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Thank You Notes: Softball

Thank You Notes |A weekly linkup to share your Thank You Notes| Linkup| Thankful| Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress
Jimmy’s Thank You Notes:
My Thank You Notes:
This week has pretty much consisted of softball….
Thank you, softball league, for having all the games local this week, even if that means 4 games in a row.
My catcher|Softball
Thank you, littles, for finally becoming softball fans and letting papa and I really watch the game. 
Thank you, local parks and recreation, for making me fear my life and my child’s life when entering the restroom. NEVER EVER AGAIN. HOLD IT FOR NOW ON.
Thank you, overly eager and angry parents, for yelling insane things at the ump. Sure Blue doesn’t take it out on the kids. {rolls eyes}
How much did you pay for these tickets? (Our games are free)Bq8GmmUCAAEn3Kg
Thank you, hostile opposing coach, for coming out on the field and putting on a show. Sorry, that was your third out- game over.
Good Game| Softball
(To be fair, this wasn’t the team with the bitter coach.) 
Thank you, baby, for playing your heart out this week and for still loving the game. Even if the ones acting like kids are in the stands.
The Catcher Gearing Up| Softball
The Catcher Playing 3rd| Softball

(She has been all time catcher this whole season, she played 3rd and killed it! The other team forfeited due to not having enough players, so we let them borrow some of ours. It was a just-for-fun-game. 🙂 )

One more game tonight we’re hoping for another W!! 
Go Blue!!!
Thank you, Friday!!!
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16 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: Softball”

  1. Oof parents who take all the fun out of kids’ sporting events! What ever happened to encouraging our kids to try their hardest? Sheesh! Glad your children have parents who understand it is just a game and it is supposed to be fun!
    Happy weekend, friend!

    1. I was so embarrassed! I cannot believe there are real life parents who act like this, but then again my youngest daughter was in softball league where the parents there decided to bring a case of beer and all have drinks at the game. I don’t mean to sound like a prude, but honestly I didn’t think that was the place.
      Trust me I’m not always happy with the calls and sometimes a “C’mon!” flies out of my mouth, but I would never berate the ump. Well, if the ump did something nasty to one of the kids I would.

  2. My daughter just started baseball, but she has only played once because of all the rain.

    She was actually dressed up like A League Of Their Own player last Halloween. That’s why she wanted to play baseball.

    1. I hope the actions of the “adults” never tarnish my daughter’s love for the sport.
      Last night, there was a gentleman from the opposing team who had nothing but wonderful things to say about my daughter and her obvious passion for the game; he went on to say I should put her in travel team. I’m not sure we will do that, but the gentleman did have some great points: it’s a game make it fun, don’t make it a chore, and coaches and parents shouldn’t break the spirit of the kids on the field. YES, YES and more YES!

  3. I was never good at sports, but my sisters played. This reminds me of going to watch my little sisters play softball; the games were fun. I was a proud big sister. I don’t remember the parents being too crazy in the stands, but I know it happens. Congrats on the Ws!

    1. I wish I would’ve played softball. When I was younger, I wanted to play baseball and soccer, but my parents put me in cheerleading. I cheered for my brother’s team. In middle school I ran track. I was the girl outside playing sports with the boys, I love it.

      The crazy parent in the stands was my Dad. 😀 He use to rally the crowd to chant “Whoomp There It Is” every single game. He is kind of a boisterous man.
      And thank you. Sadly, she will miss the last game before the tournament (tonight).

      1. From the short time I’ve “known” you, I can totally buy that you were a cheerleader. You just have that positive energy. I always wanted to be a cheerleader, but I couldn’t do any gymnastic stunts and my voice doesn’t project well enough to cheer. Lol

        Hahaha, go Dad!

        1. My cheerleading career did not last long due to my lack of gymnastic capabilities. 😀 Also, being a “cheerleader” was sometimes looked down on. I’m giving myself side eye, because who freakin’ cares what people thought! Ugh!
          Anyways, thank you! Your comment truly means a great deal to me. I’m glad you view me as positive, because I use to be such a Negative Nelly (mostly internal).

  4. She’s such a beauty out there in the field. She should be the poster kid for “Strong is beautiful.”
    Public bathrooms! I sometimes flush the toilet with my shoes and then I think I’m a genius for that. Even though I come home and touch my shoes and it would be better to just do it with my hands and then wash my hands. I’m doing it wrong!

    1. Thank you, Tamara. I will have to tell her you said that, which I think she would want to hear today. (She’s not feeling well and will miss tonight’s game.)
      I use toilet paper to flush and open the stall. I’m such a complete germaphobe.

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