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That’s What She Said: Three Bones

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    Your Hosts             Hosts TWSS Thank You Heart Thanks for sharing you flaws and all,  last week! 😉     This week’s quote was suggested to us by our friend MultitaskMomma. Thank you! Do you have a quote by a woman you’d like to share?You need three bones| Reba McEntire Quote| That's What She Said Link-up   Oh Reba… you’re a genius! I love this quote, because it makes complete an utter sense to me, as I’m sure it does to you, right? Can someone use this quote in their commencement speech? If I were speaking at my high school graduation, I think I would use it.  Considering I grew up in Texas, if I referenced Reba McEntire, the crowd would probably go crazy. 🙂  My nephew and niece are both graduating next month (in Texas too), I think I shall write this in their cards. To Thrive in Life YOU Need Three Bones A wishbone: to make all the wishes you want. Wishes do come true, you just have to work toward them. They are yours to have- take ’em!  A backbone: because you cannot achieve your dreams {wish} without a little hard work. Sometimes getting to where you want to be means you have to do a job you did not wish to do, but all good things do come with time and hard work. Put a smile on your face and the days do not seem as long. Also, that backbone will anchor you when people try to tear you down. Don’t let them bring you down. Remember who you are, where you came from, and the fan club you have at home. That backbone will carry you to where you want to be, use it. A funny bone: I know you have this one! A funny bone is needed in life, because life isn’t perfect. Life will take you on all sorts of magical and not-so-magical twists and turns, laugh it off.  I truly believe laughter is the best medicine.  Enjoy your summer! Love, Tia Dean 🙂 And because you know I’m a sucker for a good YouTube clip…. you’re welcome!

The Breakfast Club is 30 YEARS OLD!! Can you believe it?!?!


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22 thoughts on “That’s What She Said: Three Bones”

  1. Last Friday I had one of those days where things were just going so wrong for part of the day that all I could do was laugh. And the laughter medicine totally helped!

  2. This is a great quote! I am so glad Multitasking Momma suggested it to us 🙂 And it is PERFECT for graduation, as it is a great reminder of what is important in life. Your dreams, your confidence, and your ability to laugh. I also seriously love that song from The Breakfast club. It makes me want to watch both the Breakfast Club and Pitch Perfect. XO

    1. Yes, I’m glad Multitasking Momma share this brilliant quote with us.
      I need to pull out my Breakfast Club DVD! My mom watched Pitch Perfect (1) on TV a couple weekends ago and text(ed) me, “You have to watch this funny movie.” I died! My mom. That woman cracks me up.

    1. Thank you, Lynne! I’m happy to see you back here, thanks for the visit. 🙂
      I hate to admit it… but I was a Carlos Estevez gal. Then he went all rogue.
      The Outsiders. 😉

    1. I agree, Reba does seem like good people. A few months ago people got all upset because she supported the song “Girl Crush”, which had nothing to do with being homosexual, you know how some people like to open their minds…
      And if it did have something to do with being homosexual SO WHAT!
      I hope you had a nice weekend!

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