it all. I’d wear everything all day all fall if I could. I plan on doing a capsule-type wardrobe with these pieces and the fall stuff I already have in my closest. Stay tuned.
      And currently Stitch Fix does not… BUT starting Spring 2017!! 😉
      I can’t wait to see what he gets too. HUBBA HUBBA

    1. I think you can actually request things you see in other people’s boxes. 😉

      Totally drop those hints. 😉 Your stylist can hook you up with something lovely for your anniversary. By the way happy (early) anniversary!!!

  1. Ha! I loved the headline- wasn’t sure what I was about to read. But those booties are to die for cute. She did a great job. All of my friends are so happy with Stitch Fix. I need to try it.

  2. How awesome is that!! I want to try Stitch Fix ASAP! I would love to have someone shop for me! That box was amazing!

    1. It was such a wonderful box! I cannot wait for my next fix. 🙂 I hope you’ll give Stitch Fix a try.
      Thanks for visiting!!

  3. Gosh, I am so jealous! I never got a stitch fix box that I loved. I always had a couple of things, but never like you! Wow! I love that you got such great items!

    1. Oh no! I’m sorry.
      I’m thankful that I’ve had such a great experience with Stitch Fix. I have heard mix reviews, so thankful it’s worked out for me thus far.

    2. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m grateful that Michelle listened to me & truly got a feel for who I am.
      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Aww thank you!!! ??
      I hope you’ll give Stitch Fix a try. I think I may make this a seasonal thing. We deserve it, right?

    2. Awww THANK YOU!!! I had been stalking blog posts on Stitch Fix for sometime, I’m glad I finally have Stitch Fix a try.
      I love my new Toms. 🙂
      Thanks for visiting!

    1. Cheers!! I’m so happy that Michelle got me. 🙂 I’m such a sucker for a GIF, meme, and emojis. ? They totally help convey the message.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Wow! I love the outfit and all the shoes!! I had heard this service advertised, but did not know what it is…I’m going to check it out now!! 🙂

  5. I’ve used Stitch Fix for a few years now and I have enjoyed it. However, I never feel like my outfits are as complete as your’s looks or as in season. The season feel off to me and for months it seemed they were sending me the same shirt with a different pattern.

  6. What a great review! I love how the stylist really worked to make the box perfect for you and I’m a big advocate of #treatyoself so get it girl! You look fab!

  7. I’m impressed. You look awesome and since we’re twins, I also love that utility jacket/vest look.
    I keep meaning to join Stitch Fix but I just know once I fall down the rabbit hole…

  8. Wow, I had no idea Stitch Fix offered a styling service! I thought it was a clothing box, but I didn’t understand how personalized it actually is. Okay, I think I’ll set up an account this week. 🙂

  9. Wow what a great sub box. I never seen one that seems like they are really catering to your personal style! I see you kept most of the items so this was a win!

    1. Thank you, Krystle. You should give Stitch Fix a try. 🙂 If you don’t like what you get in your box you send it back. Although, if you send it all back you lose your $20 styling fee. If you keep anything you deduct the styling fee.

  10. They nailed that stitch fix box! All of those pieces are fabulous and you’ll definitely wear them over and over! Love your cozy fall look! Thank you for linking up with Thursday Fashion Files!

    p.s. How exciting was last Wednesday night! Cubs did it! 🙂

    Doused In Pink

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