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Thank You Notes: CUBS + Halloween

I love Fridays, I love thank you notes, and I love Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes, so, naturally, Friday here on my blog means:



Thank You Notes

I was running a little behind this week, so I hope you don’t mind if I write a few thank you notes…

Thank You Notes| It's FRIDAY, time for thank you notes!

Thank you, Erika! Did you see the amazing fall box Erika sent me? I think you’ll understand why I’m so thankful for my box.

Sweet Progress Fall Box Swap Reveal with Erika of Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans

Thank you, Halloween!!

As much as I love Halloween, this year I dropped the ball. I was putting together costumes the weekend/day of Halloween.

We carved our pumpkins later than usually. But thankfully we got it done.



We had minimal Halloween decor outside, but it was Halloween headquarters inside. I already took it down for other celebrations. 🙂halloween-2016

I played dress up in between putting together my son’s costume.


Did I mention, I love Halloween? 🙂

Thank you, weather, for raining on our trick-or-treat parade. We got about 8 houses down and BOOM the rain came down and it came down hard. My poor boy, his face paint and green hairspray started to run down his little face. He wasn’t too happy about it. I told him one day he would laugh about it and it’ll be a fun Halloween memory. Thankfully, the rain didn’t stop him from hitting up a few houses on our way back home. 🙂


My little Beast Boy. <3


Here comes some side eye…

Thank you, old man, for crushing our we did it party! Did you ever go to the good neighborhood to trick-or-treat when you were younger? I did, and then I ended up living in that neighborhood. 🙂 Anyways, when my husband and I saw a car filled with kids stop off in our neighborhood to trick-or-treat we were so proud. We gave each other high fives because WE DID IT. We’re in the good neighborhood. Then three houses down we had our proud bubble popped. An older gentleman asked us where we were from. Maybe he thought we drove up to his good neighborhood with the good candy, but I was shocked that he wanted to know what street we lived on. WTH!! Serious?

Thank you, flex day, for being a productive day for us. My husband got off early, so we took time to vote, birthday shop, and enjoy lunch together. 🙂

Thank you, CUBS!! We did it!!!!

And just because this is awesome. 🙂

And Thank you, WGN9 Chicago, for live streaming the Cubs parade!!

FRIDAY I’M IN LOVE!! Happy Friday Friends!!

Who or what gets some love from you?

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10 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: CUBS + Halloween”

  1. That’s too bad that it rained while you were trick or treating. How dare someone ask trick or treaters where they are from. Luckily, everyone in our neighborhood was super nice and very generous on Halloween. I’m thankful that my kids and I are getting over our cold. ☺

  2. I thought of you when I heard that the Cubs won! 😉
    Sorry you got rain on Halloween, that’s no fun. It got chilly and we had only a couple trick-or-treaters, but Eve and Sam had a blast going out while I made dinner.
    And I have to give a huge thank you for Sam’s former coworker’s wedding next month cause it’s the excuse I needed to come out to Seattle!!! I’m so excited 😀

  3. I’m so glad the treaters ended early this year. I had to put up a sign previous years that our neighborhood was finish and you should be in bed. Love the Olympic pic. Love the pumpkins and YAY to the Cubs!

  4. The good neighborhood! I get that!
    And yay Cubs! It felt SO good to see that happen. I’m really hoping Tuesday works out for us all too!
    Scarlet was going to be an Olympics gymnast until two days before Halloween and she decided to be Rey from The Force Awakens instead!

  5. Great photos, looks like you’ve had a fabulous Halloween. I am a Brit living in the UK and am totally lost with all this Cubs stuff that’s been flying around… I know nothing about baseball but am glad everyone’s so happy about it! #MMBH

  6. Olympics pic = epic 🙂 So many fun, happy memories captured here, and I love your ghost pumpkin–so cute! Thanks for sharing. OMG, your neighbor. Do you think maybe he was trying to find out who you were, ie, I’ve never seen you before–do you live in the neighborhood? or maybe he really was eyeing you up and down in which case, BYE Felicia.

    XOXO and hope all is well with you, momma!

    1. Thank you! ?
      My girls did that pumpkin, I helped a little.
      I’m not sure, what was up with that guy. We have seen him before, we walk past his house on the way to the park. Perhaps we’re not memorable or we don’t look like we belong, who knows? I’m sure they’ll be more questioning of everything & everyone…

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